Foo Siang Heng: Lunar New Year in a Pandemic.


Happy and Prosperous New Year! The Chinese one 😄


🐃Lunar New Year in a Pandemic💉

12022021 is a palindromic• date
Starts Niu•• Year on a clean slate
Bullish days ahead we anticipate
As the geomancers prognosticate

As the Ox takes over the reins
After a year of Covid constraints
Must continue to play our part
By being responsible and smart

If it isn’t for the pandemic
NY festivities would be terrific
But as the virus is still in town
We can’t afford to f*** around

It’s still not business as usual
With most things gone virtual
It is certainly no delight
To connect remotely off-site

If need to meet face-to-face
As is sometimes the case
No handshakes or hi-fives
Do the Namaste or Thai wais

NY celebrations are a necessity
Though safety is of top priority
Wearing of mask, hand washing
And practise safe distancing

Food and drinks in abundance
Inviting the guests’ indulgence
As friends and families rejoice
Say yamseng in a muffled voice

You can now give e-hongbao
Digitally by using PayNow
With fewer notes in circulation
Can reduce carbon emission

Hope comes with the vaccines
Coupled with strict discipline
May not need to go on parade
As if dressed for a masquerade

Finally my friends, do not fear
By tail-end of the Ox-picious Year
Our entire Singapore cowmunity•••
Would’ve acquired herd immunity

Cowabunga•••• and cheers to all
Life will adapt to a new normal
People can then work and play
And keep the coronavirus at bay!


1) palindromic• : of, or relating to a word, number, phrase, or other sequence of characters which reads the same backward as forward;
2) Niu•• : (pronounced as ‘new’); means cow or ox in Mandarin;
3) f*** : stands for ‘fool’;
4) cowmunity••• : A typo error (correct spelling is ‘community’);
5) Cowabunga•••• : An informal exclamation, used to express delight or satisfaction.


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