Ming Court: the go-to dim sum spot in Ipoh…


Ming Court: the go-to dim sum spot in Ipoh

KY Speaks – January 9, 2021 9:00 AM

When it comes to dim sum, Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum restaurant in Ipoh is the all-time favourite of many.

This non-halal restaurant is located in the heart of Ipoh city in a nondescript shop lot, opposite another dim sum behemoth that is called Fu Shan.

Finding an available spot to park your car in this area can be a bit of a challenge, but there are private car parks nearby.

In pre-Covid-19 days, sharing a table with total strangers was pretty much the norm here due to the high volume of customers that throng the place.

However, in today’s times, social distancing is observed.

The glutinous rice with chicken, braised phoenix claws (chicken feet to everyone else), stuffed eggplant, and of course, the usual har gao (prawn dim sum) and siu mai (non-halal) are ‘must orders’.

The portions are slightly smaller than those found in Kuala Lumpur, but packs a bigger punch in terms of flavours.

The dim sum here has always tasted super fresh and comes steaming hot to the table too.

(L-R): Har gao, siu mai (non-halal) and black sesame soup are ‘must orders’. (KY Speaks)

The signature dish at Ming Court is their black sesame soup. While the black-coloured soup might look a little like diluted mud to some, the combination of its aroma and taste will blow you away. So put your fears aside and just dig in.

The soup is rich yet really smooth, and there’s no “jelak” feeling even after consuming a whole bowl.

Deep-fried dim sum, chee cheong fun, pork ribs (non-halal). (KY Speaks pic)

Other than traditional steamed dim sum, there’s a wide variety of deep-fried options too.

Ming Court’s prawns with mayonnaise for instance, wu kok, and many other items that may seem completely foreign to some, are all awesome, so do be adventurous and give it a try.

Their chee cheong fun and pork ribs too are lip-smacking, so save your tummy for these as well.

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