Lying under oath: Iqbal Mirza Mohd Jalaluddin, a key witness in Suhakam inquiry into the disappearance of Pastor Joshua…


It was established that Iqbal had been lying on several other instances.

Key witness in disappearance of Pastor Joshua lies under oath

Iqbal Mirza Mohd Jalaluddin changes statement upon interrogation by Human Rights Commission inquiry panel

Updated 37 minutes ago · Published on 05 Jan 2021 8:00PM ·

KUALA LUMPUR – A key witness in the Human Rights Commission’s (Suhakam) public inquiry into the disappearance of Pastor Joshua Hilmy was reprimanded by the panel today after he repeatedly lied under oath.

Among other things, Iqbal Mirza Mohd Jalaluddin had said that he and his wife Fadzlina Amran were unknowingly baptised by Joshua in January 2015 when seeking spiritual treatment, before changing his statement upon being interrogated by council members.

It is understood that during a closed session this afternoon, Iqbal admitted to being similarly baptised by now-missing Pastor Raymond Koh in February 2015, after earlier claiming this not to be the case.

In today’s evening session, Iqbal said he knew he was baptised by Joshua and Koh in January and February 2015 respectively, but maintains that he is still a Muslim.

He said he and Fadzlina merely followed along with the rituals with the intention of treating spiritual disturbances they have been experiencing since their marriage in the early 2000s.

“I know the meaning of baptism. I know the procedure (of showering one’s head) is part of baptism. But I believe I am still a Muslim. I don’t believe I have strayed,” he told the inquiry today.

It was also established that Iqbal, is known as Alan among his Christian friends, a nickname he said he gave himself as it was easier to pronounce despite it sharing the same number of syllables as his name Iqbal and Mirza.

Earlier today, Iqbal had said that he and his wife met with Joshua and Koh to seek alternative treatment, after several other methods, either via appointments with ustazs or through a hospital, had failed to cure their problems.

Realising his conflicting statements from the morning session, the panel of inquiry rebuked Iqbal, reminding him that he is testifying under oath, and asked him to stand down and update the panel of any other misinformation provided.

It was later established – throughout today’s proceedings – that Iqbal had been lying on several other instances.

This included his statement that after his and his wife’s baptisms with Joshua, he only met the pastor twice when alone, when in fact he had brought his whole family of four to meet him at his house.

He also lied about only meeting Koh once, with the pair having met on at least four other occasions.

Under the Suhakam Act, it is an offence to give false or fabricated statements, but The Vibes understands that the commission does not intend to pursue action, instead only regarding Iqbal’s testimony as being questionable.

Meanwhile, when asked if anyone other than his wife and children knew of their appointments with the two pastors, Iqbal answered in the negative.

He said he did not bother to inform his mother and four other siblings as he wanted to live “independently”.

“Since I moved to KL from Johor, I am not really in contact with the others. It’s just us four in this family. So I try to settle my problems myself,” he said. – The Vibes, January 5, 2021


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