FMT: Cops urged to probe company suspected of scam and linked to Datuk Seri (21 December 2017)…

26 April 2019




A scam allegation involving the Datuk Seri and her company was highlighted by the media in 2017, after an MP led a group of Chinese nationals to lodge a report at the Dang Wangi police station.

They lodged a report after claiming to have lost between RM62,000 and RM437,000 by investing in the scheme operated by the company in 2016.

The MP had also insinuated that a former top cop, who was then the president of the company, was involved in running the scheme, which led to the former top cop and the Datuk Seri to issue a letter of demand against the MP to withdraw and apologise for his allegation.

In August 2017, the former top cop tendered his resignation from his position in the company.

Who is the 49 year-old female Datuk Seri CEO of a Govt Linked Corpn (GLC) arrested by the MACC for bribery? And who is the 55 year-old male Datuk also arrested?

21 December 2013

Cops urged to probe company suspected of scam and linked to Datuk Seri


KUALA LUMPUR: A DAP assemblyman today urged the Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) to probe a company he alleged was involved in investment scams and linked to a Datuk Seri.

Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San said he had brought up the matter to CCID chief Amar Singh when he met him a month ago.

“But at that point, no police reports had been lodged (against the company), and Amar insisted that there must be a police report before action could be taken.

“I subsequently lodged a report, but I was informed that my report will not be investigated because I am not a victim, even though I gave them the information,” Lau told a press conference here today.

Lau said luckily, an actual victim had approached him and told him he had invested 5,000 renminbi in the company in March or April.

The victim was persuaded to lodge a police report, but since the report was lodged on Nov 18, the complainant was not called in by the police to record his statement.

Lau said the victim had access to the “water-tight chatroom”, made available to investors in the company, and hence would know that the company was still in business.

“But to date, no statement has been taken and nobody has been charged.

“What went wrong with the police investigation? We hope there is no hanky-panky,” he said.

Lau said he had handed over a letter containing complaints against four companies to Amar Singh today.

He said the companies did not target Malaysian customers, but only Chinese nationals living in the country.

Members are recruited through WeChat, the messaging app popular with Chinese nationals, while the companies are incorporated and registered in Malaysia.

Lau also said the investors would pay the money in cash through agents in the country.

“From the complainants’ information, we were informed that these companies are still recruiting new members,” he said.

Cops urged to probe company suspected of scam and linked to Datuk Seri

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