Not all Queen Elizabeths are the same: This one, methinks, has a scam in mind…

When Queen Elizabeth follows you, you should return the favour. If only to see what the person has in store for you… 😊😊😊

27 March 2019



Here comes a message:

How are you? I’m Queen Elizabeth. My full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; I was born 21 April 1926. And 92 years of age. Am the Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. I have a purpose of contacting you here on Twitter and I hope my dreams is achieved through you as age is no longer on my side. I want you to also tell me about your self. I will wait for your reply. Remain blessed. Elizabeth

And, intrigued, I reply:

What do you want to know, dear Queen.


It doesn’t take long for the offer to be scammed to arrive:

Thanks for message, and am glad to you told me little about your self. Well I needed someone that I can trust with a charity work in your country that’s why I added you as friend here in Twitter. I have been Diagnosed with Euphorically Cancer of the Lungs according to Doctor I will die any time soon or more. I am repented Christian now and God / Allah has put it in my mind to give out the rest of my Money to Charity, I don’t trust all the Monks here in Kingdom after the Gay scandal. I want you to Distribute these Funds to people that need it in your country. I am 92 years old and God / Allah has really Blessed me with fortunes. I am a citizen of the United Kingdom, Therefore, I need your utmost support and understanding to actualize this Charity work. I also want you to understand that fate has lead me to you and I do trust you and I expect you to show me the same trust and respect in return since trust is a 2-way street. On the other hand, trust is a relationship of reliance. Trust also means being able to predict what other people will do and what situations will occur. I will wait here for your Response before I go ahead and inform my Lawyer about my intentions. Thanks. Elizabeth

At this point, I need no further evidence.

It’s a scam.

By the way, the English is standard Nigerian scam English but could be East European.

Incidentally, I have blocked the scamming queen.


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