‘Cik Miera’ is Siti Shafikah, a nurse at the National Heart Institute (IJN): She is sorry; she made the claim without facts.

27 March 2019


SHAH ALAM, March 27 — The nurse who accused a forensic pathologist of lying to the inquest of fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim last week told the Coroner’s Court today she made the claim without facts.

Siti Shafikah, a nurse of six years at the National Heart Institute (IJN) who treated Adib three times, asserted that she made the social media post last Friday while distraught.

“I made the statement based on my emotion and feelings because I read about news on the witness testimony on social media.

“Prior to this, I was also informed that Adib claimed to have been assaulted,” she told Judge Rofiah Mohamad who is sitting as coroner for the inquest here.

Hospital Kuala Lumpur medical forensics department officer Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi, who conducted an autopsy on Adib, testified last week that Adib’s injuries were inconsistent with assault as alleged.

Following his testimony, a Facebook user known as “Cik Miera” who claimed to be a nurse at IJN accused him of lying in his testimony and that she knew the “truth” about his death.

The pathologist told the inquest yesterday that he was vilified online as a result of the accusation.

“I apologise. I was emotional and did not know the real facts of the case before making those comments,” she added.


26 March 2019



POLICE will question a nurse who took to social media to dispute the testimony of a forensic specialist at the inquest into the death of fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.

The nurse had caused a stir over the weekend when she posted on social media that she treated Adib’s wounds when he was transferred from the Subang Jaya Medical Centre to the National Heart Institute (IJN) and knows the truth about the fireman’s death.

“Dear Doctor, If all staff could give statements, I will be the first who will stand up and say that it is not by accident. His injury was caused by violence, from force. We saw the wound, we treated him… We saw the bruises all over his body and many things that I can’t tell here,” the nurse had posted.

She was allegedly responding to Hospital Kuala Lumpur forensics specialist Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi, who had testified that the injuries sustained by Adib in the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman Temple riots on November 27 were likely due to him being hit by a vehicle.

A source told The Malaysian Insight that police will record the nurse’s statement soon and the deputy public prosecutor will then decide whether she should be ordered to give evidence at the inquest.

“Police will record her statement soon. The DPP will decide whether she should be called up after looking at her statement,”   a source told The Malaysian Insight.

Kangar MP Noor Amin Ahmad urged her to come forward and give a statement on the matter. The nurse subsequently deleted her post and said she will give her cooperation to the inquest.

Meanwhile, Adib’s family lawyer Kamaruzaman A. Wahab told Malaysiakini they will not ask the nurse to testify as she did not have sufficient expertise in forensics to assist the inquest.

Kamaruzaman said the nurse’s knowledge is not as “deep and complete” as that of a forensics expert.

“Even though we do not agree with the testimony (of Dr Ahmad), it would not be appropriate to rely on the testimony of a nurse (to counter the expert’s testimony).

“Even if we wish to fight (dispute the testimony), we would rather rely on other forensic experts,” the lawyer told Malaysiakini..



Semalam Pakar Perubatan Forensik, Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi melalui laporan beberapa portal berita telah melaporkan bahawa kecederaan arwah Adib bukan seperti dipukul.

Untuk rekod, Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi merupakan pakar perubatan yang menjalankan bedah siasat terhadap mayat arwah.

Rentetan pendedahan itu, tular pula satu keratan komentar daripada satu akaun fb milik Cik Miera yang mendakwa kecederaan arwah Adib bukan berpunca daripada kemalangan sebaliknya berpunca daripada keganasan atau dipukul.

Untuk rekod Cik Miera dikatakan sebagai salah seorang staf IJN yang terlibat dengan kes ini.

Dalam komentar itu juga pemilik akaun fb Cik Miera berkata jika staf yang terlibat dengan kes ini boleh berikan keterangan, beliau akan jadi orang pertama untuk tampil.

Hal ini menimbulkan kekacauan kerana netizen mendakwa Dr Ahmad Hafizam telah memalsukan laporan. Pelbagai kecaman telah dilemparkan terhadap Dr Ahmad Hafizam.

Memandangkan terdapat dua dakwaan yang sama sekali bercanggahan, YB Amin Ahmad mengambil inisiatif untuk menghubungi Cik Miera secara peribadi melalui whatsapp bagi mencadangkan nama Cik Miera untuk berikan keterangan dalam inkues arwah Adib.

Walau bagaimanapun, Cik Miera enggan memberikan kerjasama dan hanya memohon maaf atas komentar beliau yang telahpun tular itu.

P.S. Terima kasih YB Amin kerana izinkan saya gunakan keratan perbualan beliau dengan Cik Miera.


Berdasarkan info terbaru dari YB Amin menerusi keratan perbualan beliau dengan Cik Miera, Cik Miera sudah memperbetulkan kenyataan beliau serta meminta semua pihak untuk tidak lagi menularkan komentar beliau yang sebelum ini. Cik Miera juga bersetuju untuk memberikan kerjasama dalam inkues.

Yesterday the forensic medical specialist, Dr Ahmad hafizam hasmi through the report of some news portal has reported that the injury of the late adib is not like being beaten.

For the record, Dr Ahmad hafizam hasmi is a medical expert who conducted autopsy against the deceased body.

The String of exposure, viral a commentary from one fb account of miss miera who claimed the injury of late adib was not caused by an accident otherwise caused by violence or beaten.

For the record of miss miera was said as one of the IJN staff involved in this case.

In the commentary also the owner of the fb account miss miera says if the staff involved with this case can testify, he will be the first person to perform.

This thing provoked the mess because netizens claimed dr ahmad hafizam has faked a report. A variety of dishonored have been thrown against Dr Ahmad Hafizam.

Since there are two of the same allegations, YB Amin Ahmad taking the initiative to contact miss miera personally via whatsapp to suggest the name of miss miera to testify in the inquest of late adib.

However, ms miera refuses to give cooperation and just apologize for his commentary that has been viral.

P.S. Thank you yb amin for letting me use his conversation sylhet with miss miera.


Based on the latest information from yb amin through his conversation sylhet with miss miera, miss miera has fixed his statement and asks all parties to no longer viral his previous commentary. Miss miera also agrees to provide cooperation in the inquest.

25 March 2019


Come forward, Ms Nurse…who goes by the name on her FB of “Cik Miera” …
Have the courage of your convictions and come forward.
LIke many decent… https://t.co/K7Q20SBu4V


Kangar MP Noor Amin says he had never threatened ‘Cik Miera’ to tell what she knows about fireman Adib’s death. #nooramin #adib https://t.co/ipOOZ70ctQ


‘IJN berkata hantaran yang dibuat oleh wanita tersebut adalah kenyataan peribadi dan tiada sebarang tindakan diambil’

Wah… plot thickens.
Kenapa Cik Miera tarik balik kenyataan selepas menyangkal kenyataan doktor pakar?
#Justice4Adib https://t.co/iOo4S7n2jg




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