Scam: AIA General 2018 Premium Statement…


15 March 2019


This came by SMS:

RM0.00 AIA GENERAL: 2018 Premium Statement is now available. Please go to and log in to MyAIA to retrieve.

I knew I did not have any policy with AIA Insurance, so I wondered what was going on.

I whatsapp my family chat group and got this reply: Maybe a scam site. Oh yeah. The real site is…


I sent it also to a whatsapp chat group of good friends.

One reply was spot on: There is no ‘s’ after http. All secured sites…https.

Google “AIA General 2018 Premium Statement” and look at the result:
Premium statement available in MY AIA – AIA Malaysia…/premium-statement-my-aia.html

See the https?


Another reply: Aiyoh, I nearly tapped on it!!


(1) Greed will get you in trouble! What if I had thought, “Hey, maybe there is money for me! I could have forgotten about a policy I might have bought so long ago.”
(2) Curiosity would also land you in hot soup.


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