Did Tan Sri R Nadarajah win his case against the Tamil Malar daily?

2 August 2016


Nadarajah sues Tamil Malar daily for defamation


KUALA LUMPUR, August 3: Sri Maha Mariamman Temple Dhevasthanam chairman Tan Sri R. Nadarajah has filed a civil suit at the High Court against Tamil daily Tamil Malar, over three articles and caricatures published by the daily, last year.

At today’s court proceedings , when questioned by the plaintiff, Nadarajah said that he was upset that the contents in the Tamil Malar articles had spoiled his name and had attempted to tarnish his reputation.

“When I go places and people that have heard about this question me and ask me if what was written in the article is true.

“Even my young grandchild asked me about it,” he said when he was questioned.

The questioning by the defense lawyers will continue tomorrow morning at the high court, after the judge had found some irregularities in the documents presented.

Meanwhile, Nadarajah’s lawyer G.Rajasingam told The Malaysian Times (TMT) that Nadarajah takes offense of what was said about him and that it was a defamation of his character.

“The publisher, editor and authors are defending their claims on two grounds, that whatever they have said is true, that is their defence of justification.

“Then as a news paper, they have what is known in law as qualified privilege, cause papers have a little bit of leeway to say things that are off public interest.

“So we are refuting that,” said Rajasingam.

The trial had started on the August 1, where the plaintiff have given notice that there will be four witnesses.

The first being the court interpreter that translated the articles, second was Sri Maha Mariamman Temple Dhevasthanam trustee N. Sivakumar, whom is Nadarajah’s son, Sri Maha Mariamman Temple Dhevasthanam secretary P. Allagan and Nadarajah himself whom took the stand today.

The Defendants lawyer K Saraswathy, has given notice that there would be 11 witnesses taking the stand for Tamil Malar.

The Tamil Malar daily had published articles as well as caricatures besmirching Nadarajah’s by accusing the latter of dipping his hand into the Dhevasthanam’s funds for his gains.

Court resumes tomorrow.



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