Anwar Ibrahim, MP for Port Dickson, PM in waiting…

18 October 2018

Excerpts from:

KUALA SELANGOR: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has stressed that he does not need to explain further on the earlier sodomy cases and called on those who still want to know to refer to the many sources which have stated the facts of the cases.

The PKR de facto leader said the people especially students of institution of higher learning should adopt an open mind and not to be tied to only one source to seek information such as newspapers or televisions.

“The explanation on the case has been repeated many times on Facebook and there were more than a million hits on Youtube. All reports defending me on (the sodomy case) have been compiled into books among them, Australian lawyer Mark Trowell…the answers given are very detailed, so I would advise reading them.

“I am also repeating that when I was freed before this, the Yang Dipertuan Agong had said that he was confident I was not guilty and that there was a miscarriage of justice. He knew the matter was not right and asked that when I come to power, do not do such cruel acts on any other people.

“Do we want to be victims of slanders or so we want to seek the truth by listening and reading all information,” he said in the programme “Meet Anwar Ibrahim” organised jointly by Universiti Selangor (Unisel) and Anwar Ibrahim Club at the university campus in Bestari Jaya here last night.

The MP for Port Dickson was replying to a question from a Unisel student who wanted to know if he was guilty of sodomy or was slandered.


15 October 2018




Alhamdulillah, kembali berkhidmat.










PARLIAMENT | PKR president-elect Anwar Ibrahim has been sworn in as MP for Port Dickson.

Anwar took his oath in the Dewan Rakyat today before speaker Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof.

It was the first order of business for the House today, before the oral questions session began…

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