When Najib’s hot shot lawyer, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, was the Road-Show Man, ably supported by Khairy Jamaluddin and with the approval of Muhyiddin Yassin.

Excerpts from:

Trial by media: What about Sodomy II?


While Anwar languished in the gaol, Shafee and Khairy proceeded with their roadshow. Was this an attempt to convince the Malaysians who bothered to attend of Anwar’s guilt? There were even allegations that Shafee took his roadshow to the Malaysian diaspora in London.

Anwar had already been tried; why did Shafee feel it necessary to try him again?

Several excerpts from news reports at the time were disturbing. During his first stop on Feb 17, a week after the Federal Court upheld Anwar’s conviction, Shafee managed to stream his Kelana Jaya roadshow live.

He told the crowd: “Anwar mencubit-cubit dia punya puting (Anwar pinched [Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s] nipples.”

Claiming that he took “no pleasure” in the deed as a young man’s life “had been wrecked”, he said he had acted because he knew that “justice had finally been done”.

But perhaps Shafee’s double standards are not unexpected. After all, he is a lawyer and is only serving his client to the best of his ability. Najib himself has been said to believe that “cash is king”.

At any rate, after having gone overboard with Anwar’s character assassination, Shafee is now showing his hypocrisy by demanding that Najib be saved from a trial by media.

Mariam Mokhtar is an FMT columnist.

The views expressed by the writer are not necessarily those of FMT.


Excerpts from:

Rebuilding Malaysia

Mariam Mokhtar

Bad judgement. Bad taste. Bad form. Khairy, what were you thinking, when you went on Shafee’s porn-like road-show?

Sometimes, the past can return and bite you on your bottom. Ouch!

Cast your mind back to February 2015. The Sodomy II trial which finally nailed former Opposition Anwar Ibrahim, has just ended. Anwar is jailed. His earlier High Court acquittal was overturned. He is thrown into Sungei Buloh prison, to serve his five-year-sentence.

The lead prosecutor, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, was roped in by Najib Abdul Razak, who for reasons known only to himself, decided NOT to use the government’s own Public Prosecutors.

Nancy Shukri told parliament, Shafee was paid RM1,000. Last week, Sarawak Report (SR) alleges that Najib paid Shafee, RM9.5 million. Why?

The rakyat, Anwar and the whole world awaits a response from Najib and Shafee.

So far, there is no news from them? Why not? This is a serious allegation.

Back to 2015.

Anwar is jailed. He had been tried, and convicted.

So, why was it necessary for Shafee and the Sports Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, to go on a roadshow, throughout Malaysia, to convince the rakyat of Anwar’s guilt. If my sources are correct, Shafee took his roadshow to London to shame Anwar in front of Malaysian students and Malaysians working and living there.

The despicable duo were trying to convince the public that  Anwar’s guilty verdict was justified .

Below are excerpts from various news reports at the time.

Shafee sexed-up the talk

The duo wasted no time in a total humiliation of Anwar and the first roadshow started on Feb 17, one week after the Federal Court upheld the opposition leader’s conviction and prison sentence. They streamed the Kelana Jaya roadshow live.

Shafee described the purported foreplay and said, “Anwar mencubit-cubit dia punya puting” (Anwar pinched Saiful’s nipples).

Journalists checked their court transcript on the in-camera evidence, and found no mention of this supposed foreplay.

One person who went said, “People walked out. They wanted to hear legal reasons, not lascivious and lurid stuff, fed by Shafee’s warped imagination.”

Audiences stayed away from subsequent roadshows, and the government cancelled its sponsorship; but both Shafee and Khairy continued regardless.

Sports minister handling of the “truth”

At the roadshows, Khairy who is also the Umno-Baru Youth Chief, would speak before Shafee. He explained that they invited Shafee to “bring the truth” and confirmed that BN will no longer keep silent on the conspiracy charge.

Oh dear! Look who’s looking daft now! Will he respond to the SR allegation?.

There is more to the conspiracy charge, which in 2015, the whole BN machinery was trying to kill.

Shame also to the erstwhile, Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, for agreeing that Shafee’s roadshow, could take place.

Shame on you Khairy! When the time comes for an Umno-Baru leadership contest and your name enters the ring, we will remember your poor judgment of participating in Shafee’s porno-roadshow.

Better still, quit politics. Focus on playing polo!


Excerpts from:

Rebuilding Malaysia

Mariam Mokhtar

Who are you calling a coward now, Shafee?


Last week, Sarawak Report (SR) alleged that Najib Abdul Razak had paid RM9.5 million to Umno-Baru linked lawyer, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, the lead prosecutor in the trial of former Opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, in Sodomy II.

The trial sent Najib’s nemesis behind bars for five years. It also ended Anwar’s political career. It served as a warning to others that Najib could do the same to those who got in his way.

So, who is the coward now?

In January 2016,  after the Federal Court verdict against Anwar in the Sodomy II trial, Shafee gave press interviews in which he described Anwar as a “coward”‘.

Shafee usually has plenty to say to people, but when reporters approached him with the SR allegation, his response was a meek, “I will issue a statement, but not today“.  So, who is the coward now?

Why has the cat got his tongue? Why is he acting like a dog with his tail between his legs?


Seventh. Having put Anwar behind bars, Shafee and his sidekick, Khairy Jamaluddih, went on a government sponsored roadshow, to justify to the rakyat, Anwar’s conviction. Why the overkill? Perhaps, Najib did not think the rakyat was convinced of Anwar’s guilt.

Eighth. With a poor turn-out, the government ended its sponsorship but both Shafee and Khairy continued the roadshow. The plan to humiliate Anwar had backfired.

Someone who attended the roadshow said, “It was like listening to a porn film narrator. Shafee relished his role, and started to fantasise about many things which had not been said in court, such as the foreplay when Anwar tweaked Saiful’s nipples. Many people walked out.  The lurid details, had been fed by his fertile imagination.”

Ninth. Khairy told the audience at the roadshow, that BN will no longer keep silent on the conspiracy charge, and that Shafee will “bring the truth.”

In the light of the RM9.5 million allegation, what is the truth, Khairy?

Tenth. Shafee gave press conferences and boasted about “delivering justice”. Many lawyers and at least one former High Court judge slammed him for “advertising himself” and for lowering the dignity of his profession.

Shafee dismissed their concerns, and said that he took “no pleasure” in the Federal Court’s decision to convict Anwar.

Blaming Anwar, he said, “a young man’s life has been wrecked,” and “I know that justice has finally been done, so I am professionally satisfied with the result today.”

Really Shafee?

Lawyers are supposed to uphold the law. The allegation of RM9.5 million does not lend him any credibility and brings his profession into disrepute. What justice?

Perhaps, it was not Shafee’s legal genius, which helped to turn the tables on Anwar.

As for wrecking lives, Shafee has wrecked the hopes and dreams of Malaysians to be rid of corrupt politicians and crooked lawyers. He tarnished his profession, and destroyed a functioning democracy from operating.

With this allegation in mind, Shafee’s past cases should be re-examined.


Mar 26, 2015

16 March 2015

Gov’t admits organising first Shafee roadshow

Ram Anand  |  Published:  |  Modified:

The federal government has admitted to organising the first roadshow conducted by Shafee Abdullah on Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy II trial but said it had nothing to do with subsequent roadshows conducted by Shafee.

De-facto law minister Nancy Shukri told the Dewan Rakyat today the government “only organised the first roadshow”.


Shafee roadshow proves Umno aware public backs Anwar, Kit Siang says


KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 20 — Umno Youth’s plan to launch a nationwide roadshow to explain Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy conviction is the ruling party’s way of admitting it has lost public support, Lim Kit Siang says.

The DAP veteran leader said although Anwar lost the case in the Federal Court, the Opposition Leader chalked a clear win in the court of public opinion, forcing Umno to embark on a campaign to regain support.

“The… national roadshow featuring (lead prosecutor Tan Sri Muhammad) Shafee (Abdullah) is not only unprecedented and questionable… but is as good as an admission that although Shafee had won in the Federal Court with a 5-0 verdict in his favour, he has lost out in the court of public opinion,” Lim said in a statement.

The Gelang Patah MP labelled the roadshow “pathetic” and accused Shafee of attempting to have “a second bite of the cherry” in his prosecution of Anwar.

He asked if Shafee, who is Malaysia’s representative in the Asean Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR), would next plan a campaign to win international favour.

Last week, Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin announced the wing’s plan to embark on a series of forums to explain Anwar’s sodomy conviction and rebut claims of political persecution by the Opposition Leader.

Despite acknowledging calls for the attacks against Anwar to stop since he was already convicted, the sports and youth minister defended the campaign as necessary to preserve Umno’s “dignity” against the long-standing allegations.
Shafee has also given a number of media interviews on the case, denying that the court ruling had been influenced by political powers and attacking Anwar’s person, even labelling the former deputy prime minister a “closet homosexual”.


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