Mahathir: I did not lobby Najib to appoint Muhammad Shafee Abdullah as Anwar prosecutor.

15 September 2018


PETALING JAYA: Tan Sri Dr Muhammad Shafee Abdullah badly wanted to be the Attorney General, claimed Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The Prime Minister claimed that Dr Muhammad Shafee had come to see him and informed him that the then Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail could not prosecute Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“He (Dr Muhammad Shafee) said he can win (the case). I said if he can win, then go and tell (former prime minister Datuk Seri) Najib Tun Razak lah.

“At that time, I was still friendly with Najib,” he said at a press conference after chairing a meeting by Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Pribumi) on Friday (Sept 14).

Dr Mahathir said this when asked to comment on allegations by Dr Muhammad Shafee that it was the former who pushed him to become the special prosecutor in Anwar’s Sodomy II appeal.

Dr Muhammad Shafee alleged that Dr Mahathir did not have confidence in the Attorney General’s Chambers to competently manage the appeal.

He said that Najib was not keen on the idea of appointing him as the prosecutor because he did not want to offend Abdul Gani.


Dr M denies wanting Shafee as special prosecutor in Anwar’s sodomy appeal

PETALING JAYA, Sept 14 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad denied that he had insisted Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah lead the prosecution team in Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s 2015 appeal against his Sodomy II conviction.

The prime minister said he had only then advised Shafee to consult the former premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak, if the counsel was confident he could win the case.

He said the Attorney General (AG) at the time cannot prosecute (Anwar) and would lose the case.

“I told him, if he can win then he tell Najib lah. That time I was still friendly with Najib,” he told the media at the Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) headquarters, here.

Dr Mahathir claimed that Shafee had previously wanted the post of AG and had sought his help on the matter.

“According to him (Shafee), I love him so much. You think I am now fighting Najib because I love Shafee so much,” he quipped.

“Shafee wanted so much to become AG. He came to see me.”

Dr Mahathir also sarcastically said Shafee had said if he was not made AG, then he would go against Najib at that time.

11 September 2018


PETALING JAYA: Former MP Puad Zarkashi has challenged Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to respond to claims by Muhammad Shafee Abdullah that Mahathir had specifically asked for the lawyer to be the special prosecutor in Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy 2 case.

Puad, who was Umno’s Batu Pahat MP, said Shafee was a credible and well-known lawyer who would not make groundless accusations.

“His revelation that Mahathir wanted him to become the special prosecutor in Anwar’s trial has opened the Pandora’s box most feared by Mahathir.

“Mahathir is proven to have interfered with national affairs, used threats and prioritised his personal agenda,” he said in a Facebook post today.

Puad said it was possible that Mahathir had called Gani until his wish for Shafee to be appointed as special prosecutor by way of fiat (authorisation) was fulfilled.

He compared this to a separate incident in which Mahathir had held a private meeting with Johor Umno at the Pullman Hotel in Putrajaya.

In the meeting, he said, Mahathir said he had met with Najib who agreed to rebuild the “crooked bridge”, a six-lane S-shaped highway that would allow vessels to pass beneath it, on condition that Johor Umno agreed.

“Johor Umno did not agree, which was one reason why Mahathir was angry with Najib.”

He said even more shocking was the fact that lawyer Matthias Chang had said the prime minister had six demands to make of Najib.

“If they were not fulfilled, Mahathir would go against him,” he added.

“What were the demands? Is this practice of threatening people still around today, so much so that the Pakatan Harapan ministers including DAP and Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail follow him so meekly?”

Puad said it was clear that Mahathir had interfered in the case for personal reasons, adding that he had stabbed Anwar in the back.

“He wanted Anwar jailed. But now he has been forced to free Anwar,” he said, questioning the probability of the PKR leader taking over as the eighth prime minister.

“The prime minister and his right-hand man, Matthias, need to break their silence on this as it involves serious allegations and threatens their credibility.

“The people, the Bar Council, Umno, PAS, and NGOs including government NGOs should make police reports, and the police should conduct a full investigation into the matter.”

8 September 2018


Shafee: Dr M pushed for Najib to appoint me as Anwar prosecutor

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Lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah claims it was Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad who had pushed for him to be appointed as a special prosecutor in Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy II trial.

Shafee claimed that in 2013, then-prime minister Najib Abdul Razak was not keen on appointing him as a prosecutor by way of fiat, as he did not want to offend the attorney-general at the time, Abdul Gani Patail.

“In fact, he was most reluctant.

“However, it was Mahathir who insisted that I be appointed as the special prosecutor in Anwar’s appeals, as Mahathir did not have the confidence that the Attorney-General’s Chambers would be able to competently manage the appeals.

“This is probably due to the fact that the AGC had lost the Sodomy II case in the High Court,” he said in a statement today.

Shafee said this in denying “new information” from the AGC claiming that he had indeed received RM9.5 million from Najib, which coincided with the Sodomy II trial.

Shafee claimed that in June or July 2013, Mahathir, through lawyer Matthias Chang, had summoned him for a meeting at the Perdana Leadership Foundation.

He said prior to that meeting, Najib had also been summoned to the foundation in Putrajaya, and had been convinced by Mahathir to appoint him as special prosecutor.

“I learnt from Chang that my appointment as the special prosecutor was the first of the six demands Mahathir made to Najib at that meeting for otherwise he would go against Najib.

“Within a matter of days or so, I was communicated by the office of Mahathir and the Prime Minister’s Office that I should meet Gani Patail for the purposes of the appointment as everything has been agreed to for my appointment,” he said.

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