GE 14: Perlis…


30 March 2018

54m54 minutes ago

In Malaysia’s smallest state, Harapan draws big crowd


GE14 | Pakatan Harapan has boasted of a turnout of up to 4,000 people for a rally it held last night in Malaysia’s smallest state, Perlis.

PKR Indera Kayangan assemblyperson Chan Ming Kai said the turnout for a ceramah held at Gunung Medan Utan Aji, Kangar was a huge difference from the crowds he used to see before the 2013 general election.

“I did a big ceramah in 2013, where we had a crowd of between 2,000 to 3,000. But it was a Chinese-majority crowd.

“(This time) on top of the Chinese crowd, there were many Malays too,” he said.

Among the speakers at last night’s talk was former premier Dr Mahahthir Mohamad, who is also Harapan chairperson.

The positive turnout in Perlis followed a mammoth crowd for a ceramah Guar Chempedak, Kedah on Thursday night.

DAP lawmaker Liew Chin Tong, who estimated a 15,000 turnout, said the ceramah in Kedah signalled an impending Malay tsunami in favour of the coalition against BN in the upcoming general election.

30 March 2018


Semalam di Kedah bersama lautan manusia yang inginkan perubahan. Malam ini saya di Perlis. Jumpa di sana.





11h11 hours ago

Hebat sambutan rakyat Perlis! Gelombang Pakatan Harapan bakal tumbangkan kerajaan GST Barisan Nasional





10h10 hours ago

Negeri kecil, semangatnya besar. Terima kasih negeri Perlis. Pakat kalih!





1h1 hour ago

Over the last 2days Dr. Mahathir ceramah in kedah perlis which attracted thousands of crowd. Will it translate into votes? Alhamdulilah, hope it will.


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  1. Doris Looi says:

    Now only fb want to fact check

    Two billion people so fact is it Think robot

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