The Woman in Red Kebaya: A Hantu?


Published on Mar 28, 201

Pengakuan daripada tuan badan video hantu baju kebaya di teluk bahang. Menggunakan beberapa orang baju yang sama dan tempat berbeza.. terdapat perbezaan kain antara orang tersebut dengan corak bulat besar di gambar kain 2 .. namun kain 1 corak bulat lebih kecil. Saiz tubuh juga berbeza.

30 March 2018

26m26 minutes ago

Ghostly figure wearing red kebaya ‘spotted’ in Kedah


PETALING JAYA: Dashcam footage of a ghostly figure dressed in a red kebaya “captured” during a night drive in Kulim, Kedah has gone viral, re-igniting an urban legend.

In the 55-second video dated March 28, a car is seen travelling on a winding road at 3.25am when it drives past a woman in red walking slowly by the roadside.

The car moves on ahead for several metres, but the same eerie figure crops up repeatedly.

The figure, shown walking slowly on the left side of the road, appears two more times.

The driver continues his journey before the “apparition” appears in front of the car.

The car comes to a halt and immediately reverses from the scene and the video ends.

While social media speculates on the authenticity of the video, mStar Online, the Star Media Group’s Bahasa Malaysia news portal, reported that a man had jokingly told a WhatsApp chat group that he created the video with the help of four friends.

Other netizens speculate that the video is a publicity stunt for actress Nur Fazura Sharifuddin’s upcoming horror flick The Legend Of Pontianak.

Earlier in February, Nur Fazura had shared a photo on Instagram of herself wearing a red kebaya taken on the set of the movie.


19h19 hours ago

‘Aku pakat dengan 3-4 orang member pakai baju kebaya sama warna’ – Video viral Hantu Kebaya Merah hanya sekadar lakonan


Mar 28

Ira Nazhirah Retweeted Kemal Amry

Abang ipar pun pernah nampak perempuan pakai baju kebaya merah macam ni. Yang jahatnya dia lintas jalan tiba tiba punyalah nak elak sampai accident putus telinga 😩 tapi jadi dekat ukay perdana.

Ira Nazhirah added,

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  1. Doris Looi says:

    Komputer can do magic

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