Tragedy in Hong Kong: Double-decker bus crashes! 18 dead, 60 injured.

11 February 2018



16h16 hours ago

At least 18 people died and more than 60 others were injured in a bus crash Hong Kong, the deadliest there since 2003

17h17 hours ago

Hong Kong double-decker bus crash leaves at least 18 dead on major highway (Photo: Reuters)


At least 18 people have died and 47 injured in a high-speed bus crash in Hong Kong, in one of the city’s worst traffic disasters in recent years.

Television footage showed the mangled remains of the bus as it lay toppled on the side of a major highway in the northern reaches of the city.

Firefighters on the scene cut open the bus roof to free passengers still trapped inside.

Some victims were laid out nearby beneath sheets by emergency workers.

Police said at least 18 people — three women and 15 men — were confirmed dead on the scene.

Dozens more were hurt, some sitting hunched on the highway with blood streaming from their injuries.

One elderly man interviewed on television said the driver had been going extremely fast at the time of the accident, even taking bends at high speed.

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