VMY 2020 Logo: The butt of jokes…

2 February 2018

Tutorial: How to get a logo for FREE. So smart right?



30 January 2018


1h1 hour ago

Dr Mahathir makes a monkey out of logo


Dr Mahathir Mohamad may have a grand vision for Malaysia come 2020, but the unattractive Visit Malaysia Year 2020 logo is probably not one of them.

For starters, he was not convinced that the two orang utan in sunglasses, featured prominently on the logo, were a good idea.

“It looks like a kera (monkey) or is that a human? This is how they attract people to Malaysia.

“I think people will find it odd. Maybe some people will find this peculiarity interesting. I don’t know,” said Mahathir is a video clip posted on his Twitter page today.

Mahathir, who is a doctor by training and led the country for 22 years as prime minister, conceded that designing a logo was not his forte but believed that there were surely better choices out there.

“To me, there are a lot more designs which look nicer and more attractive,” said Mahathir, who is now leading Malaysia’s biggest opposition bloc.

Read more at https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/410495#gsXOV8Db4lz0ufyl.99




27 January 2018


13m13 minutes ago

Korang baca sendiri Psst : paling Tak tahan no 2 pink 🤪



My 1st reaction when my ex manager gave me the new logo for Visit Malaysia Year 2020 🙄




6h6 hours ago

Galvin Tan Retweeted MOTAC

What is this ? Really lack of professional Graphic Designers in Malaysia that we have to use such amateurish logo as our official VMY2020 logo?

Galvin Tan added,

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2 Responses to VMY 2020 Logo: The butt of jokes…

  1. So this is why us Malaysians in foreign countries are sometimes met with remarks like “huga huga”. All these misleading messages from the tourism ads, dont want to change ah?

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