Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid on teachers and politics: Was he giving friendly advice or making a threat?

BN Govt to teachers: Don’t criticize us! 

3 June 2014
Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor…urged teachers to return to politics under BN’s fold, after conceding a past ruling barring teachers from politics was a mistake.

10h10 hours ago

Betul dan logiklah. Menteri ugut penjawat awam yang sokong pembangkang patut dibuang kerja, sebenarnya menteri yang takut hilang kerja kalau majoriti penjawat awam mengundi pembangkang pada PRU14.


20 January 2018


7h7 hours ago

Bersih wants Mahdzir probed over remarks to civil servants

Bersih has urged the Election Commission (EC) to investigate Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid’s call to civil servants to resign if they hold office in opposition parties.

“Bersih condemns the action of Mahdzir who explicitly threatened civil servants who may support the opposition and not vote for the ruling coalition, BN.

“Bersih calls upon the EC to investigate this matter with immediate urgency in order to protect the rights of citizens to vote without fear or favour and to maintain the secrecy of their votes,” it said in a statement today.

A Chinese daily yesterday reported the minister as saying that civil servants who hold office in opposition parties should quit as their criticisms of the government were tarnishing its image.

However, a separate report by Bernama has Mahdzir saying that teachers need only put a buffer between their careers and political ideologies.

Bersih said Mahdzir’s comment barring civil servants from joining an opposition party or voicing criticisms of the government was a “blatant abuse” of his ministerial position.

“The act of instilling fear of economic loss for civil servants or any person severely violates the rights of civil servants or any other person, as voters, to choose their own representatives.

“Civil servants are not the living property of the ruling coalition.

“They are citizens of the country and their rights are enshrined in the Federal Constitution, which also lays down the foundation and powers of the government,” Bersih said.


8h8 hours ago

Mahdzir giving ‘fatherly’ advice, not asking civil servants to resign

Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid was merely giving “fatherly” advice to civil servants to use their discretion when commenting on the government, the minister’s media and communications office said.

“I would like to stress that what Mahdzir said as the education minister was merely fatherly advice given to his children, and not what was reported.

“He merely advised the people, specifically civil servants, to use their ‘wisdom’ in making decisions when making statements about the government because they are under the service of the government for the sake of the rakyat.

“Any statements made may undermine their position in the public sector.

“Therefore, he merely advised not to make statements which negatively affect their future. It was not like what was reported,” Mahdzir’s media and communications office said in a series of tweets last night.

11h11 hours ago

Support opposition and lose your job, Malaysian minister warns teachers, officials.

The Malaysian education minister said teachers are not allowed to criticise the government as it is tantamount to tarnishing the government’s image.


KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian teachers and officers with the Education Ministry have reportedly been warned by Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid not to support the opposition.

According to a report on Friday (Jan 19) by Chinese daily Kwong Wah, the minister said civil servants, education department officers and teachers are also barred from joining any opposition party or criticising the government.

It would be tantamount to sabotaging and tarnishing the government’s image, he said, adding that disciplinary action would be taken against them if they backed opposition parties.

“We won’t allow any of our officers to join any opposition party or hold any party post. But it’s okay if they were to join the government,” he said.

Mr Mahdzir also said those who were against the government should resign before the ministry asked them to do so.

The minister said education personnel should focus on reforming the education system and if they had any complaint, should take it to the ministry directly or go through the National Union of Teaching Profession (NUTP).

Two opposition politicians from Sarawak have slammed the Minister for his remarks.

“This is against the democratic rights of an individual to support any political party of his or her choice,” said Parti Keadilan Rakyat state chief Baru Bian.

“I may agree to the fact that one may not be allowed to openly criticise the government of the day and that may be governed by some General Orders, but definitely it’s unconstitutional for the minister to threaten the teachers not to support the opposition,” said Mr Baru, the Ba Kelalan assemblyman said.

“The minister does not seem to know the difference between a political party and the government of the day,” he added. “He is a politically confused minister to say the least.”

An opposition lawyer, Mr Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla, said the federal constitution protects the right of every Malaysian citizen who has been registered as a voter to “vote their own choice who gets to be in the government.”

“It doesn’t matter if the voter is a public servant or not. The only limitation on the public servant is the person cannot bring politics to work. He can be involved in political activities or political parties but it must stay out of his work time. That is all,” said the lawyer of Pakatan Harapan chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad.


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