GE 14 Penang: Pakatan Harapan crushes its challengers!

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10 May 2018


5h5 hours ago

Crushing victory for PH in Penang

BN left with two seats and PAS with one, as Pakatan retains power for third term with a landslide.

PETALING JAYA: Pakatan Harapan retained power in Penang with a crushing victory in elections to the state assembly, winning 37 of the 40 seats at stake.

Barisan Nasional were almost wiped out, retaining the Kepala Batas parliamentary seat and two state seats, while PAS was returned in one seat. Among the BN casualties was deputy health minister Dr Hilmi Yahya, who was defeated in Balik Pulau.

PH candidates were returned with sweeping majorities.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, who is chief minister, was returned in Bagan (parliamentary) and Air Putih (state) seats with 80% of the total votes.

Penang DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow won in Tanjong and was re-elected in the Padang Kota state seat with more than 70% of total votes.

The PH victory was led by the DAP, which won all 19 state and 7 parliamentary seats that it contested in Penang, while its coalition partners PKR won 14, PPBM 2, and Amanah 2.


GE 14

Parliamentary Seats
PH  11
BN   2

State Seats
PH   37
BN    2
PAS  1

GE 13

Parliamentary Seats
PR  10
BN   3
Both MCA and Gerakan have ZERO seat in GE 13.

State Seats
PR   30
BN   10
Both MCA and Gerakan have ZERO seat in GE 13.

21 March 2018


The posters printed in multiple languages had Lim’s picture superimposed over a flood scene and a cleared hill slope, and the words: “Boasting Pakatan Harapan” and “10 years, 51 empty promises”.

Anti-Pakatan posters have little impact on outcome of GE14, say Penangites


PENANG Barisan Nasional’s anti-Pakatan Harapan posters which were put up early this morning had DAP all riled up, but they have made little impact with the people.

Bagan voter Wilson Moorthy said people were used to seeing all kinds of posters during election season.

“As a voter for over 20 years here, I have seen so many posters, caricatures and others attacking DAP politicians.
He said if BN wanted to raise issues, it should go for something more solid like the undersea tunnel project, instead of using posters.

“At this point, BN can try anything but I don’t think it can influence the people anymore,” he said.

The marketing executive in his 30s said the more BN make such attempts to disparage the Penang PH government, the more its plans will backfire and disgust voters instead.

A salesman from Simpang Ampat, who only gave his name as Eyu, did not see the posters himself but when shown a photo of it, remarked: “Nonsense. I don’t think it has anything to do with me.”

A factory worker in the Mak Mandin industrial estate, who only wanted to be known as Noryati, said she saw the posters on her way to work, but thought little of it after that.

“The election is coming, so this is normal, isn’t it?” she said, adding she did not know what the 51 undelivered promises by the state government were.


22h22 hours ago


1MDB dirty money 2.6b is coming to Penang In 2013, they spent millions to give free dinners and free Psy concerts. In 2018, they are spending millions to do videos, fake news, posters, and newspaper advertisements. All with 1Goal: To topple Pakatan Harapan Government.



Hari ini di Putrajaya. Parlimen dah bubar ke? Kempen dah mula? SPR tak nampak ke?



Anti-Guan Eng posters part of ‘dry run’ for GE14, says BN

GEORGE TOWN: Penang Barisan Nasional (BN) has confirmed that it is responsible for the posters criticising Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and his administration, which have sprung up all over the state.

State BN chairman Teng Chang Yeow said the posters were part of the coalition’s efforts to highlight the 51 unfulfilled promises by the Penang government over the past 10 years.

Teng, who is also the state Gerakan chairman, said the posters were part of their “dry run” for the coming polls.

“We have gone through a list of 51 projects announced by the state government and none of them had been carried out. We will reveal details of the projects in the coming days.

“Our thanks go out to the DAP excos, MPs and local government councillors who have highlighted our posters on Facebook.

“Don’t worry, we will not put up more posters tonight. The state officials can sleep soundly,” Teng told a press conference at the Gerakan Air Itam service centre here today.

The posters, mostly in Chinese and some in English, read: “51 empty promises, after 10 years” and include a Chinese euphemism, “big cannon”, which refers to those who are “boastful”.

The A5-sized posters show a picture of Lim pointing at cars, wading through flash floods against a background of an apartment on a bald hillside. There is a footnote on the poster which reads: “Printed by Penang BN”.

Teng said about 500 to 600 posters in Bahasa, English, Chinese and Tamil were printed and placed along main roads at “all constituencies”.

He said they were easy to remove and had not been permanently pasted.

“Our thanks to the local council workers for removing the posters. It is not as bad it is portrayed by Penang government leaders,” he said.

In an immediate response, state DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow said the posters had caused uneasiness among residents and were a waste of resources.

“I take this opportunity to appeal to Teng to support Penang’s cleaner and greener initiative by refraining from putting up posters which are environmentally unfriendly.

“The local council workers also have to be redeployed to clean up the mess. Local residents are also unhappy to see their environment impacted by the posters. The general election has not been announced yet.

16 March 2018

Zahid is delusional in dream of taking Penang

Published on  |  Modified on

COMMENT | Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s simple arithmetic of BN winning the state of Penang is based on the following prediction: since there are 40 state seats in Penang, all BN needs is to win 21 seats to form government.

He thinks that Umno can win 15 seats, and he expects Gerakan to win three, MCA, two and MIC, one. This would result in a total of 21, thus enabling BN to recapture the Penang state government.

At the moment, Umno has 10 seats, whereas Gerakan, MCA and MIC, have zero. How Umno can increase its haul by five seats, and how Gerakan, MCA and MIC are going to win five more remain unanswered.

The non-Malay component parties of BN were literally wiped out in the last two general elections in Penang. Gerakan, once the ruling party, could not even win a single seat there.

It is thus ironical that Penang’s Gerakan chief Teng Chang Yeow has been given the responsibility to lead BN to a victory in Penang.

While BN winning 21 seats is unimaginable based on the present scenario, an interesting question would be: say that unimaginable takes place where Umno wins 15 seats, Gerakan 3, MCA 2 and MIC 1, which party will be given the right to appoint the chief minister?

Remember in the 2008 general election, the unresolved issue of who would be the chief minister and the possibility that Umno might nominate its own candidate cost not only the downfall of Gerakan, but BN as a whole.

The responsibility to wrest Penang from Pakatan Harapan is now in the hands of Penang BN chief Teng. Zahid told Teng that since he is the main player, the ball was at his feet to lead BN to a stupendous victory in the state.

Wishful thinking

While such words of bravado from Zahid may go down well with BN supporters, the political reality is not that simple. The real question is whether BN, or for that matter Umno, can make a comeback in Penang. With Bersatu making inroads in predominantly Malay areas, it is doubtful whether Umno is even safe in its traditional areas.

As it is, his predictions about the electoral outcomes in Penang is based more on wishful thinking than anything else.

BN, which was the ruling coalition, was nearly wiped out of the political landscape in Penang in the last two general elections. It still has a long way to go to make its presence in Penang felt, let alone making a comeback to dominant position in Penang.

P RAMASAMY is Penang deputy chief minister and Perai state assemblyperson.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

15 March 2018

The ball is with you, Zahid tells Penang BN chief

Published on  |  Modified on

Penang BN chief Teng Chang Yeow has been given the green light by Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to move forward and restore the federal ruling party’s power in Penang, after losing the state to the opposition since the 2008 national polls.

“The ball is with you, you are the game player and the main player,” Zahid told Teng in Kepala Batas today.

Zahid expressed confidence that significant changes were about to take place in Penang, hinting at the possibility of BN recapturing seats it had previously lost.

“It has to happen because we in the federal government have done much better than what has been done by the state government,” said the Umno deputy chief to a crowd of 3,000 at the Dewan Millenium.

While Umno managed to capture 10 state seats and three parliamentary seats in Penang, Gerakan, MCA and MIC failed to capture any.

21 February 2018

Tunnel, graft case no effect on DAP’s stranglehold in Penang

February 21, 2018


Penangites now consider PH as the ‘lesser evil’, and improvements they see in the last decade leave them with little choice but to return the DAP-led government to power.

GEORGE TOWN: Small but noisy is an apt description for Penang, not only because of its famed traffic congestion and melting pot of cultures, but also because of the cacophony of groups here representing various interests.

Home to one of the nation’s pioneer and most vocal consumer groups, Consumers Association of Penang (CAP), Penang’s educated middle class has also given birth to social activism that has taken up issues that are normally shunned by political parties.

For centuries, this island with an area size just one-tenth of its neighbour Kedah has been considered a jewel. Little wonder then that for almost a decade now, Barisan Nasional (BN) and a host of organisations inspired by the coalition have been relentlessly trying to take it back from DAP, which swept to power in the state in the 2008 general election.

Despite the hardwork, analysts say DAP will still remain in power here, even at the height of the controversy surrounding the tunnel project and a pending court case for corruption against Lim Guan Eng, the Penang chief minister.

Most Penangites have made up their mind, and since 2008 when BN’s dominance came to an abrupt end, they have come to consider the opposition coalition, now known as Pakatan Harapan (PH), as the “lesser evil”.

“Penang voters at the grassroots have enjoyed the benefits of PH rule, led by DAP, after the 2008 and 2013 general elections,” said Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s Prof Shamsul Amri Baharuddin, who leads its Institute of Ethnic Studies.

Shamsul said one strength of the current Penang government is its local control, even when compared to BN’s famed hold on local institutions such as village committees and local councils.

“The local government administration has become more organised and involved than when it was during BN rule,” he told FMT.
Shamsul said even the current debate over the undersea tunnel-roads project, as well as accusations of environmental damage blamed on the state’s development policies, would not have an effect on voters.

Penangites, he said, are more concerned about “micro” problems: access to schools, traffic congestion, garbage collection.
Political analyst Khoo Kay Peng agrees that with DAP firmly entrenched in Penang, there will be no surprises at the coming polls.

“There is talk about over-development on the island, some grouses with state leaders. But at the end of the day, what is the alternative?

“Both BN and PH have their problems. For lack of a better choice, they’d go for the lesser evil,” he said.

Khoo said even Guan Eng’s personal brush with the law is not an issue.

Khoo, however, does not dismiss BN’s chances.

Umno candidates, he said, could win where there are multi-cornered contests.

The same is not the case with Gerakan, the BN component party which once ruled Penang.

“Up to now, we have not seen a list of candidates from Gerakan, or any prominent figures contesting. I don’t think they are doing enough to wrest seats from PH.”

17 January 2018


MCA to contest 4 parliamentary, 10 state seats in Penang, says report

MCA will contest four parliamentary and 10 state seats in Penang in the 14th general election, reported Oriental Daily.

The Chinese-language newspaper said 14 names had been proposed, of which the majority were first-time candidates.

The four federal seats are Bagan, Bukit Mertajam, Bukit Gelugor and Bayan Baru, and the 10 state seats are Paya Terubong, Air Putih, Seri Delima, Komtar, Pengkalan Kota, Jawi, Padang Lalang, Berapit, Bagan Jermal and Sungai Puyu.

Oriental Daily’s sources said MCA believed it had a strong chance in Bayan Baru due to voters’ dissatisfaction with the incumbent MP, PKR’s Sim Tze Tzin.

The Air Putih state seat is held by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

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