When Penang was drowning, LGE almost cried as he begged for help from the BN Govt for his beloved people…but how they mocked him!


2ND ROUND (13 – 31 JANUARY 2018)
Bring supporting documents to the state assemblyperson’s service centres or district offices in localities where you sustained losses from floods.

1ST ROUND (21 NOV – 2 DEC 2017)

A total of 52,950 applications were received in the first round of applications, from Nov 21 to Dec 2. To date, RM35 million has been approved for 49,978 households in the state.

11 January 2018

Penang reopens applications for RM700 flood aid

GEORGE TOWN: The state government is reopening applications for its one-off RM700 flood aid, assemblywoman Yap Soo Huey said today.

Yap, who is in charge of matters pertaining to the flood aid, said registration for the flood aid will reopen on Jan 15 and close at 5pm on Jan 31.

Yap said the registration is being reopened to help flood victims who did not manage to register in the initial round last year.

“However, those who have already received the flood aid cannot apply again.

“All applications will be scrutinised and investigated.

“Only those identified to have suffered losses as a result of the devastating floods on Nov 5 will have their applications for flood aid approved,” she told a press conference today.

Yap, who is Pulau Tikus state assemblywoman, said applications will be accepted for damage caused by floods to properties (residential and commercial), places of worship and vehicles.

Those who suffered damages to buildings and vehicles, caused by the storm and falling trees, could also apply.

Those who wish to apply for the flood aid need to bring supporting documents to the state assemblyperson’s service centres or district offices in localities where they sustained the losses.


8 December 2017


MP censures Najib for ‘insensitive’ remark about Penang floods

KUALA LUMPUR: Bukit Gelugor MP Ramkarpal Singh today described as “disgusting” Prime Minister Najib Razak’s mention of Lim Guan Eng being almost in tears begging for federal government aid when floods hit Penang.

He was also upset that delegates to the Umno general assembly laughed when Najib said this, instead of feeling sorry for those who had suffered in the Nov 5 floods.

Ramkarpal said in a statement that many Penang residents had been happy to see Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi hugging the Penang chief minister upon his arrival in Penang and that the picture of them hugging had gone viral.

“Never in their wildest dreams did they think that their plight would be used as fodder at some Umno function so soon after for political mileage.

“It is most unfortunate that a disaster has been manipulated to suit the political needs of individuals in utter disregard of its victims. Najib’s said remark was certainly uncalled for and is not merely an insult to the chief minister but, indeed, to all Penangites.”

He said the ongoing Umno general assembly had turned out to be an explosive forum “laced with all sorts of unfounded allegations” against Pakatan Harapan and those seen aligned to it, no matter how remote.

“Even singing legend, Datuk Sheila Majid has not been spared and it won’t be surprising at all if she is next falsely accused of aspiring to stand as a DAP candidate in the next general election, having had the audacity to raise very valid and genuine concerns about the mess this country currently finds itself in under this mighty government.”

Ramkarpal said “the most disgusting of attacks at the assembly so far” must be that of the prime minister when he “condescendingly” said Guan Eng was “almost in tears begging” Zahid for federal government aid after Penang was hit by severe floods on Nov 5.

“So what if the chief minister was nearly in tears when he requested such aid? Does this not show his genuine concern for the people of Penang at that most dire of moments?

“The prime minister’s insensitive remark further fuels speculation that the government was not genuine in helping Penangites in one of the worst disasters the state has ever seen but, instead, had some ulterior motive in doing so.

“It was said as if we Penangites had to beg him for assistance and, somehow, this was so amusing that everyone in that hall who heard him spew such venom actually laughed it off!”




7 December 2017


Guan Eng rayu hampir menangis ketika telefon Zahid, cerita Najib


Published on Dec 6, 2017
Presiden Umno, Datuk Seri Najib Razak menyindir Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang, Lim Guan Eng yang merayu sehingga hampir menangis ketika menelefon Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi bagi memohon bantuan kerajaan Pusat sewaktu banjir besar melanda negeri itu pada 5 November lalu. Najib berkata DAP menunjukkan belangnya dengan tidak menyokong Bajet 2018 sungguhpun merayu bantuan daripada kerajaan Pusat. Beliau berkata demikian dalam ucapan dasar di Perhimpunan Agung Umno 2017 di PWTC hari ini.

Playing politics while Penang drowns: Chong Sin Woon, MCA Youth Chief and Deputy Education Minister…

9 November 2017







7 November 2017



Amid floods, MP speaks of slights against religion and karma

Published:     Modified:

Padang Besar MP Zahidi Zainul Abidin, when debating the Budget 2018 speech in Parliament today, expressed sadness over the devastating floods in the northwestern peninsula, and went on to raise the possibility of karma.

“We need to remember, the floods happened because of the inappropriate logging on hills in Penang and inappropriate development management.

“And don’t forget, sometimes when we do things that are not right, among them pitting religions against each other, insulting religion, organising festivals that stray far from another’s religion and causing anger, then surely karma will come and the people will suffer,” said the Umno lawmaker.
Read more at https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/401146#Od8p3KLBumL5Ut8h.99

Gerakan Youth says floods may be due to over-development, wants moratorium

Published:     Modified:

Over-development in Penang in recent years could be the main reason for constant flash floods in the state, said Gerakan Youth deputy chief Andy Yong.

He noted how numerous areas, once pristine and serene, have become massive construction projects without taking into consideration the impact on the locals and the environment.

He also said that far-fetched justifications after the tragedy are pointless as Penangnites need preventative measures and assurances now.

Yong said this weekend’s flooding, which claimed seven lives, proved that Penang is facing a serious problem in terms of environment preservation and sustainability.

He said that based on his recent visit to the northern state, the severity and destruction of the flood are unprecedented.

“Such frequent floods where the waters are brown in areas like Tanjung Bungah prove that hillslope erosion is becoming more aggravated.

“Recent floods and landslides in the last few months have served as a warning. The Penang state government must take serious action.
Read more at https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/401112#ACi9b0h0PJyJliiw.99

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