Kelantan: What guys can’t wear…

Wan Khairul, “Seriously, they can’t expect me to wear a sarong to play futsal.” 

Seriously, why not?

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29 September 2017

‘Shorts policing is about public modesty’

KOTA BARU: Kelantan says its move to serve notice on seven men for wearing shorts is “to educate the public on modesty in accordance with Islamic teachings”.

Mohd Fadzuli Mohd Zain, the state Islamic Affairs Department chief assistant director (enforcement), said netizens should stop branding the state religious authority as Taliban for reminding men not to wear shorts in public places.

“Some people are probably over-reacting and enforcement on men for exposing aurat is rare,” he said.

Mohd Fadzuli said this when asked to comment on the notice served on 30-year-old general worker Wan Khairul Hayyee Wali for wearing shorts recently. He has been wearing shorts to play futsal for many


27 September 2017

Ten more received summons for wearing ‘inappropriate clothing’ in K’tan

A man who was slapped with a summons for wearing short pants while on the way to a futsal game in Kota Bharu was just one out of 11 people who had received summonses for similar offences.

Kelantan Islamic Affairs Religious Department (Jaheaik) director Che Mohd Rahim Jusoh told Malaysiakini that the summonses were issued based on a joint operation with the Road Transport Department and the National Anti-Drugs Agency (AADK) on Monday.

“We conducted checks at the location and issued 11 summonses for inappropriate clothing (tidak sopan) to seven men who wore short pants and four women for not wearing the tudung and wearing tight clothing.

“All of them were instructed to attend counselling classes with Jaheaik’s enforcement division,” he said.

Yesterday, 30-year-old Wan Khairul Hayyee Wali said he was surprised at being slapped with a summons for wearing short pants while on the way to a futsal game.



20h20 hours ago

In d wake of kelantan state gov said wearing short pants playing soccer is against religion, then kelantan soccer team attire will b sarong!



19h19 hours ago

Kelantan Religious Department: ‘Action against man for wearing shorts to enlighten, not punish’ Wearing shorts while futsal: RM1k fine



Muslim man who wore shorts to play futsal faces fine by Kelantan religious authorities


Wan Khairul Hayyee Wali, 30, said he had no idea that he could not even wear shorts to play futsal.

He said he has been wearing shorts to play futsal for many years, ever since he was in school.

“Therefore it came as a shock to me when a religious department enforcement officer gave me a notice saying I have flouted the Syariah Criminal Enactment for exposing my knees,” he said.

“Seriously, they can’t expect me to wear a sarong to play futsal,” added Wan Khairul, a general worker at a wholesale store.

Khairul was slapped with the notice at 10.45pm on Monday.

He was ordered to attend a counselling session next month, failing which he would be called to appear before the Syariah court where he risks being fined RM1,000 if found guilty.

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