Gerakan fixed a pothole to shame the Opposition Penang Govt. But it was on a Federal Road. BN owned.

13 September 2017


Guan Eng ‘thanks’ Gerakan for fixing pothole on federal road

September 13, 2017

CM says Gerakan members inadvertently repaired a federal road in an attempt to prove that state government was not doing its job.


GEORGE TOWN: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng today thanked Gerakan for a pothole repair gimmick it had recently pulled without realising that the road in question was maintained by the federal government.

Speaking at a press conference, he referred to a report in Utusan Malaysia which had showed two Gerakan Youth leaders fixing a pothole on Jalan Air Itam near the Chung Ling School.

“They never realised that it is a federal-maintained road,” he said, adding that in that case, it was best that Gerakan fixed the pothole.

This was after Penang Gerakan had raised the issue of badly maintained roads in the state, both on the island and in Sebarang Perai.

Penang Gerakan Youth secretary Teo Yin Horng said the state agencies responsible had not been acting quickly enough to rectify the situation.

He listed Jalan Air Itam as one such road, along with Jalan Air Putih, Jalan Sungai Pinang, Jalan Yeap Chor Ee, Jalan Permai, Argyll Lane, Jalan Perusahaan Jelutong, Lengkok Bawah, Lengkok Dumbar, Cangkat Dumbar, Changkat Minden Road 1 and Hutton Lane.

Acknowledging that Penang’s roads were “not 100% perfect”, Lim said however that immediate action was taken whenever complaints were made or issues were spotted.

“Most of the work or problems are generally caused by utility companies, and they are definitely required to repair the roads as soon as possible.”

In Penang, he said, there are three types of roads: those maintained by the municipality, those maintained by the state government, and those maintained by the federal government.
“We can only repair state government roads. We cannot touch federal roads. This is something many do not understand.

“According to the law, we cannot touch federal roads, and as a state government that upholds the law, we have to follow the rule of law.


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