Chua versus Liow: DAP has fun at the expense of MCA!



29 August 2017

Liow and Chua pitted against each other in parody video


MCA president Liow Tiong Lai and his predecessor Dr Chua Soi Lek have been pitted against each other in a parody video which simulates a dialogue between the pair.

The video, posted on a pro-DAP Facebook page called Nasi Lemak 2020, was released today. As of 6.30pm, it had garnered 70,000 views and over 2,400 shares on Facebook.

The footage cuts between a short film for Merdeka Day this year titled “Citizens”, in which Liow has a starring role and a 2015 KiniTV video clip in which Chua criticised Liow’s management of MCA.
The re-edited video by Nasi Lemak 2020 opens with Liow offering a bowl of sugar, and cuts to Chua. The video cuts back and forth between the two, with Liow appearing to pacify Chua and his criticisms of him and MCA.

At one point, Chua says, “Mr President, what has been transformed about MCA? I have not seen any transformation.”

The video then switches to Teo’s film, in which Liow replies, “There are a lot of things that have not been done properly indeed.”

Special effects were added, with punching sounds and zoom-ups into a still of Liow’s face as Chua recites a list of woes for Malaysians that he has read about in the news.

It ends with a message from the video editor: “In the past 60 years, MCA has been in a position of authority but without power, change the government and let the rakyat be the authority instead.”

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