Not suitable for Singapore: Malaysian publisher’s “Agama, Tamadun Dan Arkeologi (Religion, Civilisation And Archaeology) series”…


The Agama, Tamadun Dan Arkeologi (Religion, Civilisation And Archeology) is a series of books Religion, Civilisation And Archeology) is a series of books published in Malaysia. They focus on different civilisations and religions.

One book has, on its cover, children wearing yarmulkes (skullcaps), smiling as they hold machine guns.

It speaks of how the Third World War will start in the Middle East between Israel and the neighbouring Arab states.


9 June 2017

NLB pulls another 130 titles by publisher of controversial series on religion and history

SINGAPORE – The National Library Board (NLB) has said that it is pulling off its shelves another 130 titles by the Malaysian publisher which produced a series on history and religion which contained anti-Semitic rhetoric and seemed to glorify violence in the name of Islam.

On Thursday, the NLB was asked by the Government to review its vetting process for sensitive and divisive content after concerns were raised on how copies of the Agama, Tamadun Dan Arkeologi (Religion, Civilisation And Archaeology) series had been available in the junior non-fiction section in libraries since 2013. The series was published in Malaysia by Sinar Cemerlang.

On Friday, NLB said that it has “130 other titles from the same publisher in our libraries. We are conducting a review of all these titles. They will not be available for loan while the review is underway. We are reviewing other titles by the publisher to ensure that they are suitable for our readers”.


11h11 hours ago

Not possible to vet all reading materials but Government will learn from NLB incident: Yaacob



15h15 hours ago


NLB to review book vetting process: MCI


Panel, which was set up after And Tango Makes Three incident, will study controversial Malay language books

The National Library Board (NLB) will be reviewing its vetting process of books, following its withdrawal of about 300 books from a controversial Malay language series found in the children’s section.

The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), which oversees the NLB, has asked it to review its procedures after a report in The New Paper yesterday.

A ministry spokesman said MCI agreed with NLB’s decision to pull the books from its shelves, and said it has asked NLB to review its vetting process for potentially divisive and sensitive materials.

“As a multi-cultural and multi-racial society, we do not condone materials that denigrate any racial or religious groups, or which promote intolerance or violence,” the spokesman said.

“The cultural and racial harmony that our people enjoy today has taken us generations to build.

“This must not be taken for granted.

“We thank the member of public and The New Paper for raising this particular series to our attention.”

7 June 2017

Jun 7

Tamadun apaan sich? Agama, Tamadun dan Arkeologi


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