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Please viral this to your friends and make a donation at https://www.invokemalaysia.org/contribute/

Alternatively, you may bank your contribution directly to INVOKE Solutions Sdn Bhd, at Maybank account 5622 0964 0698.

It can be as little as RM20.

This is a receipt for RM100.


7 May 2017

8h8 hours ago

Umno MP urges MACC to probe PKR-linked INVOKE, NOW

KUALA LUMPUR, May 7 — The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) should immediately investigate the two non-governmental outfits linked to PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli for possible public fund abuse, Datuk Seri Irmohizam Ibrahim said today.

The Umno MP for Kuala Selangor said the internal spat between Rafizi and former Ampang PKR Youth chief Datuk Adam Rosly Abdullah has raised questions about the funding of data firm INVOKE Malaysia and the National Oversight and Whistleblowers Centre (NOW) that must be made publicly accountable.

“I am confident the people too want to know where and how the funds they contributed were spent. By right the funds should have been used for a nobler purpose and not for propaganda programmes that are seditious and defamatory.

“All this while Rafizi has been vocal with his wild claims allegations towards others as if he were ‘pure’ and without sin,” he said in a statement.

– See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/umno-mp-urges-macc-to-probe-pkr-linked-invoke-now?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter#sthash.WkS8sAaY.dpuf

5 May 2017

. responds to dare by , reveals NGOs’ financial statements


Within hours of being thrown a challenge, PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli has revealed the financial statements for both his NGOs – Invoke and National Oversights and Whistleblowers (NOW).

The challenge had come from Ampang PKR Youth leader Adam Rosly Abdullah, who demanded that Rafizi come clean on the public funds collected for the two organisations.

“Even though I am of the political opinion that I should not respond to the antics of Adam, who has been relieved of his positions in PKR and is being investigated by the disciplinary board for his case, I also believe that a public official like myself should be fast in responding to all issues related to transparency,” said Rafizi said in a statement this afternoon.

In the attached financial statements, it is shown that Rafizi himself had injected RM787,049 into Invoke.

The Pandan lawmaker said this was from his own Lembaga Tabung Haji and Amanah Saham Bumiputera savings.

“I have to top up the injection every month from my salary as well as pay for several Invoke expenditure using my own credit card,” he added.

In his asset declaration last year, Rafizi revealed he had withdrawn RM530,000 in stages from his Tabung Haji account in 2016, and used most of that amount to set up Invoke.

Based on the financial statements released this afternoon, Invoke had earned RM857,369 through fundraising events and RM1,063,066 through donations since its inception till April 30, 2017.

Its total income for the same period of time was RM2,780,652.

Meanwhile, its total expenditure came up to RM2,394,440, with the money being spent on things like their call centre equipment, field campaign spending, social media marketing, as well as other utilities and so forth.

Their biggest expenditure, it is shown, was for the salary of its employees, at RM888,487.

“I do not take any salary. Not a single cent of my personal spending is paid by Invoke,” he added.

Meanwhile, for NOW, Rafizi said there was no income for 2016 and 2017 as the NGO did not organise any fundraising events or collect online donations.

“NOW’s spending is minimal, only the rent for the office, which is an advance from me,” he said, adding that the NGO has no employees either.

Therefore, the included financial statement is for the year ending 2015. It has total assets of RM139,188 and liabilities of RM349,261.


30 April 2017

On Saturday night, I joined Rafizi Ramli, Hannah Yeoh and Harris Ibrahim for an INVOKE Malaysia fundraiser dinner. We sold 92 tables and raised around RM150,000 net after expenses. Thank you everyone for your generous support.

INVOKE is a big data, media and election machinery. We have been operational for 7 months supported by the public in form of small donations. Rafizi has put up almost his entire savings to start this venture. We have now 80 staff with 12 offices. Our operational cost is about RM300,000 a month.

Rafizi doesn’t draw any salary and all politicians supported by INVOKE are unpaid. All monies raised goes only to staff salaries, administrative costs and equipments. About 95% of the INVOKE staff are below 25 years old and are paid between RM1,800 to RM2,500. Most of the staff are university graduates and many are from prestigious international universities such as Oxford, Berkeley, Melbourne and King’s College. These 80 staff are smart, honest, dedicated and incredibly hardworking. They are putting hold their carreers to put in one year with INVOKE to remove Najib and Rosmah from power and bring in a democratic two party system.

How does INVOKE fit into the coming GE14? To overthrow BN without PAS, we need to win roughly another 40 additional seats. INVOKE is now supporting 50 Parliamentary seats and the candidates are from PKR, Amanah and DAP. All candidates must sign a pledge to be corrupt free, to carry out their MP duties (if elected) and declare all their assets. In other words, INVOKE will only work with hardworking and honest politicians.

How will INVOKE support these 50 candidates? INVOKE using big data and complex algorithms will provided crucial election data to these candidates. INVOKE powerful surveys will enable us to refine micro strategies down to the street. Every Thursday night, INVOKE’s phone bank volunteers are recruiting thousands of PACA to support these 50 candidates. We now have 9,000 volunteers, we need to reach 40,000. INVOKE started PACA training in our 12 centres a month ago. Trainings will increase as election nears. INVOKE media through programs, chat shows and Parlimen Rakyat on facebook live stream, has steadily grown and achieved one million fb reach; our reach is now as powerful as TV3. Our door to door campaigning team is ready to take off when GE14 is announced.

Many people ask, how can we possibly win? In 2013, Pakatan fought the elections on very broad strategies and motherhood statements, and yet we took the popular vote. We rode the wave for change, but in truth we didn’t have even a system that delivered sufficient PACA in all our seats. Even in my urban area of Kelana Jaya, we were short of 50 PACA on election day. In rural areas, we had a more pronounced PACA shortage. I truly believe that had we deployed enough ground troops and PACAs in 2013, we would have soundly defeated UMNO/BN.

INVOKE has learnt from the errors and shortcomings of GE13. Guided by big data techniques from the 2012 Obama campaign, we are finally bringing modern big data, micro targetting, organisational and management systems and techniques and deploying it for GE14. Rafizi is bringing his 15 years in Petronas as the youngest ever General Manager to lead, drive, organise and execute INVOKE’s plans to help Pakatan Rakyat capture Putrajaya and end corruption and impunity.

In order for this team of these 80 young heroes to defeat UMNO/BN, please support us. We need to raise an additional RM3 million to keep INVOKE afloat for another 10 months. You can donate as low as RM20. If 150,000 of you donate RM20 each, we can change Malaysia forever. It will be the best ever RM20 investment you make in your life.

Please viral this to your friends and make a donation at https://www.invokemalaysia.org/contribute/

Alternatively, you may bank your contribution directly to INVOKE Solutions Sdn Bhd, at Maybank account 5622 0964 0698.

To all contributors, thank you for investing in a better future for all Malaysians.

Wong Chen, Member of Parliament for Kelana Jaya

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