Pudu Market: A Promise not kept. Where is Pudu Market? In BN’s Putrajaya. Across from Richmoore Pudu, notorious night life area…

Pudu Market has more than 1000 traders.

They want potholes filled and litter collected regularly. They want the drain widened and a concrete floor. They want parking facilities upgraded. How about more street lights?

22 April 2017

13m13 minutes ago

Simon Thong Retweeted Ops Cantas Richmoore

Look on enforcement officials faces when they collect their dues in kind? 😋

Simon Thong added,

21 March 2017


Mar 21

KUALA LUMPUR: An enforcement team hit the jackpot when it raided a “mini casino” at a complex in the city.

It not only found customers openly gambling at the machines, it also discovered illegal foreigners, dressed in miniskirts and short dresses, working there and even offering “extra services”.

The surprise operation sent the foreign “guest relations officers”, believed to be from China and Vietnam, scurrying to a secret room up in the ceiling to evade arrest.

Federal Territories Immigration Department deputy director Mohd Shahrulnizam Ismail said the female foreign workers were believed to have prostituted themselves for as low as RM70 per session.

“The women tried to escape by hiding inside a concealed room in the ceiling,” he said when approached after the operation yesterday.

Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/03/16/mini-casino-in-pudu-busted-customers-found-gambling-openly-in-premises-which-has-gros/#Rkd3VS0iFdTDdmtG.99

14 March 2017


Mar 14

Ops Cantas Richmoore Retweeted Imigresen Malaysia

Tahniah . Diharap tindakan susulan yg keras & bkn tangkap lepas. Richmoore Pudu masih sgt aktif & diketahui umum.

Ops Cantas Richmoore added,



22 April 2017


37m37 minutes ago

Pudu Market traders still waiting for promise to be fulfilled

Nurhafizah Tan, Bernama

Pudu Market traders in Kuala Lumpur are still waiting for their business site to be upgraded, as promised by the local authority, seven years ago.

Once transformed, the market which began operating way back in 1956 and is a popular choice for local residents to shop for daily needs would presumably be one of the best in the city.

However, Bernama found potholes, litter along the path and congestion due to the disorganised arrangement of the stalls.

Pudu Market Bumiputera Traders Association chairperson Zamri Ismail said the group did not ask for much or unrealistic demands, just improvement to certain infrastructures and comfort for all parties.

“We only want the drain to be widened and maintained aside from a concrete floor to resolve the problem of potholes which customers were forced to bear with when they come and shop here.

“Talking about upgrading this market, it has been delayed countless times, you can see there’s no change,” he told Bernama when met at the site.


2h2 hours ago

Pudumarket still waiting for promised upgrade


Pudu Market Bumiputera Traders Association chairman Zamri Ismail said the group did not ask for much or even unrealistic demands, just improvement to certain infrastructure for the comfort of all parties.

“We only want the drain to be widened and maintained, aside from a concrete floor to resolve the problem of potholes which customers are forced to bear with when they come and shop here.

Meanwhile, Pudu Market Small-time Traders and Hawkers Association chairman Jeff Tan said the more than 1,000 traders there would readily give their cooperation in the upgrading process, including halting their business for two weeks by rotation.

“Before this, we had not agreed for the market to be modernised as this would take up to three years, which will, of course, affect our earnings.

“Kuala Lumpur City Hall did come to see and discuss with us about an upgrade, but the project has not commenced and we are still eagerly waiting,” he said.


48m48 minutes ago

Pudu market traders still waiting for local authority to fulfill promise



Apr 19

Complaints have been lodged with DBKL but nothing has been done.


19 April 2017

Market needs to be safer, say Pudu traders

PUDU morning market traders in Kuala Lumpur fear for their safety due to faulty streetlights there.

More so as some of them have experienced petty thefts recently.

One of the victims, fruit seller Kow Chiew Fun, 55, said about 10 cardboard boxes of fruits were stolen from his stall.

“Boxes of mangoes, apples and oranges were placed at an empty area before I set up stall every day.

“About 10 days ago, I realised a box of fruits was stolen each day for 10 consecutive days, resulting in RM1,000 in losses,” he said.

Kow added that even when he covered the cardboard boxes with planks, the thieves found them and cut open the boxes, taking only the fruits and leaving the box empty.

Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/metro/community/2017/04/19/market-needs-to-be-safer-say-pudu-traders-group-concerned-over-faulty-streetlights-damaged-drain-cov/#LLwKLwggWS6l8Q5S.99

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