“To close or not to close”. In Kelantan, one PAS-man’s MISTAKE causes reaction among non-Muslims!


On April 17, the Kelantan government said a policy requiring traders to stop their activities during the Maghrib prayers also applied to non-Muslims.

State local government, housing and sports committee chairman Abdul Fattah Mahmood told FMT that all businesses must stop their activities for 10 to 15 minutes when the azan (call to prayer) was heard.


20 April 2017

28m28 minutes ago

K’tan gov’t: Maghrib shut-down rule only for pasar malam traders

The Kelantan government has clarified that ruling for traders to stop operations during maghrib (dusk) prayers only applies to pasar malam (night market) traders, and not other businesses.

Abdul Fattah Mahmood, the executive councillor in charge of local government, said such traders in Kelantan are all Muslim.

“I have explained this before, that it only applies to pasar malam traders. This has been practised in the Kota Baru Municipal Council for a long time.

“This is why I said it is extended to other local councils, implemented first at the main pasar malam of the local councils as a pilot project. I never said all premises, just pasar malam,” he told Sinar Harian.

Abdul Fattah’s position now was different from what he was quoted as saying by Free Malaysia Today on April 17.

“All traders are affected, including non-Muslims. This will allow them time to rest and perform their prayers.

“It’s not very long, only about 10 minutes. The important thing is that there is no trade when the azan called, and trade resumes after prayers are performed,” he told the news portal on Monday.


18 April 2017

PETALING JAYA: Non-Muslim traders in Kelantan should not be forced to close their businesses during the Maghrib prayer time, a Chinese community leader from the state said today.

Kelantan Peranakan Chinese Association (PPCK) president Lim Kham Hong was asked to comment on the state government’s policy requiring all traders to stop their activities during the Maghrib prayers.

“We have no problem closing our shop temporarily to make way for Maghrib prayers, but non-Muslim traders shouldn’t be forced into doing so,” Lim said, adding that the policy should be enforced only on Muslims traders.

“What’s important is that the policy doesn’t affect those from other religions, where they are forced to stop their activities instead of doing so willingly. That, we do not agree with.”

Lim added that it should also not be enforced to the point that non-Muslims traders would be fined for not abiding by the policy.



17 April 2017


2h2 hours ago

Umno’s Mustapa says Kelantanese favour Maghrib shutdown

PETALING JAYA: Kelantan Umno liaison committee chief Mustapa Mohamed said today the Kelantan government decided to impose a 15-minute blanket ban on trading at dusk as it is something the people want.

“The Kelantan state government is duly elected by its people. And that is what the people of Kelantan want (the closure of shops for Maghrib prayers), so they implement it.

“The state government is doing something that in their eyes is in line with the wishes of the people who are in favour of it,” the New Straits Times quoted Mustapa as saying.

However, he added: “If the Kelantanese do not like the idea, perhaps they can reject it later on. But they like it that way now and it is a popular move.”

KUALA LUMPUR: The Kelantan state government says a policy requiring traders to stop their activities during the Maghrib prayers also applies to non-Muslims.

“They don’t need to cease operations for long, it’s just for 10 minutes,” state local government, housing and sports committee chairman Abdul Fattah Mahmood told FMT.

He said businesses must stop their activities when the azan (call to prayer) is called.

“They can resume once prayers are done,” he said.

Fattah said the policy, currently enforced at the main night markets under municipal councils in the state, would ensure Muslim traders and customers perform their prayers, adding that non-Muslim traders could also enjoy a short break.

The policy, first introduced by MPKB, was expanded last year to include the rest of the state.

Fattah recently warned stall operators at night markets to pause their business for 15 minutes or risk getting their licences suspended.

He said visitors, including foreigners, had praised the policy.

In 2015, MPKB implemented a similar rule in 2015, telling supermarkets and hypermarkets to close during Friday prayers.


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