Death of 2 maintenance workers in manhole in front of an Ipoh shopping mall: Avoidable?

Why did they fall?
Was it because they had no masks on when they were going down into the manhole….?


17 April 2017


Dua pekerja pembersihan maut terjatuh ke dalam lubang


Two cleaning workers killed after falling down Ipoh manhole

zmhole.jpgTwo workers from a private cleaning company died after they sliped and fell down a manhole in from of Angsana all in Ipoh, Perak. Pix courtesy of Fire and Rescue Department

IPOH: Two workers from a private cleaning company, who had fallen down a manhole here during a cleaning-up process, were found dead early today.

Ipoh Fire and Rescue Station chief, P. Samasuvam, said the workers, both 27, slipped and fell down the manhole in front of the Angsana Mall Shopping Centre while descending the steps into the sewer.




Two workers found dead in manhole

IPOH: Two workers died after they fell into a manhole in front of a shopping mall at Jalan Hospital here today.

The victims were identified as Mohamad Ilaala Che Aziz and Mohamad Nur Shafig Mohamad Nasir.

Ipoh Fire and Rescue Department chief P. Samasuvam said a team of firemen rushed to the scene after receiving a distress call at about 1.34am.

“Initially, one of them climbed down the stairs to collect some equipment after completing their work but fell into the four metre-deep hole.

“At this juncture his colleague tried to rescue him by climbing down, however he also fell in.

“The victims were not wearing any breathing apparatus at the time of the incident,” he added.

Firemen found the men unconscious and later brought them up with ropes.

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