The Mystery of the big Rat in AEON One Utama: Is RM6.99 expensive? LOL…

Was it asleep? Or dead? Did it get up and run away?

2 April 2017

9h9 hours ago

Rat among boxed milk shuts down 1Utama grocery store (VIDEO)


KUALA LUMPUR, April 2 — A popular grocery store in the 1Utama shopping mall was ordered to close for 14 days after pictures and videos showing a large and fat rat among the boxes of milk on the shelves spread on the internet.

The Health Ministry confirmed the closure order on the grocery section of Aeon Co (M) Berhad with news portal Free Malaysia Today yesterday.

Pictures of the closure order, invoked under Section 11 of the Food Act 1983, which authorises the ministry to shut down any unsanitary premises for a maximum 14 days, have also been shared on Twitter and other social media channels.

According to the order, which took effect from 12 noon on March 31, only the store’s grocery section is affected.

– See more at:

Mar 31

AEON JUSCO SUPERMARKET 1U Bandar Utama closed 2 weeks for cleanliness video link


Mar 27

Massive Rat Spotted Just ‘Chilling’ on Top Shelf in Malaysian Mall’s Aeon


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