“How dare you rob us?” And he knocked them off their bikes with his car! #NoRespectForTheLaw

27 Dec 2016

Enraged man takes on four robbers, runs them down with car


PARIT BUNTAR: A band of robbers picked the wrong man to mess with when their ‘victim’ gave chase and rammed their motorcycles with his car, here this morning.
Mohamed Mazis Mohamed Mokhtar, 25, was with his wife Atiqah Nordin, 25, and three friends in Taman Murni at 10.15am today when they were set upon by four men.

“The robbers managed to grab a bracelet, a couple of gold rings, two handbags and two wristwatches before fleeing on four motorcycles,” he said.
Mazis, however, was not about to let the matter rest. He got into his car and gave chase, before succeeding in ramming three of the four motorcycles at the junction of Taman Murni and Kampung Kedah.
Passers-by, upon realising the commotion, lent their support and together with Mazis, apprehended the four men.

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/12/199776/enraged-man-takes-four-robbers-runs-them-down-car


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