When a 92 year-old grandpa like Mahathir doesn’t play with his grand kids but faces the might of the BN Govt…


11 July 2017

6m6 minutes ago

Just wow ! ..a former Group Editor of NST tribute to Tun M.


10 July 2017


No U-turns, goal is to get rid of Najib regime, says Dr Mahathir

THE lights went out and the food ran out, too, but that did not deter the almost 20,000-strong crowd in Malacca yesterday from staying on to hear Dr Mahathir Mohamad tear into the Najib administration for their recent attacks against him, accusing them of trying to buy time before the next general election.

The Bersatu chairman hit out at his Umno critics for accusing him of being immoral and making U-turns in his relationship with Anwar Ibrahim, saying these were desperate attempts by Prime Minister Najib Razak to draw attention away from his wrongdoing.

Dr Mahathir told the crowd at the Bersatu Hari Raya open house in Tanjung Kling, Malacca, that the attacks against him had intensified in recent days as the Najib administration was afraid that a opposition coalition would be a a big threat to Barisan Nasional in the 14th general election. (Tanjung Kling is in the Barisan Nasional-held seat of Tangga Batu.)

“I am not working with Anwar Ibrahim because of my personal agenda. I am not working with him because I am scared. I am working with him because we have the same goal, which is to bring down the Najib regime,” he said.

“I am not a hypocrite. I did not make U-turns, it is Najib who is doing U-turns.”



‘Tangkap lah!’ Mahathir tells Najib

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has scoffed at Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s claim that the former prime minister is afraid of the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) into the foreign exhange market (forex) scandal.

“On Aidilfitri, I wished Selamat Hari Raya to Najib, but he is always trying to find ways to arrest me.

“That’s okay, he has the power. Tangkap lah! (Arrest me),” Mahathir said at a Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) Hari Raya open house in Malacca last night.

Last Friday, Najib said Mahathir feared that the forex RCI would lead to criminal prosecution.

The prime minister claimed this is the reason Mahathir was cosying up to his jailed former deputy Anwar Ibrahim, to get the latter to avoid testifying against him.

However, Mahathir rubbished this assertion.

“I’m not working with Anwar because of my personal problems.

“I’m working with Anwar because we have the same goal – to topple the cruel government of Najib,” the nonagenarian said to cheers from those in attendance.

“I’m not the one who U-turned, Najib is (the one who did),” added the Bersatu chairperson, explaining that Najib was once a globally respected leader who is now viewed as corrupt.


8 July 2017

Watch your mouth and actions, DPM tells Dr M


Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been told he needs to watch his mouth and actions seen as often disparaging the leadership of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

The Umno vice-president, who is also carrying out the duties of party deputy president, said Mahathir should rightly have manners, order and political morality when politicking.

The deputy prime minister said as a normal human being, Mahathir definitely had weaknesses and mistakes in his 22 years as prime minister but all these were covered out of respect for him.

“When our time has passed, let it pass, let history judge us, don’t condemn others as in the case of the failure of the privatisation move. We do not want to reveal the ‘sores’ and we know what he did with his numerous weaknesses that we know of.”

Zahid said this in his speech when opening the Bagan Datuk Umno division delegates meeting today.

He said Mahathir had gone overboard in his criticisms of Umno and the government to the point Najib had run out of patience.

“His (Mahathir’s) time is past, be quiet. Sit down and recite religious verses (to Allah). He unveils the flaws of the present leaders, don’t forget we also used to cover his flaws. Don’t let it be our turn to show his shame and ‘scabs’. There is so much that we can reveal.

“He (Mahathir) was strong (during his tenure) not because of him but because the Umno members strongly supported him,” he continued.


19 Jan 2017


Mahathir articulates what we, too, fear


Published Today 7:16 am

YOURSAY | ‘Hardly a handful of Johoreans can afford to buy the apartments in Forest City.’

Dr M has gone too far, says Johor sultan

Mushiro: Dr Mahathir Mohamad is very convincing. Hardly a handful of Johoreans can afford to buy the apartments in Forest City and because of the exchange rate, these properties become a bargain to foreigners.

The spinoff effects from taxes and jobs do not make sense as big chunks of these lands were acquired from the state government cheaply and sold to Forest City at huge profits where the Johor state government lost the opportunity to make good profits.

Raja Chulan: I have read the full text of Dr M’s speech he made during the launch of Bersatu. Dr Mahathir has articulated his thoughts very well based on our own history and the world. He is old, very experienced and very wise. His speech enumerates the many problems Malaysians are faced with at present and gives his opinion and advice accordingly.

It is his advice to all Malaysians, both the Malays and the non-Malays. I did not see any racial or political spin or vested interest in that speech. In fact, as a fellow Malaysian, I am very grateful to Dr M, for he is the brave one among us to articulate what we too fear, ie, the long-term consequences of the many reckless and the greedy activities of some of our leaders.

I am confident that the majority of Malaysians feel the same way too as Dr M and I hope that the concerned parties will heed his good advice in order to save this beloved country of ours, Malaysia from becoming a failed state and being ‘colonised’ yet again.

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Much as I dislike Mahathir, I have to say that he has his points. Most of the properties in question are very expensive. As such how many average Malaysians can afford to buy them? No doubt about it that most of them would be sold to foreigners, and right now these are the Chinese.

The Chinese from China are mopping up choice properties in Australia and Canada. If given the chance to buy properties in Malaysia, the locals would be of no match to them, based on the fact that they could out bid the Australians and Canadians in most of the expensive properties in the market.

Finally, again Mahathir has the facts right. If they are buying properties to the tune of millions of ringgit, it would be foolhardy to expect them to stay a few months, and stay elsewhere during the rest of the period.

Tony Soprano: Wrong words lead to fuzzy thinking. Again Malaysians confuse “stay” (as reported as a quote from the sultan) with “live”. When you visit someplace temporarily, you stay. As in, “I’m staying at my friend’s house for a week.” When you are in a state of permanent residence, you live there, not stay. It’s similar to when they say “I’ll ‘send’ you to the airport” when they mean “I’ll take (or drive) you to the airport.” Jeez, get it right.

It’s as annoying as native speakers who can’t tell the difference between “lose” and “loose.” At least Malaysians mostly know that one.

Sarawakian: My respect for Dr Mahathir grows by the day. Pakatan Harapan should make Bersatu’s manifesto their own, and it will carry the rakyat with it in GE14. Those who said Dr M is only interested in removing Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and maintaining the status quo should now eat their words.

As a Chinese, I bear no offence at what Dr M said about China investments. There is nothing racial about it, he is fishing for kampung votes, something Pakatan Harapan has failed miserably to do.

He is doing it for the rakyat this time, and this includes Chinese Malaysians. This is something the Sultan of Johor should understand as well, for the reaction of his Royal Highness rankles all right-thinking Malaysians who know what is at stake.



17 Jan 2017

Johor MB backs Sultan’s criticism of Dr Mahathir | FMT

KLUANG: Johor Menteri Besar Mohamed Khaled Nordin stands firmly with the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar in taking Dr Mahathir Mohamad to task for trying to play politics by intimidating and bringing racism into China’s investment in the state.

The menteri besar said there was truth to the sultan’s statement and believed Mahathir, a former prime minister, knew that some Malays did not like the presence of the Chinese.

“So, he (Mahathir) wants to frighten and scare the Malays but the people of Johor do not accept racist elements,” he told reporters after his working visit to the Kluang parliamentary constituency here today.

He said this when commenting on a statement by the sultan who expressed disappointment and resentment towards Dr Mahathir’s views on China’s investment in the state.


17 Jan 2017

Star Online

17 January 2017

Dr M replies on Forest City issue

I DON’T know if it is true about HRH the Sultan of Johor throwing a challenge to me over the development of Johor Baru.

Maybe it is only The Star which is interpreting what HRH says as a challenge to me.

But unless HRH denies he is challenging me, I will take the report of The Star as the truth.

I admit I am at a disadvantage here. While people can say what they like about me, and I welcome their freedom to say so, I hope that in responding to HRH’s challenge I will not be arrested and jailed without trial.

Now, what did I say? Nothing more than repeating a report by Bloomberg in the press. But I appreciate why Bloomberg is not challenged nor denied.

What did Bloomberg say in its report on Nov 22 last year?

It said that a China Chinese company will build Forest City in JB which can accommodate 700,000. It went on to say that planeloads of China Chinese are being flown in to view the man-sized model (with pictures) and they have and will buy most of the properties in Forest City.

I doubt if many Johor Malays and Chinese are buying or going to buy these apartments. There just aren’t that many Malaysians to buy all these properties.

Bloomberg, in the same report, mentioned 60 other developments similar to Forest City, and these are also being sold to mainland Chinese.

Looking back to 1819, when Sultan Ali of Johor did not lease Singapore to the British, the Temenggong signed the lease. And look at Singapore today. A part of Johor is now a foreign country – well developed no doubt, but a foreign country.

There will be in all more than a million foreigners living in JB Forest City and the 60 other deve­lopments. These new places will not become a foreign country but they will have an inordinate percentage of foreign people. If they stay long enough, they will be entitled to become citizens of Malaysia.

Yes, I promoted foreign direct investment. But it was not about buying land in Malaysia, developing them and selling them to foreigners who will stay here.

FDI is about investment in the manufacturing industry. Malaysian companies will construct the building and Malaysians will work in the industries. They will acquire skills and start their own manufacturing business.

Malaysian contractors are completely capable of building all kinds of buildings and develop land. We don’t need foreigners to do this. Look at Malaysia today. Ninety per cent or more of these new buildings and development are by Malaysian companies. Majority of the buyers are Malaysians, and they are the people who stay there.

But when foreigners buy land, there is not even an inflow of capital. Much of the money will be borrowed locally. And they can do their business with their own banks.

Whatever foreign companies earn will be expatriated, and will result in outflow of capital. When the scheme is introduced wherein you can buy property in China and get one flat or house free in Malaysia, no profit will be made in Malaysia, therefore no taxes will be paid to the Malaysian Government.

Let all transactions be transpa­rent. Publish all documents about the investments, the number of workers, their home countries, the buyers, the banks which finance and all expatriation of funds. Do this honestly. No hiding.

So let the truly international Transparency International examine the exposed official documents. Let the people see the documents to prove their genuineness.

Looking East is not about asking the countries of the East to buy land in Malaysia, develop and sell to the people from these countries. Yes, we have encouraged foreigners to make Malaysia their second home. But their numbers are very small. Looking East is not about mass immigration of hundreds of thousands. It is about Malaysians learning about how these Eastern countries developed themselves.

It is easy to accuse me of being a racist. I have been called a Malay ultra before.

This labelling, this demonising actually exposes the lack of credible arguments against what I do or say. It reflects a fundamental lack of basis for the arguments against me.

This is a multiracial country. People of different ethnicity, language, religion, culture and even economic wellbeing have lived in this country in peace.

In many countries, even a slight difference in the interpretation of their common religion has resulted in violent conflicts and wars. But relatively speaking, Malaysia is stable and peaceful.

It is stable and peaceful because we accept each other as we are. During my 22 years as PM, there were no significant racial clashes. Differences, yes, but no violence. And the country grew.

Had I been a racist, my period would have seen turmoil and regression in this country.

You can dispute what I say. That is your democratic right.

I dare The Star to publish what I say in full. It is a measure of the Government fear of the truth that the mainstream media is strictly controlled.

I will accept this article being totally blacked-out because we are living in a kleptocratic country where truth is anathema, only to be whispered but never said aloud.

I am a Malaysian born in Kedah. Malaysia is my home and the object of my loyalty. If I have to be accused of lese majeste for what I say, so be it.




Johor Sultan ‘not interested’ in debate with Mahathir


“Malaysia is my home and the object of my loyalty. If I have to be accused of lese majeste for what I say, so be it.” – Tun Dr. Mahathir



Sultan slams former PM Mahathir over comments on

JOHOR BARU The Sultan of Johor has thrown a challenge to former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad: show Johor the big investors from the Arab countries, Australia or the US “instead of China bashing”.

Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar expressed his unhappiness that race had been used by some politicians to stir the emotions of Johoreans, saying that “this is a clear case of economic sabotage and racial instigating”.

“If investors wish to pump money into Johor Baru, do we say ‘no, no, if you are from China, you cannot come’.

“Is there such logic? Anyone in their right mind knows that Chinese investors are among the richest and most influential now.

“So why should there be a pro­blem? I welcome all investors,” Sultan Ibrahim said.

“Dr Mahathir thinks it is easy to play up race because these investors happen to be from China. This is utterly disgusting.”

Sultan Ibrahim said that Ma­lay­sian firms, with Chinese and Malay collaboration, would also benefit from the setting up of mainland Chinese companies here.

In an interview, he said Johor needed to aggressively promote itself to attract new businesses to the state.

“That is why I, too, have been going around to bring investors to the state.

“We need more countries to set up trade missions in Johor, similar to (what’s being done by) the go­vernment of British Columbia, Canada.

“British Columbia will open a new trade and investment repre­sentative’s office in JB by March. We cannot be choosy with whom we do business with.

“We have been successful in attracting Chinese companies, maybe we should also attract companies from India and other parts,” he said.

Sultan Ibrahim also cited the Ibrahim International Business District (IIBD) as a good project to propel the state forward.

Launched in November 2015, the IIBD is targeted at pushing Johor Baru to become a world city and metropolis by 2020.

The main component of the project, which covers 101ha, is the Coronation Square. It will include a medical suite, three blocks of service apartments, an office tower and a hotel building.

“The federal government must give special incentives and tax breaks to ensure the success of such projects, which will attract many foreign companies and talents to the state.

“We will also have the High Speed Rail project between Singapore and Bandar Malaysia in Kuala Lum­pur. These are exciting times for Johoreans.

“As custodian of my people, I know what is best for Johoreans,” he added. – THE STAR


21 Dec 2016

We must think of all grandchildren, ‘grandpa’ Kit Siang tells Nazri

Lim Kit Siang said he is thinking not only of his grandchildren, but those of all Malaysians.

On a sarcastic note, the DAP leader also thanked Nazri for being so solicitous over his welfare in suggesting that he should be caring for his grandchildren in his twillight years.

“But Nazri cannot be more wrong, for we should not just think of our grandchildren, but also about the grandchildren of all Malaysians.

“I call on all Malaysians, regardless of age, to transcend race, religion or region, to be solicitous of the national welfare and should involve themselves in ensuring that the country is a better place of our grandchildren and their children,” he added.

Lim also revealed he had posted Nazri’s suggestion on his Facebook, and the majority of commentators had urged him not to heed the minister’s advice.

On education, Lim said when he was in school, the nation’s education system, primary, secondary and tertiary, were among the best in the world.

“Today, Malaysia was caught cheating in the Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) 2015 causing Malaysia to be excluded in the Pisa 2015 rankings for mathematics, science and reading subjects although we had no difficulties when taking part in the PISA tests, regarded as world’s school report, in 2009 and 2012.

“For university education, we had fallen from top world-class standards to a level where we had to pick and choose university-rankings providers so as to ensure Malaysian universities are not excluded,” he added.

20 Dec 2016

Dr M explains why he’s not playing with his grandkids

Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad has explained the reason he is not doing the things expected of a nonagenarian.

This was after Tourism Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz earlier today said Mahathir and DAP leader Lim Kit Siang should just play with their grandchildren.

“Some people seem to be annoyed that a 90-plus man is not doing the natural thing for people of the age 90 ie rest, play with grandchildren and prepare for the next world.

“Yes, I am not doing the right thing for a 90-year-old. It is not always my choice.

“I am responding to the appeals by numerous groups of Malaysian people for me to do ‘something’,” Mahathir said in a blog posting.

Felt compelled

He said when Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak came to power, there were complaints from various groups who were displeased with either his economic policies, 1Malaysia slogan, foreign policy or even the phasing out of the New Economic Policy.

Mahathir said he conveyed these concerns to Najib but to no avail. Then came the 1MDB scandal.

“By then, I felt that something must be done to stop Najib. The country was losing lots of money.

“I informed Najib I could not support him any longer. Then I decided to resign from Umno.

“Now it is no longer about people urging me to do something. Now I feel a need to stop Najib from further damaging the country,” he added.

Take care of your grandkids, Nazri tells Dr M, Kit Siang

Anne Muhammad

Veteran politicians Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Lim Kit Siang should be caring for their grandchildren in their twilight years, according to Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz.

He said this in response to what he claimed was the tendency of the pair to shoot their mouths off.

“The attitude of Mahathir and Kit Siang is the same. They just say whatever that comes to mind even though they have not discussed with their own parties.

“This is what we call the nostalgia of old folks. Their time have passed, they should go back to care for their grandchildren,” he told reporters in Kuala Lumpur.

4h4 hours ago

Nazri likens Kit Siang to Dr Mahathir

December 20, 2016

Nazri Aziz says both Lim Kit Siang and Dr Mahathir often make decisions without consulting their party members.

KUALA LUMPUR: An Umno supreme council member likened Lim Kit Siang to Dr Mahathir Mohamad after the DAP supremo had said that Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail maybe appointed prime minister if the opposition won the general election.

In taking a swipe at Lim and Mahathir, Nazri Aziz said the DAP veteran was behaving just like Mahathir – making decisions without consulting others in the party.

“I think he (Lim) is also an old man who feels as if DAP belongs to his family.

“I do not think it was a decision made by his party members because the way I see it, many DAP MPs are not very comfortable with Mahathir,” he said after launching the Wayang Kulit exhibition held from today to Feb 28 at the National Museum here.

“It is quite usual for Mahathir and Kit Siang not to talk to their party members first,” Nazri said.


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