The Low Yat Plaza Riot

Low Yat Plaza: Time to clean it up?

It happened on 12 July 2015

Scene at Low Yat Plaza now (pix from colleagues)




Chronology: Riot


Low Yat: Three men fined for causing hurt to suspected thief

Fined RM1,800 each: Low Leong Seng, 29, Eric Chan Weng, 23, and Soo Weng Hing, 26. 



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“Violence in low Yat Plaza” low Yat Plaza fighting hurts qianba 3 3 clerk fined allegedly injured in the square riot man man today under the charges of wounding pleaded guilty and were each fined RM 1800, or two months in jail as an alternative. 3 accused Liu Liang, sheng, ailichenhesuyongxing (transliteration), was charged on July 11, before Mrs LAU Butterfly Plaza injured Amir Muhammad kerel, which has been accused of stealing cell phones not guilty shaluanhua Companion.
光华日报    Kwong Wah Yit Poh's photo.

Three men fined for causing hurt during brawl at Kuala Lumpur’s Low Yat Plaza

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Low Yat trio fined for causing hurt: KUALA LUMPUR: Three men who were at Low Yat Plaza when a brawl erupted fo…



Monday August 10, 2015 MYT 1:09:24 PM

Low Yat trio fined for causing hurt

KUALA LUMPUR: Three men who were at Low Yat Plaza when a brawl erupted following an alleged shoplifting incident, were fined RM1,800 each for causing hurt to Shahrul Anuar Abdul Aziz.

Magistrate Muhamad Faizal Ismail also jailed Low Leong Seng, 29, Eric Chan Weng, 23, and Soo Weng Hing, 26, who were jointly charged, for two months should they failed to pay the fine.

Magistrate Muhamad Faizal sentenced them after they admitted to the charge.

On July 14, Shahrul claimed trial to stealing a Lenovo S860 smartphone, valued at RM800, from a shop at the plaza on July 11.

3 smartphone salesmen fined for beating alleged Plaza thief

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July 20, 2015

KUALA LUMPUR — The people who bashed the suspect who stole a mobile phone that led to the brawl at a mall in Kuala Lumpur should be prosecuted to avoid “anxiety among Malay grassroots”, Utusan Melayu, a newspaper owned by United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) said yesterday.

At the same time, the paper’s editors writing under the collective pseudonym, Awang Selamat, warned that the mall, Low Yat Plaza, is a “bomb waiting to explode” if the authorities do not tackle the purported counterfeiting, gangsterism and corruption that is associated with the traders there.

Mob violence broke out among some 200 people who had gathered at Low Yat Plaza on July 12. “Conduct investigations especially into the symptoms of gangsterism and corruption. Expose and arrest anyone involved even if they are holding high positions,” the editors wrote. “If drastic action is not taken, Low Yat Plaza will remain a bomb waiting to explode.”

Opposition Democratic Action Party’s (DAP) Lim Kit Siang yesterday voiced rare agreement with Utusan Malaysia in its claim of the continued risks of unrest over unresolved resentment following last week’s Low Yat Plaza riots. The lawmaker said the lingering threat was not limited to the vicinity of the shopping mall.

“I say it is not just Low Yat Plaza, but the whole of Malaysia is a time bomb waiting to explode if race hatred, religious tolerance, breakdown of rule of law and the collapse of good governance are not resolved urgently,” he said.

Malay Mail Online

Vendors involved in Low Yat brawl no longer in mall


KUALA LUMPUR, July 20 — The sales personnel involved in the alleged theft incident and subsequent fracas that led to riots outside Low Yat Plaza on July 12 are no longer working at the shopping mall.

The mobile phone seller who attended to a youth who has since been charged with stealing a smartphone, is said to have gone on a long vacation.

Elsewhere, the entire staff of the Oppo mobile phone store that was vandalised has also been moved to outlets in other malls.

Johnson Chan, 24, who was manning the Digi kiosk on the first floor of the plaza, said his colleague took the opportunity to go on a break during the festive break as the latter has not done so in a long time.

“We are not afraid because this was an isolated incident,” he told Malay Mail Online, saying that theft cases were usually handled without commotion.

On a visit to the Oppo outlet, Malay Mail Online was informed by the current staff members that they were all brought in from other outlets to replace the previous workers.

“We don’t know what happened to the old staff, but we were all transferred from elsewhere and we only started work on Thursday.

– See more at:

Police report leak results in harassment

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Jul 15, 2015

By Barathi Selvam

Police report leak results in harassment

A trader in Low Yat Plaza has complained to the police over the leaking of his previous police report on a phone theft. According to person’s police report lodged at the Jalan Tun HS Lee police station today, the leak had resulted in his identity card number, house address and phone number being made public.

Selangor Gerakan Youth secretary Chai Ko Thing, who accompanied See to the police station, told reporters that subsequent to this, the complainant had suffered severe harassment.

“Since the incident, The person has been receiving threats resulting in him being unable to show up for work out of fear,” said Chai. Chai said the identity of complainants must be protected or else the public would not feel safe when making police reports.

Moreover, he said this was a matter of police professionalism.

The trader was among two complainants in a widely circulated police report which documented the theft of a mobile phone from Low Yat Plaza on Saturday.

Chronology: Riot

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Low Yat violence a result of National Civics Bureau indoctrination and hard times: Nurul Izzah

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July 15, 2015 KUALA LUMPUR — The racially-charged weekend riot at Low Yat Plaza that broke out over a handphone is symptomatic of the ethnic distrust among Malaysians created by the government’s National Civics Bureau (BTN), PKR’s Nurul Izzah Anwar said.

The PKR vice-president said the ongoing economic uncertainty could have also exacerbated the situation, noting that many of those who rioted had believed unsubstantiated rumours that the handphone seller, a Chinese, had attempted to rip off his Malay customer with a counterfeit product.

“Organised propaganda gets immersed in everyday reality. Training programmes like BTN then marries into the everyday reality faced by the average Malay, the low-income group people where you feel victimised because of your situation in life.”

“You add in unemployment, poor job prospects…. these people then become vulnerable to such racial rhetoric of distrust spewed by BTN, and they act out on it,” she told Malay Mail Online in a recent interview.

Teacher Noorul Aaron of SMK Taman Setiawangsa writes an Open Letter to Jimmy,ex-student, who was involved in the incident.

Dear my boy Jimmy, This is your teacher writing to you knowing that you wouldn’t get the chance reading this. The fact you will face justice in the harshest reality crushed my heart. I spoke to your little brother this morning. We talked about you. About your family. I wish I could wipe his tears away. But we managed to hold back our feelings.

You are ever so stupid, Jimmy. Shallow and unprepared as always. You haven’t changed a bit. And because of that, I know how strong your sense of loyalty is. It might be just because of a story of a stupid handphone, from a stupid friend of yours, you jeopardize everyone’s life and happiness. Just like what my RM10 birthday gift did to you. Just because of that, you became such a loyal student, following my orders to keep your cool at school but after that, you always landed yourself at the wrong place, wrong time and with the wrong crowd. That broke my heart. I couldn’t imagine how shattered your mum’s heart now. She has been crying a whole lot, not knowing what to do thinking about her son she would soon lose. I prayed for you a lot tonight. May Allah bring you closer to Him. Let this be a lesson, a turning point in your life. Whatever punishment you will receive, I pray that Allah will purify your soul and turn you to be the best caliph He can make of a man. Half of the whole world will hate you now. The other half will use you to their benefits. But your teacher here will pray for you and hope Allah will grant my prayers. InsyaAllah, Jimmy. InsyaAllah.

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Caused panic among vendors and closing one after another …

traders still ‘spooked’

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… KUALA LUMPUR: Around 30 traders from Plaza Low Yat were brought to the Dang Wangi police station today to have their statements recorded in connection with Sunday’s brawl at the mall. Plainclothes policemen arrived at the mall at 4.30pm today to escort the traders to the station in police trucks. … The traders, obviously spooked, promptly pulled down their shop’s shutters. They only resumed business around 30 minutes after the police left.

Four retailers arrested for rioting during brawl at KL’s Low Yat Plaza

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… Star

Tuesday July 14, 2015 MYT 6:15:10 PM

Low Yat brawl: Four retailers arrested for rioting

PETALING JAYA: Four handphone salesmen have been arrested by police in connection to the riot that broke out at Low Yat Plaza Sunday, with 30 others brought in to assist investigations. KL CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Zainuddin Ahmad said the 30 were brought in to identify some of the assailants in the riot Sunday night “Four other retailers were arrested to facilitate investigations into a riot incident,” he said. … The arrival of the police to pick up the 30 people caused a minor panic at the mall. According to witnesses, police started picking up workers from various stores, forcing some to close as there were no workers there to man them. Curious shoppers started to gather at the concourse area and as a huge crowd gathered, panicked traders on the upper floors also closed their shops.


BB riots: Cops call for witnesses |

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… The Kuala Lumpur police have urged witnesses of the riot that took place in the Bukit Bintang and Jalan Davis area last night to come forward. Kuala Lumpur CID chief Zainuddin Ahmad said the help of witnesses were needed for investigations into the incident which left at least five people injured. “The cases are still under investigation. Any independent witnesses should come forward and help the police in this matter,” he told reporters after making his rounds near Low Yat Plaza this evening. — Malaysiakini 1:39PM Jul 13, 2015

By Zulaikha Zulkifli

Pekida not ordered to go to Low Yat, says chief

The group Pertubuhan Kebajikan Dakwah Islamiah (Pekida) had never issued any official orders for its members to gather at Low Yat Plaza in Bukit Bintang last night, said its president Jamaludin Yusuf. Instead, he said the gathering last night was the action of certain individuals acting on their own, and the gathering had involved Pekida members as well other NGOs and individuals. He appealed to Pekida members to behave themselves to avoid any untoward incidents, and not to engage in any kind of provocation. “There was no official order. We did not manage to issue a statement in time and they had already gone (to Low Yat Plaza). In addition, I live in Kedah, but some people had informed me from Kuala Lumpur. So it was hard to take action in such a situation. “Pekida will monitor the situation. I hope those involved would control themselves so that the situation does not become chaotic,” he told Malaysiakini when contacted. Jamaludin said Pekida would also cooperate with security forces to ensure that the situation does not escalate. “If there is a fight, it only takes a moment. But reconciliation would take years. I hope those involved would control themselves. “We will contain the situation. If thing get out of hand and people don’t obey the security forces, Pekida will take action together with the security forces,” he added.

Police: ‘No evidence man cheated by Low Yat trader’

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… Police today reiterated that there is currently no evidence suggesting that a man arrested for theft at Low Yat Plaza had been cheated by trader. “So far our investigation does not show that (he was cheated). But if it arises we will investigate. “The facts that we have show that is a theft case,” Kuala Lumpur police chief Tajudin Md Isa said.

Bukit Bintang is safe for all, police declare

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… There is enough police presence in the Bukit Bintang area, especially in Low Yat Plaza, and so all shops should be allowed to be opened, police said today. Bukit Bintang is therefore safe for all, tourists and locals alike, police ensured today. “There is heavy police presence and we are allowing all shops to open. It is safe, I can say that with confidence,” Kuala Lumpur police chief Tajudin Md Isa said.

Tajuddin said the police were aware that several provocative messages were being circulated on social media that carried a racial tone. “We are also keeping a close eye on these Facebook pages and groups and will take action if [they are] found to be spreading or promoting such messages,” the policeman said.

Malay Mail Online

City top cop may open sedition probe on Low Yat brawlers after race card flashed


KUALA LUMPUR, July 13 — Police are currently investigating the incident that sparked several clashes at Low Yat Plaza yesterday as theft but are considering a new file on sedition after several groups involved in the melee flashed the race card. City police chief Datuk Tajuddin Md Isa said the ongoing probe was under Section 379 for theft but said his men were keeping a close watch on social media and will take action against those who incite further protests or riots outside the popular gadget mall in Kuala Lumpur’s busy golden triangle. “We are only investigating the case for theft as of now, but we are also going to look into the possibility of sedition since many were uttering racially-toned remarks yesterday,” he told Malay Mail Online when contacted today. “But as of now, it is only for theft,” he said.

Full probe in brawl needed, says MP

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KUALA LUMPUR: Police must carry out thorough and detailed investigation into the fracas near Low Yat Plaza to avoid further incidents said Bukit Bintang Member of Parliament Fong Kui Lun. He said police must act swiftly as the area is within the Klang Valley’s ‘golden-triangle’, a major tourist attraction in the vicinity. “I hope the police will beef-up the security within the premises to ensure no more untoward incidents will take place again.

Public barred from certain areas in

Embedded image permalink

… KUALA LUMPUR: Several areas in Bukit Bintang are off-limit for members of the public, despite normalcy returning following an early morning fracas today. …

Parts of KL ‘locked down’ after mob violence

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KUALA LUMPUR: Several areas in the city were in lock-down following mob violence which saw at least four people, including three media personnel, injured just after midnight today. There was visible and strong police presence in the city, especially around Bukit Bintang area where the incident occurred. Police teams were also deployed to man roadblocks citywide, an effort to screen and control who goes into the city to prevent the situation from escalating. The New Straits Times’ team in Bukit Bintang saw hundreds of policemen, including Federal Reserve Unit personnel in full gear, deployed to control the situation there. Mobile Patrol Vehicle (MPV) and Motorcycle Patrol units were seen around the popular tourist area, ordering crowds there to disperse. They included youths who were gathered in groups at restaurants, claiming that they were only having their meals. In one incident at about 3,30am, five youths in their early 20s were handcuffed when they failed to follow police order to disperse from an eatery behind the Berjaya Times Square shopping centre here. Police released the group about 15 minutes later with a warning and after taking down their particulars. The police teams, who went on patrol in large groups, were also seen ordering motorcyclists and motorists who gathered along Jalan Imbi here to leave the area. At 4am, four men in a car were stopped by a group of people at Jalan Imbi during a traffic jam at the road towards Pandan Roundabout. A policeman at the scene said the mob started attacking the victims when they noticed one of the men taking pictures. The policeman was also injured when he tried to stop one of the attackers who was armed with a broken bottle.

Strong police presence around KL after mob violence

At least 3 injured near

Fresh scuffles after midnight at Kuala Lumpur’s Low Yat Plaza; 5 hurt, 3 arrested

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theft case solved, says police

Published on Jul 11, 2015

A melee erupted between thugs and sales people in a smartphone shop at Low Yat Plaza after a group of youth returned to take revenge against the retailers who caught them shoplifting on Saturday. 3h3 hours ago

[VIDEO] Polis arah orang ramai yang berlegar di sekitar Bukit Bintang beredar.

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Keadaan di Jalan Bukit Bintang. Pix Apit

Police seal off access to Low Yat Plaza

Embedded image permalink

— Star

Monday July 13, 2015 MYT 2:28:25 AM

Five injured in mob attack at Low Yat Plaza

KUALA LUMPUR: Five people were injured, three believed to be journalists, in a mob attack near Low Yat Plaza after police dispersed protesters at the shopping mall. An eyewitness said a group of 50 to 60 men barged into a food outlet near the shopping mall and assaulted the patrons with motorcycle helmets at around midnight. Among those believed to have been targeted was a media photographer. A journalist who tried to protect the photographer was also beaten up. According to the reporter, a group of people shielded the two journalists from the angry mob. The two later sought shelter in a nearby hotel. At press time, it is believed that the police have detained six individuals involved in the mob attack. Two Federal Reserve Unit vehicles were deployed to the scene at 1am. There were also sounds of explosions heard at the scene. Police have cordoned off the main road entrance to the shopping complex. — Star

Monday July 13, 2015 MYT 12:45:23 AM

Cops: Three arrested for theft in Low Yat Plaza

PETALING JAYA: Police have arrested four individuals on Sunday aged between 22 and 25, three of them in relation to a theft case in Low Yat Plaza Saturday. “Three were arrested in connection with theft,” said Kuala Lumpur CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Zainuddin Ahmad. He said one individual was arrested for provocative behaviour at a protest outside the shopping mall Sunday night. Another four individuals will be picked up to assist in investigations. PEKIDA an intricate network of gangs and NGOs?

Polis akan ambil tindakan terhadap kedua-dua pihak yang bergaduh. Selanjutnya di

Embedded image permalink

Sunday 12 July 2015

KUALA LUMPUR (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – Another disturbance broke out in Low Yat Plaza following Saturday’s (July 11) melee between thugs and sales clerks in a smartphone shop. On Sunday night, a group gathered at the plaza in an apparent continuation of Saturday’s fiasco. The group numbering about 100, believed to have been led by Malay-Muslim group Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Dakwah Islamiah Se-Malaysia (Pekida), gathered near the mall by around 6.30pm. Police were already on standby in front of the shopping mall by then. “We want to get proper justice,” said a member of the group who identified himself as an “Ayahanda” in the national Pekida level. “We will provide a lawyer to uphold justice,” he said, adding that they were there “only to protest”. At around 8.35pm, the group entered the mall but police managed to bring them out again. The mall was cordoned off by police at about 9pm. The group had gathered to protest what they claimed was “biased investigations” by the police. At about 10pm, the situation had subsided and the crowd had dispersed.

Scene at Low Yat Plaza now (pix from colleagues)


12 July 2015 After videos of the brawl made its way to the internet, online debates on this matter has been highly polarised because the mall staff are mostly Chinese while the seven youths were all Malays. Some claim that the Malays were taking revenge on behalf of their friend who was cheated. However, the police have confirmed that there was an element of theft involved.

IGP: No riots, everything under control |

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Inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar has assured that there were no riots following the brawl at Low Yat Plaza yesterday. “I assure that the situation is calm and under control. There are no fights or riots. Don’t believe rumours. Police are in control. “The police have arrested some of those involved in the brawl last night and we are identifying the rest. Let us do our jobs. “The police will take action against both parties involved in the brawl. This has nothing to do with race, but two groups who were fighting,” said Khalid in a series of three tweets. Khalid’s series of tweets were made following the conclusion of a gathering by about 200 people, purportedly representing Malay NGOs, at Low Yat Plaza this evening. It is understood that the gathering was a response to the brawl and “one-sided” investigations, as claimed by the group. … Details are sketchy, but at the time of writing, four people have been arrested in connection to the brawl.

mbjandaBAIK retweeted Philip Golingai

“..led by ..Pekida.. “We want to get proper justice,”..”

mbjandaBAIK added,

Police cordon off Low Yat Plaza |

Embedded image permalink

Police have cordoned off Low Yat Plaza after about 200 people gathered in front of the building in reaction to a brawl which occured inside the building yesterday. The group, who claims to represent Malay NGOs such as Persatuan Kebajikan Islam dan Dakwah Islamiah (Pekida), had tried to enter the main entrance of the building at about 8.35pm, but were stopped from doing so. Video evidence shared on social media suggest that those from this group who made it into the mall were taken away by the police. Low Yat Plaza was shuttered by about 9pm. Police eventually cordoned off the area with yellow tape to prevent the group from gathering. — Malaysian Insider

Large crowd gathering outside Low Yat Plaza after melee on Saturday

Sunday July 12, 2015 MYT 8:04:55 PM

Oppo store closed after fight

The Oppo store where the fight broke out in the Low Yat Plaza shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday night, has been closed and the staff involved is injured.

Susulan kes tujuh lelaki serang kedai telefon di Low Yat, pemilik tampil buat laporan polis

Embedded image permalink

— Star

Sunday July 12, 2015 MYT 1:58:37 PM

Nothing racial in Low Yat Plaza melee but thuggery, say police

PETALING JAYA: The melee that took place in Low Yat Plaza on Saturday is not a racial issue but one started by a shoplifting incident, said police. Kuala Lumpur CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Zainuddin Ahmad said the incident spiralled out of control when seven men returned to take revenge on the shop assistant who caught the alleged shoplifter. “It has nothing to do with racial sentiments. It’s between the customer and the shop assistants,” he said adding that people should not spread rumours. SAC Zainuddin said a 22-year-old man, believed to be among seven people who went smashing things in the shop, has been detained.

MCA YOUTH wants us to stick our head in the sand and ignore the incident. Star

Sunday July 12, 2015 MYT 1:42:38 PM

MCA Youth urges people not to discuss Low Yat Plaza melee

IPOH: MCA Youth has advised people not to spread videos of Saturday’s melee at Low Yat Plaza as it could cause racial tension. Its chief, Chong Sin Woon, said videos of the incident, where a group of men went to a shop at the mall smashing electronic goods, from several perspectives had been published on social media. He said people should not pass judgment and comments over the incident. “One side is blaming the other and urging people to boycott the shop,” Chong said after opening the Perak MCA Youth annual general meeting here on Sunday. “The videos could spread hatred and create racial tension among the people,” he added. He called on the police to act swiftly. Chong said such incidents could spread fast on social media.

Security guards and a police officer were seen standing a few metres away while the fight went on. The thugs shouted at them when they tried to subdue them.

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[UPDATE]: Low Yat Plaza pandemonium: Suspect ran amok after being cheated by trader – Police

Embedded image permalink

KUALA LUMPUR: A pandemonium broke out at Low Yat Plaza when seven men ran amok after a friend of theirs was apprehended  for allegedly stealing a mobile phone, in Jalan Bukit Bintang here last night. In the 7.50pm incident, the men were said to have gone berserk when they started beating several shop attendants at a phone shop. It was believed that the man was taken in by the plaza’s security guard who then handed him to the police. Some of his friends who were upset with his arrest retaliated and started taking matters into their own hands. The New Straits Times online reported that City police Criminal Investigation Department Chief Datuk Zainuddin Ahmad said one of the men, aged 22, for causing ruckus, while manhunt for the rest is being carried out. … Zainuddin when contacted by Astro AWANI said that police has urged Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry to investigate the suspect who was allegedly cheated by a trader. “Investigation is being conducted from products and sales processes as the suspects claimed that they were cheated by the trader. Since there was fraud involved, we urged KPDNKK to also probe into the case,” he said.

Low Yat Plaza mayhem as 7 men run amok

By Hariz Mohd – 12 July 2015 @ 2:21 AM

KUALA LUMPUR: Seven men ran amok at Low Yat Plaza in Bukit Bintang, here, last night after their friend was nabbed for allegedly stealing a cellular phone. The 7.50pm incident saw several workers of a phone shop there were beaten up by the group. The men also damaged many products and equipment at the store. City police Criminal Investigation Department chief Datuk Zainuddin Ahmad said police have arrested one of the men, aged 22, for rioting, while manhunt for the rest is being conducted. “Initial investigation revealed that the incident transpired following the arrest of a suspected thief. “The man was nabbed by the plaza’s security guard, who then handed him to police. ” A friend of the suspect was upset with his arrest, and called for the others to retaliate,” he said. He said the amount of losses was estimated to be around RM70,000.


Sunday July 12, 2015 MYT 8:18:35 AM

Melee in Low Yat Plaza

KUALA LUMPUR: A melee erupted between thugs and sales clerks in a smartphone shop at Low Yat Plaza after a group of youth returned to take revenge against the retailers who caught them shoplifting earlier on Saturday. The scuffle was caught on a video that had gone viral on social media. The 7.50pm commotion also brought the popular tech shopping mall to a standstill. Kuala Lumpur CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Zainuddin Ahmad said police arrested a 22-year-old man who was believed to be one of the thugs. Police are also hunting the remaining six men who smashed up RM70,000 worth of electronics. The commotion began earlier in the day when the mall’s security guard caught one of the thugs shoplifting in the smartphone store and turned him over to the police. “His friend was not happy and called other people to go to the shop to damage products,” he told reporters. The thugs entered the shop at 7.50pm and began smashing the glass display, flipping over cabinets and smashing phones and other electronic product. The sales clerks in the store tried to stop them and it resulted in an all-out brawl on the ground floor of the shopping mall. Security guards and a police officer were seen standing a few metres away while the fight went on. The thugs shouted at them when they tried to subdue them.


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27 Responses to The Low Yat Plaza Riot

  1. Anti cheat says:

    Is it because the shop sold fake parts at genuine price? Too much cheating going on there

  2. Anti,cheat says:

    After reading the news it’s not a cheat case but a thug case. Apologis for earlier comment

  3. The Truth says:

    they sell fake items but claiming it was original, the so called “thug” dude going back home and found out it wasn’t original after being told by his friend, he then went back to the shop to ask for the original one but the salesman don’t want to give him, so the “thug” just take the original item just like that and leave the fake items yet the salesman scream that the “thug” is stealing from him, the salesman even make a police report for that end up the “thug” being caught. But the “thug” was released later when he showed the purchasing proof (resit). He the “thug” then make a comeback with his friend to revenge on that salesman, he kick his a**, but then other sellers in that building mostly chinese help that poor salesman. The “thug” and his friend were chased out from the building (Plaza Low Yat). Because of that they later bring up more friends to seek for “justice”, or to avenge their poor “thugs” friends.

    • Wave33 says:

      Taking the law into your own hands. Which school did you go to?

      • Lim Ah says:

        Report police ? It was wasting a time, police will do nothing… to much cheating at lowyat and they deserve it.

    • Fair man says:

      Next time with your receipt and goods go and make a police report not create a fight. Justice can only be served through the law.

  4. Devon Lee says:

    The Truth

    I guess you can riot and bash up dealer’s store when you are allegedly cheated?
    ‘Great’ conduct

    If you have the receipt and the so-called fake goods, you have more than a strong case against the salesman. But no, you have to go in and forcefully exchange the items and then got caught. Followed by bashing up people and wrecking the store.

    Receipt and proof at hand, ever heard of police report or to the consumer right’s body?
    Who are you kidding?

    • Jennifer says:

      Well said Devon Lee!

    • Lim Ah says:

      salesman denied having committed fraud and a provocation to the buyer because they perceive themselves as yakuza lol.
      So they deserve such punishment

      • Wave33 says:

        Ah Lim still talking about old lies and accusation without basis. IGP already said, no cheating involves. Only Grand Theft Robber happened. What are you trying to provoke? Please your comment is very negative in nature.

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  6. an says:

    All the Chinese store in plaza low Yat are selling fake smart phone all Chinese there is one group gang if you refuse to buy the item you’ll be dead..

    • Wave33 says:

      Can you prove it and make a polis reports on it. In the same time, can you report about Malay selling fake perfume in Chow Kit and Indian selling fake thumbdrive in pasar malam. Don’t forget to make polis report on Rohingya selling fake handbag in Petaling Street. What are you trying to incite about? Batang Kali gang or Mat Rempit gang?

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  8. anti-fake says:

    We have to take serious action for fake products ….. tutup premises yg jual fake products.

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