R Sri Sanjeevan, MyWatch Chief: Still doing his job despite death threats (2)

R Sri Sanjeevan, MyWatch Chief: Still doing his job despite death threats (1)

13 July 2018


So, Who Paid For S E Asia’s Top Cops To Attend Fuzi’s Daughter’s Wedding?

In the light of paperwork viewed by Sarawak Report it behoves Malaysia’s Inspector General of Police (IGP) to make a clear statement as to just who agreed to pay for the attendance of a swathe of Asia’s top cops invited to his daughter’s wedding on July 1st?

The wedding itself was by various accounts lavish, but perhaps a career at the top of  Special Branch and the Royal Malaysia Police Force enables sufficient savings to be made.

What is provoking questions is a series of invitations that are understood to have been sent out to several of the IGP’s most senior counterparts in South East Asia from his official headquarters in Bukit Aman.

Sent on the 6th April (a month before the election) the email is entitled “Wedding Reception of the Honourable IGP’s Daughter” and begins with the words “Greetings From The Royal Malaysia Police”.  It then goes on to extend the invitation from Fuzi and his wife to the various high ranking police officers to the event being held at the One World Hotel in Banda Utama.


Who paid?

Plainly, it is unusual and outside the normal rules for official staff (the Chief of International Relations, IGP’s Secretariat, Goh Boon Keng, signed off the letter)  to be employed to extend such invitations to a private family event.

However, the correspondence appears to have gone further still in that it states that “we” will provide Business Class return tickets for the police chief and his spouse, as well as a night in the swanky hotel.

Given that the sender of the letter is the Royal Malaysia Police there is a strong implication that the police force and not its boss would be footing the bill. This would appear to be an extremely poor example to be setting for people lower in the ranks in terms of misdirecting funds.

So can IGP Fuzi, detail how many top foreign cops were invited to this family wedding; how many attended; how much each cost to entertain and who paid?  Naturally, proof of payments should also be made public.  We hope it was a happy wedding.

zzzsa.jpgLavish event



Dogs, jackals and vultures scent blood! They hope to bring down MyWatch Chairman, R Sri Sanjeevan, over the BMW8 and BMW11 number plates.

His answer?

R. Sri Sanjeevan @SanjeevanSS • 22h 22 hours ago
No one can question me for spending my hard earned money but everyone can question if public fund is being wasted – 2 different scenarios.

Sanjeevan: What’s wrong, BMW plate from own pocket Crimebuster says critics should question civil servants who…

Anti-crime NGO MyWatch’s chairperson R Sri Sanjeevan has defended the barrage of criticism he has been receiving since he was revealed to have purchased two BMW number plates for a sum of RM340,000 recently.

Sanjeevan, known for his vocal criticism of the police force, admitted on Twitter to owning the two numbers, BMW8 and BMW11, as listed in a photograph that has gone viral in the social media.

Sanjeevan shot back at his critics saying no one should question him for spending his own hard earned money, and should instead question “public funds being wasted”.

“I’ve been hearing so much of criticisms over the past 48 hours, but all have forgotten to think that at least I contributed to the government, and the money goes back to the public,” he tweeted yesterday.

He also questioned how two unnamed civil servants won the bid for BMW1 and BMW2 number plates respectively without paying any money and with no bid submitted.

“I’m a good citizen because I contributed my halal earnings to the government, but what about those people who are taking it for free? (That’s a) loss of revenue, right?” he tweeted again.

Three other unnamed civil servants won the bid for BMW7, BMW9 and BMW10 with zero amount submitted as bids, according to the listing in the photograph.




Who the hell is this sanjeevan? Walk me through this please. Come on. Try me.


so, who the hell is Sanjeevan who just bought two car plates starting BMW one shot. i mean, dato lee chong wei just bought one for RM97,777


Imagine if Sanjeevan puts them BMW plates on them new Proton and Perodua soap boxes


Alahai Sanjeevan ni just 3 days younger than me? And he can afford 165k for a number. I can’t save enough for a gaming rig.

Damn..Sanjeevan‘s my age and he’s spending 100k+ on car plates..Wonder what does he do.


Who cares.Want info on 1, 2, 7, 9 & 10 RT : lol well played Sanjeevan ..well played for the BMW numberplate


: this is why i respect sanjeevan other than his braveness!” No fear towards anything & anyone bro!

: Too used to all types of wild attacks bro – anyway thanks for your kind words bro :)” you earn it, you spend it!

: ignore de trolls n macai. As usual use lame personal attacks.” So used to it already! Haha


: we know you personally & closely know how hard you work for yourself, family & society. We love you. So don’t bother!!” Thanks 🙂


: indeed!! Haters gonna keep hating anyway ” Haha do I care? :p


The Rakyat Post @TheRakyatPost • 2h 2 hours ago
MyWatch chairman pays RM340,000 for two BMW plates – The Rakyat Post http://fb.me/380Si4mE1
MyWatch chairman pays RM340,000 for two BMW plates


A picture of the list of bidders for the BMW plates which has been making the rounds on the Internet. The Road Transport Department was not available today to confirm this list.

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 4, 2014:
The tender list for the coveted “BMW” number plate is making waves with one number fetching a sum as high as RM188,000.

On the top of the list were names of royals, Datuk Lee Chong Wei and MyWatch chairman R. Sri Sanjeevan. Lee spent RM97,777 on BMW6 while Sanjeevan spent RM174,776 and RM165,000 on BMW8 and BMW11 respectively.

Sanjeevan, who is a PKR member, received the brunt of criticism due to his role in MyWatch and politics.

Some comments that appeared on Facebook were as follows:
Firdaus Azil said: “Well played Sri Sanjeevan. The guy who talks too much about cost of living. That’s why I don’t trust politicians.”

Kimmy Rai commented: “Didn’t know i can earn so much money from being a MYWATCH chairman … wow … tomorrow im gonna register a YOUWATCH and be the chairman so i can afford 300K+ plate numbers.”

Sanjeevan told The Rakyat Post that the purchases were made as an “investment”.

“There is nothing wrong using my hard-earned money to invest on something I feel is worthwhile. If I sell it off tomorrow, it will be at a higher price.

“People know me as the chairman of MyWatch, but that doesn’t mean I’m being paid there. That is an NGO (non-governmental organisation).”

He explained that using personal money and wasting public funds were two different things, stressing that he ran his own business and had other sources of income.


Free Malaysia Today

Sanjeevan emerges stronger after shooting

September 13, 2014

MyWatch chairman says more participation in whistleblowing needed to fight crime and corruption.


KAJANG: Malaysian Crime Watch Task Force chairman (MyWatch) R Sanjeevan says he is more determined than ever to fight crime and corruption and will continue to work with the police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) despite being shot at point-blank range last year.

He said crime and corruption were issues that required a vocal and independent organisation that did not take sides like MyWatch.

Sanjeevan admits that there are people out there trying to stop him from doing his work.

“I’m prepared for whatever they are going to throw at me. They might charge me under the Official Secrets Act or the Sedition Act, but we are operating within the law.

“We would like to work with law enforcement agencies especially the police and already have an agreement with the MACC for a future initiative.

Sanjeevan said although he was vocal about current IGP Khalid Abu Bakar, due credit had to be given to him for his energy and initiatives in improving the police force.



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