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6 January 2018

Buck naked biker taken to hospital for treatment

by ivan loh

TELUK INTAN: The motorcyclist who went for a joyride in the nude here has been taken to a hospital for treatment.

Hilir Perak OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Marzhuki Mohd Mokhtar said the man, in his 30s, was brought to the hospital by his family.

“After receiving information about the matter at 5pm yesterday (Jan 5), we went to look for the man and found him with his family.

“He is mentally unsound and has a record with the hospital,” he said.

“We will investigate the matter under Section 14 of the Minor Offences Act for insulting behaviour,” he added.


5 January 2018



3h3 hours ago

Sementara org sibuk pulang dr solat jumaat, terjumpa pula mahkluk ni. 😅 Lokasi – Pekan Teluk Intan



Nude motorcyclist seen riding around Teluk Intan

Friday, 5 Jan 2018



TELUK INTAN: An unidentified man has taken the term “bareback riding” a little too far, as he was spotted riding around town here completely nude.

Several videos of the naked man on the motorcycle have gone viral on social media.

At least two clips are making their rounds on Facebook, with another eight-second clip being circulated on WhatsApp.

The incident is believed to have occurred on Friday afternoon, with a video appearing as early as 1pm.

Wearing nothing but a pair of slippers, the man looks calm and indifferent to stares as he rides into the town centre.


28 March 2017


Naked man rescued from ledge of high-rise building

PETALING JAYA: A naked man was rescued by the Fire and Rescue Department after dangerously pacing along the ledge of a high-rise building.

During the incident which took place at 3pm on Monday, the man, believed to be a mentally-ill foreign national, was successfully coaxed by Fire and Rescue personnel from allegedly attempting suicide at a condominium in Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur.

The man, who was stark naked, was seen walking back and forth along the 14th floor ledge of the condominium while onlookers watched from below.

He was handed over to police after he was rescued.


22 March 2017


Not quite nude….

He stripped down to the ‘bare essentials’ to escape cops


IPOH: A 26-year-old suspect was recaptured two hours after he escaped from police custody at the court complex here on Tuesday.

Ipoh OCPD Asst Comm Sum Chang Keong said that A. Kaliswaran had escaped after he was charged with possessing stolen items and failing to produce a MyKad.

ACP Sum said that Kaliswaran was handcuffed with 22 other detainees when he escaped.

“All 23 were being escorted from the court lockup to a police truck to be sent to the Taiping prison when the incident happened at about 4.45pm,” he said.

ACP Sum added that Kaliswaran managed to free himself and then rammed into three police officers before climbing over the fence and running into bushes near the Ipoh railway station.

He added that the suspect was being brought back to jail as he was unable to afford the RM4,000 bail set by the court.

ACP Sum also said that police are still investigating why he was in a river near the courthouse and refused to comment if the suspect was only wearing his underwear when caught as a photo purporting to be of the suspect in his underwear has gone viral on social media.



13m13 minutes ago

OKT lari lokap diberkas semula
Oleh Farah Suhaidah Othman
IPOH: Seorang tertuduh satu kes jenayah melarikan diri ketika dibawa keluar dari lokap Mahkamah Ipoh, pada jam 4.45 petang semalam, namun berjaya ditahan semula dua jam selepas itu.
Ketua Polis Daerah Ipoh, Asisten Komisioner Sum Chang Keong, berkata lelaki berusia 26 tahun itu berjaya ditahan semula selepas Ops Tutup dijalankan polis di sekitar daerah itu.
Katanya, lelaki itu berjaya dikesan polis ketika sedang bersembunyi di dalam sungai di Silibin sebelum anggota mengepung dan menahannya.Selanjutnya di :

6 March 2017


3h3 hours ago

Cops confirm nude ‘exercising’ woman is from Vietnam


PETALING JAYA: The naked woman seen walking around shops in SS3 here last Friday has been identified as Fun Hau, who hails from Vietnam.

When contacted, Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Zani Che Din said that the 30-year-old woman was picked up by police on patrol in the area.

“A patrol car got word of the naked woman at about 1.30pm on Friday. She was then picked up and sent to the Sungai Way police station, where a report was made.

“She was then sent to the University Malaya Medical Centre,” he said.


2h2 hours ago

Naked woman on walkabout stuns Petaling Jaya neighbourhood

KUALA LUMPUR: A video clip, showing a woman walking stark naked in a Petaling Jaya neighbourhood in broad daylight, has gone viral on social media.

The 45-second clip, which appears to have been recorded from a mobile phone, showed the barefooted woman walking naked along the street as cars and people passed by.

It is learnt that the incident happened last Friday at Jalan SS3/29, Taman Universiti, Petaling Jaya.


4m4 minutes ago

Video of naked woman seen ‘exercising’ in PJ goes viral


PETALING JAYA: A 45-second video of a naked woman taking a walk around the shops near a residential area here is going viral.

The video making its round on WhatsApp shows a woman walking barefoot, as if she were exercising, beneath the hot sun as children in school uniform and cars pass by.

A group of men in a car workshop are heard exclaiming “she’s crazy” and “she walked a few rounds already” in Cantonese.

A check by The Star Online found that the incident happened around noon last Friday in Jalan SS3/29, Taman Universiti, here.

The woman is believed to be in her 20s.

“She took off her clothes at the back alley and started walking around our workshop naked,” said mechanic Ray Leong, 25.

He said the woman did not appear to be sober and walked two or three times around the workshop.

“Many people tried to help her and we even gave her a blanket to cover herself,” he said.

Mechanic Phuah Jia Chia, 40, tried talking to the woman but said he had difficulty understanding what she was saying.

“She only spoke in Mandarin but it was incoherent. She said she was from Vietnam but I could not really understand her,” he said.



2h2 hours ago

Kecoh wanita bogel bersiar-siar



9 Feb 2017


4h4 hours ago



Man says goddess told him to strip down to socks and shoes

February 9, 2017

Police say the 38-year-old has been taken to a psychiatric hospital for observation.


PETALING JAYA: Imagine the shock of encountering a naked man wandering around your apartment block in the wee hours of the morning.

One resident living on the second floor of her apartment block in Relau, Penang did have that nasty experience when she stepped out of the lift at 1am yesterday, The Star reported.

Worried for her safety, she immediately called the service team of the Paya Terubong Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) for help.

The man, who was naked except for a pair of socks and shoes, carried a straw fan in his hand and ignored the woman when she came upon him.

Despite appeals to put on his clothes, the man refused and only relented when a service team member pretended to be possessed by Goddess Mazu herself.

“He was subsequently taken away by the police,” he said when contacted by The Star.

OCPD Asst Comm Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said the 38-year-old man had been sent to the Jalan Perak psychiatric hospital for observation.

10 Dec 2016


9 Dec 2016

Naked man causes stir in shopping complex – PETALING JAYA: A man caused a stir in a s…



when the green so good u end up naked in a shopping mall😂




Naked man causes stir in shopping complex

December 10, 2016

Shopping complex spokesperson says the man refused to answer questions and he was escorted out of the mall after given clothes.


PETALING JAYA: A man caused a stir in a shopping complex yesterday afternoon when he was seen walking in the buff, oblivous to the stares from holiday-makers and shoppers, The Star reported.

The man was quickly nabbed by security guards and taken to the shopping complex office where he refused to answer questions.

The complex spokesperson told The Star there were no identification documents on the man.

“He seemed on the unstable side and he refused to answer (our questions),” the spokesperson told The Star.

The complex management then put some clothes on the man and escorted him out of the shopping mall.

19 February 2016

Naked woman walking in Mydin Setapak Malaysia ( Feb 2016)

Mydin: Setapak, Kuala Lumpur


Wartawan Harian Metro menjejakinya, namun dia tiada di rumah.

Nabihah Kamal

Kuala Lumpur: “Saya dan pelanggan terpinga-pinga melihat gelagat wanita itu,” kata Hassan, pekerja restoran yang melihat wanita tempatan dalam keadaan bogel singgah di restoran tempatnya bekerja di Setapak, semalam.

Kejadian 1.30 tengah hari itu menyebabkan ada yang mengambil gambar wanita terbabit sehingga ‘viral’ di Facebook (FB).

Menurut Hassan, wanita berusia 20-an itu tinggal di kondominium berhampiran restoran.

Katanya, wanita itu seperti dalam keadaan separuh sedar dan membeli sekotak rokok sebelum duduk di dalam restoran.

“Semua pelanggan termasuk saya memandang ke arah dia (wanita) tetapi dia selamba saja.

“Hampir 30 minit wanita itu duduk di restoran ini sebelum pengawal keselamatan kondominium membawa dia keluar,” katanya ketika ditemui, petang tadi.

Sementara itu, pekerja pasar raya berhampiran restoran yang mahu dikenali sebagai Revathy berkata, dia turut melihat wanita itu dan berasa malu.

“Dia merayau-rayau di sekitar kawasan kondominium sebelum masuk ke dalam restoran menyebabkan orang awam mengambil gambarnya,” katanya.

Wartawan Harian Metro yang memperoleh alamat tempat tinggal wanita itu menjejakinya, namun dia tiada di rumah.


光明日報 Guang Ming Daily's photo.




“當女子進入餐廳後,食客們都望向她,但女子卻不以為意。” 女子在餐館內逗留了約30分鐘後,由公寓保安人員帶走。



Google translation:

Appear naked in the apartment of one of the restaurants.

Incident occurred yesterday (19) 13:30, the text of which harbor an apartment, wandering naked woman in the apartment scope photos have been on the network crazy pass.

Witnesses said that the woman is the guest apartment, when she was semi-conscious state, and buy a pack of cigarettes in the restaurant after a sit down.

“When the woman entering the restaurant, diners all look to her, but the woman did not complain.” Woman in restaurants stayed for about 30 minutes, security personnel away from the apartment.

Subsequently, the reporter tried to interview but outsmarted door, but according to neighbors revealed that the woman did not make a similar move, and this is the first time the event occurred.

(Guangming Daily .2016.02.20)

26 January 2016

Stomper spots man walking around naked on highway in Johor Bahru

Embedded image permalink

Stomper NAM was horrified to see a middle-aged man dressed in his birthday suit, strutting down a highway in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

On Monday (Jan 25) at about 4pm, the Stomper was traveling along the Bukit Indah highway in a car with her family when they noticed this unusual sight.

The Stomper and her family were surprised that the man was nonchalantly walking down the highway just like that.

“Is his over-stressed? Was he caught cheating on somebody? Or are his brains hay-wired?”

“We are not very sure what happened, but this is really strange.”

25 January 2016




光明日報 Guang Ming Daily's photo.

Tourists Caught Sunbathing Topless In PD

PORT DICKSON: Four female tourists sunbathing topless at a public beach on Wednesday has been the talk of the town.

The act at Pantai Saujana was photographed by a local who hoped the authorities would act to prevent a recurrence of such incident.

The man who wanted to be known as Chow Weng said the incident happened at around 1pm while he was swimming alone.

“I saw the four bikini-clad women laying mats on the sand and later, at around 2pm, the women who were in their 20s and 30s taking off their bikini tops.

“I quickly came out of the sea and cleaned up at the public toilet nearby. Then I took out the camera from my car and took several shots of their unusual act as proof.





(5 photos)



Four in Penang nudist event seeking alternative charge:

Embedded image permalink

BALIK PULAU: The counsel for four participants of a nudist sports event at a beach in Teluk Kampi in Teluk Bahang here, will be writing to the Attorney-General’s Chambers for an alternative charge upon receiving prosecution documents.

The four, namely Chew Tok Hwa, 57; Chan Chia Wen, 27; Teh Guan Hoon, 37 and Kong Meng Long, 38, were charged with committing obscene acts at a public space which caused public unrest from 3pm to 6pm on May 30.

Teh was represented by counsel Jason Khor, while Gobind Singh Deo acted as the defence counsel for the other three.


Thursday August 28, 2014 MYT 11:20:59 AM

Six nudists admit guilt, another four deny in Penang court

BALIK PULAU: Six participants of the nudist event at a beach in Teluk Kampi pleaded guilty while another four claimed trial in a magistrate court’s here on Thursday.

The 10 accused were charged with causing public unrest for stripping down naked in Teluk Kampi beach from 3pm to 6pm on May 30.

They have been charged under Section 294(A) of the Penal Code.

Magistrate Mohd Najib Ismail set bail at RM4,000 with one surety.


China News: Penang National Park, 3 women and 7 men participating in the camp, of which 6 man today pleaded guilty to charges of indecent act in a public place and was sentenced to imprisonment for 1 month and a fine of 5000 ringgit, or replaced with 3 months ‘ imprisonment sentence from today’s date.3 girls and 1 boy not guilty, set on October 16, the trial of the case. Details read tonight/tomorrow the Chinese newspaper (Translated by Bing)



Earlier joined the Penang celestial 10 participants, were charged in Court today, 6 of which people choose to plead guilty.6 man pleaded guilty to a month in prison, faces 6 months penalty of making short films. For more information please refer to our further reports. (Translated by Bing)




Friday August 15, 2014 MYT 4:22:32 PM

Cops: Nine Penang ‘nude sports’ participants involved in ‘homestay’ outing

NIBONG TEBAL: Nine of the 15 participants who took part in the Penang Nude Sports Games 2014 at Teluk Kampi Beach in Teluk Bahang were involved in a similar outing at a nearby durian orchard.

State police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Abdul Rahim Hanafi said investigations revealed that the event was held at a homestay in Balik Pulau on May 31 and June 1 following the Teluk Kampi Beach outing.

He said the nine participants later travelled to Pattaya in Thailand for a similar event from June 6 until June 8.

Cops: Nine Penang ‘nude sports’ participants involved in ‘homestay’ outing


Another woman, 24, who participated in Penang nude sports games detained

Embedded image permalink

RT : Second woman investigated for nude sports games

Embedded image permalink

HAD the 18 participants of the “Penang Nude Sports Games 2014” not video-recorded their activities and shared it…

HAD the 18 participants of the “Penang Nude Sports Games 2014” not video-recorded their activities and shared it on the public domain, it is entirely possible that they might have got away with it. Held at a secluded beach, reportedly in the presence of only a park ranger who told them off but did not report the matter, no one would have been any the wiser. After all, there is no law that specifically says a person cannot walk about naked in public. However, the law does say that if a person commits an obscene act in a public place, and this act annoys others, then it is an offence. The participants may or may not be naturists, who believe that one should not be ashamed to be in the natural state; and sharing their activities with the online world may have been intended to share the joys of being clothes-free — all that can be argued in court, should police investigations result in a charge. But, given that naturism around the world is generally practised on private property, with due acknowledgement of public decency laws, the participants’ exhibitionism beyond private confines crossed the line between personal freedoms and public rights.

It will, of course, be up to the prosecution to prove that their activities constituted an “obscene act”, and that it annoyed anyone. But, since Malaysia is a conservative society, and its people generally given to being offended, that shouldn’t be too hard. To the average Malaysian, naked = sex. So, lots of naked people = orgy. Never mind that that may not exactly have been what happened in Penang, but, suffice to say that the very idea is enough to have shocked the sensibilities of ordinary decent Malaysians who may have had the bad luck of clicking on such a dubiously-named video.


 Click on the photo for the video.
Pesta Bogel Di Teluk Bahang, Penang



Tuesday August 12, 2014 MYT 7:33:40 AM

Second ‘nude’ woman held

KEPALA BATAS: A second woman has been detained for investigations into the Penang nude sports games held at Teluk Kampi in the Penang National Park.

State police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Abdul Rahim Hanafi said the 24-year-old woman, who works in Kuala Lumpur, was arrested in Perak at about 10am on Saturday and brought to the Balik Pulau station where her statement was recorded.

“We released her on police bail two hours later. She was the 18th person to be interviewed.

“We believe that the seven Malaysians identified in the video, including the organisers, are still at large because an Immigration Department check showed that they have not left the country,” he said after witnessing the handing over of duties by state logistics department chief Supt Mohd Taha Baba to Supt Rosli Hassan here yesterday.

Second ‘nude’ woman held



1:53PM Aug 11, 2014

Nazri: Nude sports pro-Umno blogger ‘stupid’

Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz has called the pro-Umno blogger who had dragged his name into the nudist fiasco in Penang as “stupid”.

The connection that the blogger made with the nudist event to the minister’s presence at the state on August 3 to promote the George Town Festival was baseless.

“That blogger is stupid. If you want to blog, at least have some brains,” said Nazri at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today.

“When I go back to my place (constituency), no one is going nude there.

“If I were the one who encourages nudism, there should be nudists in my constituency every week because I go back there every week.

“That stupid blogger need not be bothered. No standard,” he added.

Weighing into the incident, Nazri said all quarters should not resort to finger-pointing.

The priority now, he said, is for the police to conduct an all-round investigation over the matter.

“We do not blame anyone. This (nudism) is wrong. We should take action. This is not the time to point fingers at each other,” he said.

Nazri: Nude sports pro-Umno blogger ‘stupid’



Friday August 8, 2014 MYT 10:29:32 AM

Penang nudist was filmed in the buff in Singapore

SINGAPORE: Self-proclaimed “naturist” Albert Yam Kam Hoong, who is among 18 people wanted by Penang police for taking part in a nudist event in Malaysia, has in the past filmed himself naked in public places here, including MacRitchie Reservoir, Changi and East Coast Park.

The most recent video that the Singapore permanent resident (PR) uploaded of his exploits involved him and a handful of like-minded people baring all at Goldkist Resorts, which rents out chalets at East Coast Park. The activities, which allegedly took place on July 27, were not contained in the chalet, but took place outdoors as well.

The Malaysian woman, who is alleged to have organised the nudist event in Penang in May, was pictured leaning on a tree in the resort naked. Yam, a Malaysian in his mid-50s, could also be seen posing on a bench nude. The pictures were seemingly taken while no one else was around.

Penang nudist was filmed in the buff in Singapore


Friday August 8, 2014 MYT 12:47:05 PM

Cops detain woman over Penang naked sports event, release photos of 13 participants

BALIK PULAU: Penang police have detained a female participant who took part in the “naked sports event” in Teluk Kampi, Penang National Park.

The private music teacher, 34, was picked up at an undisclosed location in the southwest district at 9.55pm Thursday.

Balik Pulau OCPD Supt Lai Fah Hin said police believed the arrest could help shed light in their investigation.

He said police have also identified two key persons – retired teacher Chew Tok Hwa, 57, and one Albert Yam, believed to be in his 40s – who were participants and organisers of the nude event labeled as Penang Nude Sports Games 2014.

Chew last known address is 1722, Lorong Inai 6/1, Taman Ria Jaya, Sungai Petani while Yam is a Singaporean.

They also released 15 names or Christian names of the participants.

They are Kok Hong (director from Singapore), Albert Yam (organiser from Singapore) and Chew Tok Hwa (organiser from Malaysia).

The Malaysians identified were Carmen Chan, Thomas Kong, Janice, Justin Ang, Michale and Ellen.

The foreigners were Terry and Lionel Lau (Singaporeans), Newman and his girlfriend who is unidentified (Myanmar nationals), Janes Kumar (India), Marvin Cuevas (the Philippines).

Cops detain woman over Penang naked sports event, release photos of 13 participants



Friday August 8, 2014 MYT 7:06:40 AM

Ex-Gerakan leader behind nude event

ALOR SETAR: The female organiser of the nude games in Teluk Kampi, Penang National Park, is believed to be a former Gerakan Wanita leader during the 1980s.

Party deputy president Datuk Dr Cheah Soon Hai said the woman had served one two-year term and also served as a councillor.

“She did not pay her membership fee for over 20 years. Automatically, after 10 years of not doing so, she is no longer our party member.

“We don’t know her whereabouts or which party she’s in now. We don’t have her records in our office any more,” said Dr Cheah at the state Gerakan headquarters here yesterday.

It is learnt that the woman was also a teacher and had tendered her resignation a month ago. Her last day at the school was believed to have been on Tuesday.

The school principal said the woman had resigned before the video went viral.

“She called me on Tuesday night and informed me of her decision. I wished her all the best,” he said when contacted.

Describing her as fair, impartial and a follower of rules, he said he was quite surprised to learn that she was the organiser.

“She is reticent, not outspoken and a woman of few words. How could she be the organiser?” he said, adding that he still respected the woman’s beliefs and self-expression.

Ex-Gerakan leader behind nude event


ALOR SETAR: One of the female participants in the “naked sports” event alleged to have been held at Teluk Kampi, Penang was a former Kedah Gerakan Wanita chief, said party deputy president Datuk Dr Cheah Soon Hai.

According to Dr Cheah, the woman in her 40s used to study in Taiwan.

“She has not paid her membership fee for more than 20 years and is no longer a party member.

“The party has nothing to do with the nude event,” he told a press conference on Thursday at Kedah Gerakan headquarters.

Dr Cheah: One participant in ‘naked sports’ event former Gerakan member



What do you think Penang Nude Sports Games 2014

Embedded image permalink

On the Penang nude sports games – Che Sapienza says it all…

In pain? RT : It seems the men in the nude sports games in Penang were not circumcised. Meaning they were not…



Wednesday August 6, 2014 MYT 12:41:00 PM

Seven Malaysians identified in ‘naked sports’ video, say police

A screen capture from the video “Penang Nude Sports Games”

A screen capture from the video “Penang Nude Sports Games”

GEORGE TOWN: Police have identified seven Malaysians among the participants of a “naked sports” event, allegedly held in Teluk Kampi here.

Penang police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Abdul Rahim Hanafi said Wednesday that of the 15 participants seen in the video entitled “Penang Nude Sports Games”, seven were Malaysian, while four were from Singapore.

“The remaining include one person from the Philippines, two from Myanmar, and one from India.

Seven Malaysians identified in ‘naked sports’ video, say police


Wednesday August 6, 2014 MYT 1:19:41 PM

Penang National Park patrolman probed over ‘naked sports’

BALIK PULAU: A Penang National Park patrolman who was on duty when the ‘naked sports’ took place in Teluk Kampi here is under domestic probe.

The park management committee member Datuk Shah Headan Ayoob Hussain said they were still waiting for a report from the man for not informing the management over the indecent acts taking place on May 31.

He, however, did not reveal whether the patrolman had been suspended pending investigation.

Shah Headan said initial probe found that the patrolman had issued repeated reminders to the nudists that they were not allowed to strip in the beach.

“But they did not heed the patrolman’s advice. We are now investigating the patrolman on why did not inform us over the nude event.

“He could be threatened or ridiculed by the group over this … that’s why he dared not report the incident.

“But we will investigate. As far as we are concerned, he has no authority to take action against the group of people. He can only advise,” he said during a press conference at the Penang National Park office today.

Penang National Park patrolman probed over ‘naked sports’






Nudists can’t frolic on Penang shores, says chief minister

GEORGE TOWN, Aug 5 — Penang did not allow any illegal nude events to be held on its shores, said Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng amid claims that the island was the venue of a nudist event recently.

He claimed ignorance of a nude event supposed to have been called the “Malaysia-International Nude Sports Games 2014 Extravaganza” held on the island two months ago, adding that the state would never permit such an illegal event to be held.

“It is important to note that in Penang, we don’t even allow casinos to be built, we will definitely not allow such an event to be held here,” he said in a press conference at his office today.

Lim was responding to news of a video clip that showed a group of 18 people taking part in outdoor activities in the nude.

Nudists can’t frolic on Penang shores, says chief minister The Malay Mail Online

Malaysia Nude Sports Games 2014 on Vimeo

Click on this for the video!




Lim Guan Eng says he knows nothing about it.

Guan Eng: Penang has no knowledge of ‘nude sports’ event


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