Sham Marriages: You marry me, I pay you and I get a visa.



A marriage of convenience (plural marriages of convenience) is a marriage contracted for reasons other than the reasons of relationship, family, or love. Instead, such a marriage is orchestrated for personal gain or some other sort of strategic purpose, such as political marriage. In the cases when it represents a fraud, it is called a sham marriage.

7 September 2017

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19 November 2015


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Many Singaporean men have told lawyers that their Vietnamese brides refused to have sex or demanded payment for it!

More Viet women’s marriages in Singapore annulled


A growing number of marriages between Singaporean men and Vietnamese women are ending speedily in annulment, lawyers say.

Some men claim their wives ran away just days after the wedding, before consummating the marriage.

Many have told lawyers their brides refuse to have sex, demanded payment for it, or said sex would have to wait until after the women obtain permanent residence here.

One man saw a lawyer to dissolve his marriage after his bride asked for $80 to have sex the first time.

Most men feel the women just want to work here, and are not interested in the marriage.

Some annulments are initiated by the Vietnamese women too, also on the grounds of non-consummation of the marriage.

The Sunday Times checked with 10 lawyers who handle family matters. Most have seen a sharp rise in the number of annulments involving Vietnamese women in recent years.

In Singapore, lawyer Gloria James-Civetta, who handles a few such cases a month – double what she used to see – told The Sunday Times: “I feel that some of these women are using marriage to get into Singapore, to either look for a better match (than the man they married) or to find work here.”


She had been his tenant, and she married him so that she would not have to pay rent. How convenient.

No sex after a year of marriage, so man wants divorce

SINGAPORE – A 69-year-old man is asking to divorce his wife, claiming that he has not had sex with his Chinese wife even a year after their marriage.

Shin Min Daily News reported on Saturday that the man, known as Mr Huang, is a retired bus driver, who earns a living by renting out two bedrooms in his three-bedroom flat.

His “wife”, a woman from China in her 40s, had been renting a room from Mr Huang with her daughter for two years prior to their marriage.

Mr Huang is also unhappy that since they got married, the woman has not paid him rent for the room.

According to Mr Huang, since getting married a year ago, the two have continued to stay in separate rooms.

However, the woman, known only as Madam Ho, is refusing to divorce the man, saying that her “husband” is a good man who has given her a “sense of home” and has treated her 18-year-old daughter well.



On the eve of Valentine’s Day last year, local odd-job worker Tan Hee Huat met Chinese national Huang Liyun for the first time.

That very day, they got hitched in a no-frills solemnisation ceremony at a ground-floor Housing Board flat in North Bridge Road.

The quick-fire wedding was arranged for the sole purpose of giving Huang, 41, a leg up in prolonging her stay here so that she could secure a job, reports The Straits Times. 

Their “matchmaker”, Singaporean Soh Leong Soon, 62, who also goes by the alias Sim Kok Eng, attended the ceremony.

Tan and Huang were each jailed for six months. For arranging the sham marriage, Soh was sentenced to eight months in jail.




The Immigration and Checkpoint Authorities (ICA) convicted 284 people last year for sham marriages in order to get visas for foreigners.

The year before, there were only 89 convictions.

ICA attributed the larger number of convictions to the stepped up efforts and tougher penalties for those involved in bogus marriages. It is not necessarily that there are more of such marriages occurring.

The usual case involves foreign women who marry local men here in exchange for money as they use the marriages to try and get visas to live and work in Singapore.

The local men who agree are often looking for fast cash and the middlemen that set up the couples make a profit.



Dear The Real Singapore,

I am Jabez Tan – founder of Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh at 302 Simpang Bedok and 548 MacPherson (Soon Huat is a social enterprise with a mission to provide ex-offenders employment opportunities n a new start in life. I just want to CLARIFY regarding the article on the Strait-times Homepage B5 with title “Web of middle man behind bogus union” about Soh Chin Chai n his bogus marriage with a Vietnamese lady.

It was in NOVEMBER last year. while working with us, Chin Chai was summoned to ICA to be investigated about his marriage. WITHOUT any HESITATION, Chin Chai admitted his wrong doing n ALREADY PAID the price for it (6 months imprisonment).

Chin Chai finished his sentence and was released in APRIL 2014. He returned to work for us n now holding an important position as ASSISTANT MANAGER at MacPherson outlet.

He actively involve in community service such as Bread of Love (to distribute bread to needy elderly- organized by Hope Church where he attends).

Unfortunately, Strait-times seems not to have a follow up information about Chin Chai’s LIFE STORY n brought up his past criminal case today after six months when the case was over. No date is mentioned in the article which causes confusion n unnecessary distress for Chin Chai and his family. 

Today Chin Chai received a lot of calls and messages to ask about what was written. 

He is discouraged n stressed n runs out of words to explain to many people at the same time. 

Below link is the FULL STORY of Chin Chai’s life journey. From a painful childhood- to a rebellious man living a life of crime n vice – to a CHANGED N RESPONSIBLE MAN living a purposeful n meaningful life with a stable job n income.

I hope to make it clear to you n to have your support for Chin Chai.

Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh 順發肉骨茶

Jail for groom who lied about earlier sham marriage: Nicely dressed in wedding clothes, Mohamad Norizuan Shazali…


Vietnamese woman jailed in Singapore for sham marriage

A Singapore court has sentenced a Vietnamese woman and her Singaporean “husband” to six months in jail for entering into a marriage of convenience.

31-year-old Vietnamese Tran Thi Kim Phuong and Theong Peng Nyuk, a 47-year-old Singaporean man, have become the first couple to be tried under the amended Immigration Act (IA), aimed at preventing false marriages, Channel NewsAsia reported.

Phuong has since travelled to Singapore regularly to be with her lover.

In order to be eligible to stay in Singapore to be with the married man, Tran agreed to enter into a false marriage with another man, Theong Peng Nyuk.

They agreed that Theong would be paid S$5,000, plus S$300 for every successful visa extension he obtained for Phuong.

The couple registered their “marriage” on 31 January 2013, and after having lunch they went their own ways. Phuong stayed in a budget hotel, while Theong continued living in his home.

They would only meet at the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) office when Tran needed to extend her Visit Pass.

But ICA officers had been keeping a close eye on them and arrested both on March 22, pursuant to the new Section 57C of the revised IA.


Sham marriage exposed by selfies: Phoney bride jailed over fake wedding was caught out after posing for pictures at a string of McDonald’s

By Lizzie Edmonds and Lucy Crossley

A fake bride who has been jailed for her part in a sham marriage ring, tried to prove her romance was real by taking a series of loved-up selfies at branches of McDonald’s.
Hellen Adedjumo-Dani, 31, took photographs of herself with her Hungarian fake partner sharing burgers and fries inside fast food outlets to convince authorities of her relationship.
Investigating officers probing her case also found a selection of mobile phone snaps of the pair posing inside different McDonald’s restaurants across Birmingham.

Picture of happiness: Fake brideHellen Adedjumo-Dani, 31, took photographs of herself with her Hungarian partner in McDonald's to prove their love was real

Picture of happiness: Fake brideHellen Adedjumo-Dani, 31, took photographs of herself with her Hungarian partner in McDonald’s to prove their love was real

The court heard of the extent pregnant Adedjumo-Dani had gone to cover her tracks, and investigators even found pictures of the pair relaxing in fluffy dressing gowns on a bed together- trying to look the picture of domestic bliss.
She had even changed her partner’s name to, ‘Babe’ in her phone to show her affection for him.

She was jailed on Friday at Birmingham Crown Court for 22 months, along with three other brides and the main ‘fixer’ of the sham marriages, 38-year-old Azuha Izegbune, who was crucial in setting up fake weddings in order to grant to women visas.

The court heard that ex-security guard Izegbune, from Birmingham, was paid to arrange fake weddings between Hungarian and Nigerian nationals so they could remain in the UK.


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