Conversation on Facebook with someone who wrote, “pls i need the help.” Is this a SCAM?


Tez Ong shared Sivagami Devi‘s photo.




Or a scam? Nigerian?

In, of all places, Crime Watch Malaysia!


They/She/He are back!

They first came on Facebook on 20 May 2014. Now, on 13 June, they are back. They put this in my message box:

 *I will no longer hide names and faces.

 hy simon my name is angie.and pls pls i bigg u to if u can help me to find this man .arvincraig or hes other name is Robert allanjace .and he told me he stock ther in he canot acces hes money cause he sead malays gov is hopeless they hate amirecan that way he canot acces hes money cause he sead al people ther is muslim and they angrey cause amirecan kill binladen so that way he canot acces hes money in amirecan bank so that way he ask me to help hem wt hes dauter 5yrs.i help hem 67 thousand aus$.but he stil ask more cause he sead malays gov don’t let hem to come out in ur country cause hes money is not inap.he need more 10thousand so he can come her in Australia to accse the money. and to pay me not only the one he ask the money .hes addres;7,JLN MUTIARA 2/6 TMN MUTIARA INDAH,BDR BKT PUNGHONG 47110,PUNGHO SELANGOR.the name to hes friend soupose to pick up the pacel is mose sunny white phon num+2348096119042.and the other is+601126016734.pls pls i need ur help im her in Australia .i live in 6 kew court Nerang qld .my mobel num is 0431049822 .pls i don’t mind i lose big money i just want justec .cause he stil keep going ask old woman or any woman the money so pls help me .


The names, photos and facebook links of those two, XX and YY, have been deleted to protect US. Of course, if he/she/they wish to identify themselves, it’s up to them.



This is A****s ****g*.

Herewith, he shall be XX


This is the one who wrote, pls no that tru he need the help .im hes woman im in australia. She calls herself ****et** *o***.



  • Low Chee Hoong   I have tonnes of money in my Swiss bank, I can transfer few millions to you, pm me your account.
    1 hr · Like · 1
  • Low Chee Hoong   Go to your country embassy mate
    21 mins · Like · 1
  •  XX:why i go ther .i dont know wer to go .i dont have money ;
  • XX:pls i need the help
  • Tez Ong   Arvin sounds like a scammer – prob Nigerian. Just Block the Bugger
  • XX: pls no that tru he need the help .im hes woman im in australia.he stock ther and he canot acces hes money pls help hem
  • Simon Thong Wee Hing  miracle of miracles! XX and hes woman can appear on the SAME fb page when they are separated by an ocean! wow wow wow!
  • Simon Thong Wee Hing
  • XX your england very poor, time to call your mummy & daddy to come rescue you……
    1 min · Like · 1
  • XX, Go home to Nigeria l

  •  YY: simon im in australia im YY he just useng my fb ok and he change the name ok .this is mind in the other is hem .i only can talk to hem in fb ok cause he dont have money to by the card to ca
  • XX: it ok i just ask ok
  • Panca ChellapanIf I m there, I wil urine on his face
  • Low Chee Hoongjust take him as a real example to teach others to not fall into this trap
  • Simon Thong Wee Hing  how come none of us believe him? ok, XX, give me your bank account number so I can checkup on you; see if you are genuine. You could always get some money, yea
  • XX: how about i give u hes adres so u can til what hapin to hem ok
  • XX: omg .panca u are very vaulit that not right .human being person
  • Low Chee Hoonghahaha…if really serious Mr Kuen Chee Heng will pay you a visit , maybe it is time to get help from our Police
  • Tez Ong Pity cant send Hell Notes to his bank acc
    46 secs · Like · 1
  • Simon Thong Wee Hing but I thought he needed money? why his address? ok ok, give address
  • XX: realy thank u
  • XX, u filipino? U wan me 2 urine on yr face too?
  • Tez Ong Then can personally give him Hell Notes
  •  XX: i hem adres to ther in malays cause i am in ausrtalia ok

Low Chee HoongPanca don’t be so harsh la, he just could not give up, hahaha I am out of here…..

XX: panca that the way u do to ur wife and kids hahaha i can see that u are not a pirson to talk to

  •  XX: a u just trafic control ok that good job for u lol
  • Simon Thong Wee Hing are u XX or YY? u sound exactly the same, england very powderful
XX:  fuck u so fucking nasty

Justice Done   XX, what’s it all about?









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