COKE has been a round for a long time in Malaysia. I drank my first coke when I was a little boy but never really liked it. I still don’t.

Back in those days, it was rumoured that there was opium in coke which explained why people liked it in spite of the strange taste.

Another rumour was that someone’s grandmother had accidentally put her dentures into a glass of coke overnight. Next morning, it was gone, dissolved in the coke!


UK launches new trafficlight nutrition label – red-yellow-green = bad-ok-good. Interestingly Coca Cola signs up:

Why Coca-Cola Classic Will Soon Have A Big Red Dot In The U.K.

Posted: 09/06/2014 8:42 am EDT

Some Coke cans in the U.K. will soon get marked with a red dot because of the drink’s high sugar content.

The labels are part of a voluntary program launched in the U.K. in July of last year. Food and drink get tagged red, yellow and green according to its nutritional value. Healthier fare gets a green label.

coca cola

What three Coke products look like with the new health labels. Notice the big red mark on the left.

Coke says the new labels will begin appearing on products in the first half of next year.



Coke to drop controversial ingredient entirely

NEW YORK: Coca-Cola says it will drop a controversial ingredient from a variety of its drinks, not just Powerade.

The Atlanta-based company says brominated vegetable oil is still being used in some flavors of Fanta and Fresca, as well as several citrus-flavored fountain drinks.
The ingredient — which Coca-Cola says prevents certain ingredients from separating — had been the target of a petition by a Mississippi teenager.
The ingredient will be replaced with others that fill the same function.
The Associated Press reported Sunday that Coca-Cola is dropping BVO from Powerade, following a similar move by PepsiCo’s Gatorade last year.

*Controversy over Coca Cola commercial, AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL

*“Things go better with Coca Cola, Things go better with Coke!”


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