FB Mark Zuckerber Page asking you to register your account is FAKE!


Find Out Who Has Been Looking at your Profile: this scam claims that it will show you who has been viewing your profile and who has blocked you from theirs, but none of these apps work because Facebook doesn’t provide such information to developers.


Mark Zuckerberg


Mark ZuckerbergThis is a map of all of the friendships formed on Facebook across the world.



FB Mark Zuckerberg

FB Mark Zuckerberg



Attention : to all facebook users Your Facebook Accounts will Permanent Disable if you dont register your acc in our facebook stop permanent disable !
(Even the English is shameful! How could it be genuine?)
Enigma Software

Scammers Pose as Mark Zuckerberg in Spam Email to Hijack Facebook Accounts

..is it plausible the CEO might send out a personal email to warn users they’ve breached the Terms of Service? What if the sender is none other than Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s unorthodox and fearless leader? Probably not, but spammers are hoping not all PC users will agree, which is why they’ve chosen to spoof the young billionaire in a telling email spam campaign.

Spoofing recognizable parties or entities in email spam or malware communications to fool unsuspecting and trusting PC users is really nothing new and neither are the telltale signs or giveaways, such as the obvious misspelling of Mark’s last name, ‘Zurckerberg’ instead of the correct Zuckerberg. Still, too many anxious and naïve PC users click much too fast, opening email spam communications and clicking on infectious links embedded throughout. In this particular instance, the bogus email message warns readers their accounts may be suspended lest they verify account information.

If lured, PC users will be shown a fake Facebook webpage and login screen. Entered credentials will be stolen and transported to a remote server and into the hands of a hacker, who may either sell the information on the black market or used it to hack into Facebook accounts and distribute malware. Victims, aka PC users, will then be transported to the Help page of Facebook’s official website, never realizing they’ve been scam and their credentials stolen. As quiet as the data is stolen and a port opened to transport this stolen data, that some port could too allow download of more malware. In a blink of an eye, any one of the below tools can be secretly downloaded and installed:

Fake antivirus Trojan carries out fake alerts, scans and reporting to scare victim into buying useless software.

Read more:
Scammers Pose as Mark Zuckerberg in Spam Email to

Beware of Facebook lottery scams
This surfaced two years ago but is still circulating!

May 2nd, 2012, 13:31 GMT · By

Fake Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Lottery Hitting Inboxes

Facebook lotteries are not new and neither are scam emails that purport to come from the company’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, but now cybercriminals have combined the two in an attempt to dupe users into believing that they’ve won $1 million (760,000 EUR) as part of a sweepstakes.

TotalDefense informs that in this particular scheme, the fraudsters send out the emails to potential victims, after which they request certain amounts of money allegedly needed to complete the transaction.Once the individual sends the money, most likely via Western Union or other untraceable payment method, he/she can be certain that it will never be recovered.

Emails which bring news that sounds too good to be true are usually part of a malicious operation and should never be trusted. Also, an antivirus solution is recommended because in case the notification contains malevolent links or attachments, the software can usually detect them and appoint them as presenting a threat.
Here’s how this particular email looks, in case you stumble upon it in your inbox:Subject: Confirm the receipt of this message!!!

This is to inform the bearer that You have won the sum of $1,000,000.00 (One Million US Dollars) OUR 2011 SWEEPSTAKES (Facebook Inc) This is a bonus to promote our users worldwide through this online lottery, which is fully based on electronic selection.We hereby approve you a lump sum of of $1,000,000.00 (One Million US Dollars) in Cash Credit File – ILP/HW 47407/02 from the total cash prize for eight lucky winners in this category.Simply contact your Fiduciary Agent Name Douglas Price on his email: dogprice121252@gmail.com.
Please quote your reference, batch and winning number which can be found on the top left corner of this notifications as well as your full name, address and telephone number to help locate your file easily.Thank you for using http://www.facebook.com
Yours faithfully,
Mark Zuckerberg
Online coordinator for Facebook
Online lottery.


Security Protection – Harry Waldron (CS)

Security Best Practices, Breaking News, & Updates

Facebook – Fake Mark Zuckerberg Message circulating

Facecrooks security warns that a fake message prompting users to re-enter their Facebook credentials is circulating.  This should be avoided as it will compromise FB security for the user.

Facebook – Fake Mark Zuckerberg Message circulating

QUOTE: The latest malicious scam to go viral on Facebook purports to be a message from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The obvious problems with the message start immediately: Zuckerberg’s name is spelled “Zurckerberg” at the very top of the message content. The alert then goes on to say that the user is in violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service, and could have their profile permanently locked if they don’t click on a link and verify their identity. If users click on the link, they are taken to a fake Facebook log-in page that is then used to reap their personal information.


Facebook ‘No Religion’ Campaign from Mark Zuckerberg is Fake; No Ban, Or Account Lockings by March 20

A viral post on Facebook saying that users’ accounts will be locked if they are “caught spreading religious beliefs in any form” after March 20, 2014, is a hoax.

The post, which claims to be from CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is one of many fake posts going around on Facebook, which claim accounts will be banned if they’re caught “swearing” or making references to marijuana.

“As of March 20/2014, we at Facebook will be launching a “No Religion” Campaign. Anyone caught spreading religious beliefs in any form will have their account locked, and further pending investigations may be held,” the fake post reads.

Note that the date punctuation is incorrect–a hallmark for viral hoaxes. The statement is also oddly worded, which is an indicator that the message wasn’t written by a professional corporation.

It continues: “This is due to the new laws issued by our legal department (section 182 P34b) as new advertisers and groups have petitioned for a ‘more logical’ and ‘adult’ social network. If a user (you) continues to spread any form of religious propaganda will be shut down and a permanent ban will be placed into effect, immediately.”

Facebook never made any announcement about “no religion” and when it makes a policy change, it issues a press release on its website or blog. Here is an example of how Facebook makes announcements.

Daniel Zeevi

March 4, 2013

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, is probably never going to send you a personal message. Facebook Warning!But this hasn’t stopped some hoaxters from putting together a new phishing scheme that tries to bait people into clicking on malicious links sent via messages to their Facebook inboxes allegedly from Facebook’s head honcho Zuckerberg.

According to a discovery by Hoax-Slayer and reported by AllFacebook, the following message from Zurckerberg (yes they botched his name) is appearing in users’ inboxes around the world:

Mark Zurckerberg

Dear Facebook user, After reviewing your page activity, it was determined that 
you were in violation of our Terms of service.Your account might be permanently 

If you think this is a mistake,please verify your account on the link below.
This would indicate that your Page does not have a violation on our Terms of 

We will immediately review your account activity,and we will notify you again 
via email. 

Verify your account at the link below: 

Link Removed 

Hoax-Slayer reported that the phishing scheme is designed to trick users into giving up their Facebook login details to cyber criminals. The fake message appears alarming and purports that the user’s Facebook account is in danger of being permanently deleted because of some violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service. The page owner is prompted to then click on link to verify their account and show the page is not actually in violation of the TOS. Users that fall victim to clicking on the link end up at a fake Facebook login page that closely resembles the real one but is really looking to steal the users’ login credentials.

If you receive this message, do not click on any of the links!

There have been countless variations of phishing attacks against Facebook over the recent years, so always stay alert and avoid any suspicious messages or links.

Have you seen this scam yet on Facebook?


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