Pouring more money down the Tandas!


TANDA PUTERA (May 13 Film): BN’s Racist Propaganda.

The movie failed to collect back its budget, affected by the Penang screening ban and intense competition with other international movies that were also showing in cinemas at the time such as Kick-Ass 2 and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. In addition, another local movie that was released at about the same time titled KL Zombi surpassed it and the aforementioned international films to hit second place in opening weekend takings between 29 August and 4 September alone, with only Elysium beating it at first place.



Tanda Putera flops as run ends

29 Sep 2013, 9:32 am (Updated 29 Sep 2013, 2:01 pm)

Not even political support of nationalist groups could salvage the controversial film Tanda Putera as it ended screening early this week with a loss of approximately RM3.77 million.


MAS CEO is Ahmad Jauhari.


MAS fetes anniversary with Tanda Putera screening


10:10AM Oct 9, 2013

KINIBIZ Malaysia Airlines (MAS) kicked of its month-long celebrations on Oct 1 in conjunction with its 41st anniversary with a special screening of ‘Tanda Putera’ for its staff and by awarding a team of MAS staff with the iCAN award for their recent success in scaling the Himalayas last month.

In explaining the choice of movie, Jauhari also said, “We wanted to screen ‘Tanda Putera’ to our staff because it contains a lot of historical content with relation to Malaysia Airlines. It will bring fond memories to our senior staff and act as a motivational boost for the junior ones.”

MAS fetes anniversary with Tanda Putera screening

WHY DID TANDA PUTERA FAIL AT THE BOX OFFICE? “Due to hired ‘assassins’,” say directors.

(The film is no longer shown at cinemas. It can still be watched on the pay-per-view Astro First channel.)


Tanda Putera makers cry hired guns, conspiracy
4:24PM Oct 4, 2013

Linking the attacks on the controversial movie to the nation’s future, the makers of Tanda Putera continue to hit out against their detractors.

In the latest installment of the protracted Tanda Putera saga, the filmmakers contend that they are up against hired mercenaries and “cyber bullies” paid to criticise the film.

“It’s true that some (critics) have been hired to attack us. We recognise them by their writing which was especially spread around with a certain agenda to de-motivate filmmakers so we will not make any more historical films,” they said on the film’s official Facebook page.

“This is all a plot, as part of a larger conspiracy. Many do not realise this. We will tell you about this in greater detail soon as this involves the country’s future.”

Tanda Putera makers cry hired guns, conspiracy

Tanda Putera is turning out to be the largest loser yet!


Tanda Putera bombs at the cinemas, loses RM3.77m
\ 9:32AM Sep 29, 2013

Not even political support of nationalist groups could salvage the controversial film Tanda Putera as it ended screening early this week with a loss of approximately RM3.77 million.

The film made at a cost of RM4.7 million only managed to rake in a miserable RM930,000 after 25 days in the cinemas, according to the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia’s (Finas) website.

Nationalist pressure groups, which the film’s historical angle favours, had attempted to promote the film, even urging for compulsory screening in schools and varsities, but to no avail.

Government ministers even rallied behind the film forcing Penang to ignore the state’s advisory not to screen it, or to screen it in public spaces.

The film by Persona Pictures Sdn Bhd had the benefit of a RM4.2 million Finas grant.

Tanda Putera bombs at the cinemas, loses RM3.77m



It cost RM 4.8 million to make Tanda Putera, but box office figures over the past few weeks show that the film has not posted any profit on top of its production costs.

However, the government intends to pour more  money down the tandas.


Gov’t intends to fund more movies like Tanda Putera

PARLIAMENT The government might fund more movies similar to the controversial ‘Tanda Putera’, the Communications and Multimedia Ministry said today.

In a written answer to Lim Lip Eng (DAP-Segambut) about the film’s budget and collection, its Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek said that any proceedings from ‘Tanda Putera’ will be used to fund similar movies.

‘Tanda Putera’ was funded by government bodies.

The collections from screening the film will be channeled into a funding programme to develop and give more opportunities for many more nationalistic movies like ‘Tanda Putera’,” the written answer read.

Gov’t intends to fund more movies like Tanda Putera


Some of the comments of readers of Malaysiakini

Aaaargh! I do not believe what is being reported. What business has a government in the movie business let alone one that distorts
10 minutes ago | Report
Malaysian 001 Shabery Cheek has the cheek to make such an abuse commitment about public funds! This is not his fathers money to give away millions to good for nothing “directors” who do not have the ability to make a decent film! We will see how the funding takes place! Disgusting Minister not fit to be one!
10 minutes ago | Report
Anonymous #66653827 Let the people curse these umnoputeras for abusing the nation’s purse. Let their children and desendent be slaves and maids for their stealing and plundering of peoples’ hard earn money.

Freethinker That’s why the country is losing money. How to justify more investment into this type of movie when it clearly had fail. He mention that the proceeds from the movie will be use to make another movie. The question is what proceeds does a movie had when it continue to not making movie from the box office? Which also means, our tax money will be continue to pour into this fail project again and again till kingdom comes. Our vision 2020 would not be the mark of country moving into developed country but towards bankruptcy. God help us all pls…..


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