When the snatch thieves turn out to be palace policemen!


The Sun Daily

Two palace policemen under probe for an alleged robbery were cleared of the crime due to insufficient evidence and legal technicalities.

Palace cops probed for robbery cleared of crime

– See more at: http://www.thesundaily.my/news/850398#sthash.3OflhCTT.dpuf


Palace cops probed for robbery cleared of crime

Palace cops probed for robbery cleared of crime


I got an email from a friend about this shocking matter but did not reveal it in my blog. Now I can. After the Free Malaysia Today article, scroll to the one I have posted.


The Sundaily

Motorcycle does not belong to police’

The case gets more and more strange!

Petaling Jaya district police chief Arjunaidi Mohamed said that the two policemen were not attached to any police station in Selangor.

“The two cops are not from Selangor but I can’t tell you which unit or state they belong to,” said Arjunaidi.

Free Malaysia Today

Technical error, thieving cops back on duty

Alfian ZM Tahir | August 27, 2013

However, Petaling Jaya district police chief Arjunaidi Mohamed refuses to reveal details of the ‘technical error’, saying that it will jeopardise investigation.


PETALING JAYA:  The two policemen who were allegedly moonlighting as snatch thieves were not detained because of a ‘technical error’, Petaling Jaya district police chief Arjunaidi Mohamed said here today.

The senior police officer however, refused to elaborate on the ‘technical problem’ faced by the police in detaining the two lower rank policemen.

“There was a problem during the identification parade. That is why the duo were back on duty after the incident. I can’t tell you about the problem as it would jeopardise our investigation,” Arjunaidi told a press conference at the police headquarters.

However, Arjunaidi assured that there would be no cover-up in the investigation.

“We are not protecting anyone. At the moment we are looking for more evidence and taking down more statements,” he said.

He also revealed that the two policemen were not attached to any police station in Selangor.

“The two cops are not from Selangor but I can’t tell you which unit or state they belong to,” said Arjunaidi.

When contacted, complainant B Saravanan insisted he had not made any mistake during the identification parade.

“As far as I can remember I did nothing wrong. In fact I straight away pointed at the two thieves (police officers) when I saw them lining up,” he said.

Technical error, thieving cops back on duty

Is this credible?

One of the constables claimed that the motorcycle that was used in the incident did once belong to him but that he had sold the machine to someone else.


Police aim to solve ‘snatch thief cops’ mystery
6:45PM Aug 27, 2013

Police are working to get to the bottom of a snatch theft case which was allegedly perpetrated by police personnel in the next two days.

The Star quoted Petaling Jaya district police chief Arjunaidi Mohamed as saying that they have taken statements from more than 10 witnesses and the constables alleged to be involved.

However, Arjunaidi said that that one of the constables claimed that the motorcycle that was used in the incident did once belong to him but that he had sold the machine to someone else.

The victim, B Saravanan, 27, who reportedly identified the two police personnel in an identification parade, however, insisted that the two cops were the snatch thieves.

“I fought them off and they threw stones directly at me, I don’t think I can easily forget an incident like that,” he was quoted as saying by The Star.

Police aim to solve ‘snatch thief cops’ mystery

Free Malaysia Today

Thieving cops: Thaiveegan promises probe

Alfian ZM Tahir | August 27, 2013

Selangor acting police chief A Thaiveegan promises a transparent investigation and this morning he had a meeting with the complainant.


PETALING JAYA: Selangor Acting Police Chief, A Thaiveegan expressed shock and regret over a snatch theft incident which allegedly involved two of his men.

Speaking to FMT, Thaiveegan promised to look into the matter thoroughly and guaranteed a fair investigation.

“Of course I will look into this matter. Give me the report number and I will immediately talk to Arjunaidi Mohamed (Petaling Jaya district police chief) regarding this matter.

“There will be no cover ups and the investigation will be conducted in a fair manner,” said the Selangor top cop.

“I want to get to the bottom this. I want to reach out to this man (Saravanan) so that we can both work it out and solve this issue. I take this very seriously,” he said.

And earlier this morning, Thaiveegan held a meeting with Saravanan at his office at the Selangor police headquarters in Section 9 to talk about the incident.

“Thaiveegan and I agreed to cooperate and I am willing to work with them. I believe the police will do its work in a fair manner,” Saravanan said after the meeting.

According to Saravanan, several top cops from Bukit Aman were present during the meeting, including Arjunaidi.

“The way I see it, Thaiveegan is serious to investigate this matter,” he said.

Meanwhile, the two officers who committed the crime were also seen entering Thaiveegan’s office soon after the meeting ended.


Petaling Jaya district police chief, Arjunaidi Mohamed when contacted refused to comment on the matter.

“You have to check with the Selangor police headquarters. I can’t comment on this,” he said briefly.

Free Malaysia Today

Snatch thieves are cops!

Alfian ZM Tahir and G Vinod | August 26, 2013

Despite lodging a police report on the matter on July 3, B Saravanan claims that the police have yet to take action against the errant police officers.

PETALING JAYA: A lorry driver lodged a police report last month claiming that one of the snatch thieves he caught red handed was none other than a police officer.

In the report lodged at the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters on July 3, B Saravanan, 27, said that he was going out to lunch outside his office at Taman Mayang Jaya on that day, when he saw two men on a motorcycle trying to snatch a gold necklace from a foreign national.

“It was about 12 pm. I was going for lunch when I saw the thieves on a Yamaha LC bike attempting to snatch a necklace from an Indonesian lady.

“I immediately drove to the scene and rammed my car on their motorcycle, causing the duo to fall on the street,” said Saravanan.

He said that he got down from his car to face the thieves, getting into a scuffle with them. Unfortunately, the perpetrators overwhelmed him and even manage to snatch his gold chain.

Saravanan subsequently called up the police, who later arrived at the area to take pictures of the crime scene.

Suspects turn out to be policemen

“At 1pm, one Corporal Zamrus called me up to Kelana Jaya police station, asking my assistance to identify the thieves, which I did about three hours later.

“I managed to identify both men during the identification parade. To my shock, Zamrus told me that one of the suspects was a police officer,” alleged Saravanan in the report.

When contacted today Saravanan said that both suspects were indeed police officers. Saravanan further claimed that the investigating officer, known as Inspector Hasbullah, tried to talk him out of lodging a police report.

Read the full report below

Snatch thieves are cops!


Hi T***,

I like to share with you an interesting incident related to a recent snatch theft case, details of which I’m sure you reading this will view with some serious concerns.  I learnt about this incident through a fellow golfer and as it involved someone who is known to me as well, I decided to invite the involved party (Saras) to give me his side of the story and help him pursue the case.

Saravanan a/l Batumalai (NRIC: 860212-14-5325) is a technician working for Handling Equipment Engineering (HEE) based in Taman Mayang, Petaling Jaya.  HEE is the sole importer of a popular brand of golf trolley (Hill Billy) and Saras, as he’s popularly known to the golfing fraternity, is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the trolleys and accessories.  Copies of Saras’ Police Report number KELANA JAYA/007776/13 and Accident Report number TRAFIK PETALING JAYA/022617/13 dated 03/07/13 made at the Balai Polis Petaling Jaya are  enclosed, together with 3 photographs showing the damaged vehicles.

At about 12:15pm on Wednesday, 03/07/13, Saras witnessed a couple of Malay-looking guys riding a blue Yamaha LC motor bike (WQY 8590) snatch the gold chain of an Indonesian-looking lady walking along SS 26/15, Taman Mayang Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, where Saras’ place of work is located.  As Saras was in his car, he rammed into the motor bike, causing the two snatch thieves to fall.  One of them ran away whilst the other got up, restarted the motor bike and tried to speed away.  Saras rammed into the motor bike again, and this time the bike was partially squeezed under the car, rendering it immovable.  Saras decided to alight and tried to apprehend the second suspect and in the process, the second suspect threw several large stones picked up from the ground and hurled them at Saras.  All of them missed the target but instead, shattered Saras’ car windscreen (please see photos attached), as well as the side of the car.  Finally, the second suspect drew out a small knife and whilst lunging at Saras, pulled off Saras’ gold chain, then ran away.  Saras decided not to pursue the second suspect as he was armed; there was no further sign of the first suspect who had run away earlier.

After searching the area, Saras managed to retrieve a small gold locket (must have been from the Indonesian lady’s chain).  Meanwhile, the Indonesian lady had disappeared and to the best of Saras’ knowledge, she didn’t make any Police Report (probably an illegal immigrant?).  Whilst assessing the damage to his car, he called 999 and a Police patrol car arrived.  Saras also took photographs of the damaged vehicles.  The two Policemen were Police Constable Cetty (an Indian) and Corporal Zamrus (a Malay).  When the two PCs examined the motor bike, they expressed in surprise that it’s a Police motor bike from Balai Polis Kelana Jaya, where the Police patrol car is also based.  They softly suggested to Saras to go to Balai Polis Kelana Jaya to “settle the matter privately.”

Around 2:00pm, Saras drove his battered car to Balai Polis Kelana Jaya and at the same time arranged for a lorry to carry the damaged motor bike there as well.  He waited at the station for 2 hours, where he met PC Cetty and Corporal Zamrus, but both of them were waiting for further instructions from their superior/s, and told him to wait.  At about 4:00pm, Saras decided to go home, but at 5:00pm, he received a phone call from an Inspector Hasbullah from Balai Polis Kelana Jaya to go to the station to make a statement, which he did.  But this time, instead of driving his car there, Saras decided to have it towed to Balai Polis Kelana Jaya as the car’s steering was damaged in the course of ramming the motor bike twice and Saras was afraid that it might not be safe to drive it further.

At the Balai Polis, Inspector Hasbullah called out two Policemen in uniform and enquired if Saras knew them.  Saras was stunned as they were the two snatch thieves whom he rammed into, and fought with one of them just a few hours earlier.  Saras confirmed they were the suspects and the two suspects were then asked to go into another room whilst Inspector Hasbullah continued to discuss the case with Saras.  Saras was advised by Inspector Hasbullah that for the Accident Report, Saras has to go to Balai Polis Petaling Jaya as Kelana Jaya doesn’t have a Traffic Police Department.  Whilst at Balai Polis Kelana Jaya, Saras enquired from the counter the motor bike’s chassis number for the purpose of making the Accident Report.  Shocked at the sight of the two suspected snatch thieves being Policemen  based in Balai Polis Kelana Jaya, Saras decided not to make the Police Report against them in the very Balai Polis where they are based, for fear of cover-up.  He decided to make both reports (Accident Report # TRAFIK PETALING JAYA/022617/13 and Police Report # KELANA JAYA/007776/13) at Balai Polis Petaling Jaya that same night, instead.

A couple of days later, the Police sent a team over to Handling Equipment Engineering to see if there was any CCTV evidence of the snatch theft and the subsequent ramming of the motor bike by Saras.  There was none.  They interviewed some staff, including one of the Managers who had no knowledge of the incident as he wasn’t around at the time, but omitted to interview the various other staff who saw Saras fighting with the second suspect from the windows of the office.

Saras was called to attend an Identification Parade by Inspector Hasbullah at the Balai Polis Petaling Jaya around 5:00pm on Friday, 19/07/13, where he clearly identified the two Policemen from Balai Polis Kelana Jaya as the suspects riding their motor bike that he rammed into on 03/07/13.  Since then, and up to today (19/08/13), Saras has not been contacted by anyone from either Balai Polis Kelana Jaya nor Balai Polis Petaling Jaya.

We are quite concerned that this case may end up as another “No Further Action” (NFA) case due to the adverse publicity it can bring to the Police Force.  In the meantime, it does make us wonder why most reports on snatch thefts are treated so flippantly by the Police officers taking the reports.  One cannot help thinking if it is a case of protecting their own team-mates.  And how many of the cases of snatch thefts and other crimes are committed by Police officers whilst out-of-uniform?

Saras may be contacted through his mobile phones (012-382 9961 and 016-380 2671) for further details.  As a side note: damage to Saras car would be in the region of close to RM5,000 (he has already paid RM3,800 for work done so far but doesn’t have the money to replace the damaged bumper nor to respray the car) and I understand that because it involved a motor bike, it is not covered by his insurance company, as this is what Saras informed me.

I hope that you will be able to follow-up on this case as it would be a shame to Saras especially, and all law-abiding citizens, to know that the Police are not following up further on this case for whatever reason.  Based on the motor bike’s chassis number and registration numbers, it wouldn’t be too difficult to ascertain the ownership of the motor bike.  Hopefully, it’s just a case of “further investigation” by the Police and not a case of “No Further Action” being the reason for the lack of feedback from the Police.

Saras, who can ill-afford it, has sacrificed damage to his car and was even prepared to suffer serious injury (possibly even his life) for the sake of justice for the poor Indonesian lady.  I’m hoping that with your help, his sacrifice will not be in vain.  As a matter of courtesy to Saras, I’m copying him and his brother with this email so that they are kept informed on the information I’m passing on to you.





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