Indian and Gangster? Is there more to the statistics than racial profiling?





August 2013

More than 40,000 suspected gang members were tracked by police, based on several years of built-up of intelligence. Their conclusion: 71% Indian, 23% Chinese and 5% Malay.

Bukit Aman: 71pct of gang members are Indians

18 April 2017

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Can no longer blame racial profiling?


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Indian Gangsterism: An Issue Overdue For Systematic Action

A Commentary by Ravindran Raman Kutty 


KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) — I was shocked to read a weekly business publication highlighting the issue of gangsterism and supporting its case by providing the following data as per the race profile of Malaysians. Malays 1,923, Chinese 8,214, Indians 28,926, Sabahans 329, Sarawakians 921.

Although shocked with the data, I did manage to reach out to a few friends and to solicit data in the form of a survey on this issue. The results by all my survey respondents unanimously agreed that we must look at the root cause of the problem, and not just the clinical surface of the matter.

Though gangsterism has affected all the societies and communities, I am focusing on the Indians, as the data points to an alarming concern of their involvement in this issue. It is indeed scary and frightening to learn that 71.75% of the gangsters are of Indian origin…

Lack of Role Models. The tendency to associate themselves with ‘popular’ gangsters or characters involved in violence is quite prevalent among the Indian youths. This is evident when large gatherings of Indian youths turn up to ‘celebrate’ the funerals of gangsters who have met violent deaths. A survey conducted in an urban secondary school on who is the role model for Indian students presented shocking results whereby 78% had no role models, while the remaining 22% emulated Tamil movie actors like Rajnikanth, Vijay or Ajit as their role models.
…A police finding showed that there was a significant pattern in crime, when Tamil movies like Thalapathy and Kabali and many more gangster movies were released in our country. Many of the youths got way laid to believe that their Tamil movie role models were real and they followed such footsteps in order to make it big, through gangsterism.
The Indians are the biggest customers and audience of ASTRO, and no matter how poor they might be, the roofs of their homes are still adorned with an ASTRO satellite dish. The ASTRO Tamil channels broadcast Tamil movies and serials based on the Indian settings 24/7, thus further influencing the Indians youths who are made to believe that crime pays.

(The commentary above is solely the opinion of the writer and does not reflect Bernama’s stand on the matters highlighted)


11 Feb 2017

2h2 hours ago

It was a gang symbol, not Hindu, say police


GEORGE TOWN: The symbol that got a group arrested during Thaipusam here on Thursday was identical to the Nazi symbol used by gangs here and not the sacred and auspicious Hindu swastika.

This was said by Northeast District police chief ACP Mior Faridalathrash Wahid.

He issued the statement in response to Penang PKR youth leader A. Kumaresan who said the wing regretted the arrests of the 20 people in relation to the kavadi bearing the Nazi symbol.

Kumaresan had said the police should have referred the matter to the Hindu authorities before taking such action.

But Mior said today that the use of the Nazi symbol is not only condemned by the world community but that it was typical of gangs to use it here as their reference to aggression, violence and hatred.

“In our heterogeneous society, we cannot tolerate nor condone the use of the Nazi symbol. Thaipusam draws visitors from all over the world and we should not portray this condemned symbol as part of our culture,” he said in a statement today.


Police: Kavadi bore Nazi symbol, not Hindu swastika

The symbol used on a particular kavadi during the Thaipusam celebration in George Town on Thursday was identical to the Nazi symbol and not the sacred and auspicious Hindu swastika, said Northeast District police chief ACP Mior Faridalathrash Wahid.

He said the use of the Nazi symbol is condemned by the world community and that it was typical of gangs to use the Nazi symbol as their reference to aggression, violence and hatred.


Photo: Swastika, but ain’t Nazi


Indians are OVER-REPRESENTED in the figures of people shot dead by the Police!

Jan 2009-August 2013
Number of people shot dead 124

Malays   56 (56/124 = 45%)
Indians  41  (41/124 = 33%)
Chinese  23  (23/124 = 18.5%)
Bumiputera (Sabah and Sarawak) 4  (4/124 = 3%)

Malaysian Insider

Malays form majority of those shot dead by police, says minister

September 24, 2013

The Home Minister revealed today that Malays made up the highest number of people shot dead by police.

Citing statistics from January 2009 to August this year, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the number of Malays gunned down stood at 56, followed by 41 Indians, 23 Chinese and four of Bumiputera background (Sabah and Sarawak).

September 24, 2013.


Saturday September 14, 2013 MYT 1:34:19 PM

IGP: More Malays than Indians arrested under Ops Cantas

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have arrested over 15,000 Malays as compared to only 3,000 Indian suspects under Ops Cantas so far, said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar

He was responding to questions from reporters over claims that the force was racial profiling criminals and only targeting a specific race in their crackdown operations.

“I’ve heard these slanderous comments. ‘Police are racists.’ ‘Only targeting one race’. This is not true.

“For your information, under Ops Cantas, most people that we have arrested are Malays.

He affirmed that race was not a factor when it came to apprehending criminals, saying “I don’t care if you are Indian or Chinese or Malay. If you are on the wrong side of the law, you will be prosecuted.” he said.

IGP: More Malays than Indians arrested under Ops Cantas

Malaysian Insider

Indian community divided over gangsterism claim

September 02, 2013
Latest Update: September 02, 2013 01:14 pm

The recent disclosure by Malaysian authorities that ethnic Indians made up 71% of the 40,313 gangsters in Malaysia has divided the community, with some complaining about racial profiling but others acknowledging the sad fact.

The festering issue came under the spotlight in the Singapore Straits Times today, which said the profile of the gangs spoke volumes about the struggles of some Malaysian-Indians against poverty, a lack of education and neglect by the government and their own Indian leaders.

MIC Youth secretary C. Sivarrajah said the disclosure by Home Ministry secretary-general Datuk Abdul Rahim Mohamad Radzi could mean racial profiling of Indians could worsen. He pointed out that there were many cases of Indian youths who had died in police custody.

Others denied Abdul Rahim’s claim as the Malays formed nearly 60 per cent of the population but only 1,923 were involved in gangsterism. They also pointed out that there were a lot of Mat Rempit gangs on the road.


Now, a top cop has come up with a link between being loyal to the country and not being a gangster. Sorry, but we think that this is an example of SHALLOW THINKING!

He argues like this:
Indian gangsters are not patriotic. Teach them to be patriotuc, and being patriotic, they won’t be gangsters any longer.


01 September 2013| last updated at 12:52PM

Instil patriotism to prevent Indians from falling into crime: Cop

KUALA LUMPUR — The spirit of patriotism should be instilled in the Indian community from an early age to prevent youths from descending into criminal activities.

Selangor deputy police chief DCP Datuk A.Thaiveegan, who has served in the force for 29 years, stressed that patriotism was not just about waving flags but must also be demonstrated by respecting the laws of the country.

He felt that someone who loved their country would not engage in any immoral activities but prefer to serve society instead.

Despite all the facilities available to everyone across the board, we see a lot of young people falling into gangsterism, robbery and burglary just to get quick money. They don’t think of the consequences and how it affects their future,” he told Bernama recently.

MIC Secretary, C Sivarraajh, claimed that the community was discriminated against as a few Indian Malaysians spotted in a vehicle were commonly stopped by the authorities.


MIC Youth claims Indians being racially profiled

MIC Youth today described the government and police as having adopted racial profiling in combatting gangsterism. which led to discrimination toward the Indian Malaysian community.

MIC Youth considered the allegation by the Home Ministry that  28,926 Indian Malaysian were involved in gangsterism as alarming and something needs to be done, said its secretary C Sivarraajh.

“We have to do something. MIC should take the lead and work with the police. We want not only to solve the problem, but also to look at the preventive measures,” he said after handling over a memorandum to the police at Bukit Aman earlier today.

“(However,)we seriously disagree with racial profiling (by the police and government), because this will give  a bad perception and bad image about us overall, as though there’s a lot of Indian gangsters,” Sivaraajh (centre in photo) said.

MIC Youth claims Indians being racially profiled

Hari Chandran Lavinnia Ponnusamy
All indians should watch this video……..
Length: 12:40

The Sundaily

Indian gangs originated from Chinese triads

PETALING JAYA (Aug 27, 2013): The Gang 04, that made headlines lately, and other notorious gangs with Indians as their core figures such as Gang 08, Gang 36 and Gang 18 originated from Chinese traditional organised crime organisations or triads.

These gangs are now run by Indians and the once Chinese “taiko” (big brothers) have morphed into financial backers, many of whom have legal businesses.

According to a report in Sin Chew Daily today, Federal police (Bukit Aman) Criminal Investigation Department director Deputy Commissioner of Police Datuk Hadi Ho Abdullah said Indians account for more than 70% of underground societies followed by Chinese, with more than 25%, and Malays, at 4.77%.

Police sources said Gang 36, and not Gang 04, is the country’s most notorious triad. The 36 gang is an off-shoot of the long existing Chinese triad, Hung Meng Hooi.

There are still Chinese in Gang 36 but most of them are financial backers and are involved in real estate and other legal businesses.

Gang 04, which saw five of its members shot dead in a police raid recently, is a spin-off from the Wah Kee secret society, which was very active in the ’80s.

For the full article, read

Indian gangs originated from Chinese triads


PKR accuses cops of racial profiling
12:04PM Aug 25, 2013

Is it possible for 71 percent of secret society members are from a community that makes up only seven percent of the population?

PKR vice-president N Surendran doesn’t think so and believed that the figure was likely the result of racial profiling.

“We believe that this bloated figure is caused by systematic and long-term racial profiling of the Indian community by police and other enforcement authorities.

“The figure is as high as 71 percent simply because the police have been targeting the Indian community in their operations,” he said in a press release today.

Surendran said that if the police were to be believed it would mean that there is a national crisis involving the Indian community.

“If true, why has this astonishing figure not been revealed to the public before?” he asked.

Surendran warned that the racial profiling methods allegedly employed by the police had led to the harassment, unlawful arrest and breaches of fundamental rights of many Indians.

“More dangerously, it also results in rough treatment of Indians in police custody.That Indians have been victims in many high-profile death in custody cases is a clear result of consistent racial profiling.

PKR accuses cops of racial profiling

Free Malaysia Today photo


More than 40,000 suspected gang members were tracked by police, based on several years of built-up of intelligence. Their conclusion: 71% Indian, 23% Chinese and 5% Malay.


Bukit Aman: 71pct of gang members are Indians

Director of criminal investigations (CID) Bukit Aman Hadi Ho Abdullah said the police records of known gang members revealed that 71 percent were Indians.

Today at the Crime Prevention Forum, Hadi said that of those on the police list of recognised gang members as of July 30, 71 percent were Indians, 23 percent were Chinese and that just under five percent were Malays.

He said that the statistics were of the over 40,000 suspected gang members tracked by police, based on several years of built-up of intelligence.

During his presentation, he noted that Indian gangs have been using southern Thailand as a safe haven.“We have detected recently, certain gangs, especially Indian gangs, have established safe havens in the south of Thailand. Our concern is that now they are networking and that it is another area for them to expand,” Hadi said.

“Since the removal of preventative detention laws, we see a new trend by gangs revealing their existence without fear.”

He added that gangs there were now using online media to promote themselves, openly recruiting new members and also being involved in non-government organisations.

Bukit Aman: 71pct of gang members are Indians

Free Malaysia Today

Turf war: Why are police not acting against gangs?

Athi Shankar | August 11, 2013

Amidst the recent spate of shootings and killings, police attitude towards ensuring public safety is puzzling.

GEORGE TOWN: The sudden surge in shootings and killings across the country suggests that our society could well be heading towards a wild wild west social landscape.

Recent happenings appear to indicate that Malaysians are trigger happy and turning violent, especially after the 13th General Election.

Police however have blamed the shootings and fatalities on gangland rivalries.

The law enforcers claim gangs like 036, 04, 08 are fighting for territorial control.

Police have produced past criminal records of these victims as if to justify the killings.

But not many among the public believe it.

Some concerned citizens here believe that the shootings and killings were carried out systematically by powerful hidden hands.

They claimed gangs would not engage themselves in an open warfare because it would only be detrimental to their interests.

Public view is that gangsters may attempt to kill each once or even twice just to send their message across.

But finally gangsters would rather sit at a table and clinch a truce for a win-win situation to safeguard mutual interests and benefits.

“Such shootings won’t go on and on,” opined some concerned citizens.


Saturday August 10, 2013 MYT 9:46:32 AM

Gang 36 one of the most feared in the nation

KUALA LUMPUR: Gang 36 was originally made up of Chinese members before it was taken over by Indians to become one of the most feared secret societies in the country.

The gang’s evolution has been attributed to the growing reluctance of its Chinese founding members to get involved in the “nitty-gritty” of organised crime.

“Tired of getting their hands dirty, they recruited Indians to do it,” said a crime expert who declined to be named.

“After some time, the Chinese gangsters were outnumbered by the Indians and before long, it was being seen as an Indian gang. But that is not completely true as most gangs in Malaysia have a racially diverse membership,” he said.

The expert said there were still Chinese members in Gang 36, but they played a more passive role as “investors”. They pour money into the gang to fund its activities which allow them to double their money.

“Most of the time they would have legitimate jobs like in real estate.”

The influx of Indians into gangs was also due to the country’s current socioeconomic climate and the unstructured nature of the criminal underworld itself, said MIC Youth chief T. Mohan.

“Poverty plays a huge role. More and more Indian youths are driven to join gangs because they feel they have no other way to make a living,” he said.

He said new gangsters claimed they belonged to a certain gang for the sake of being associated. He disagreed with talk that the current spate of shootings were coordinated assassinations in a turf war.

“The gangs are not that organised. These shootings are unrelated disputes between small groups which have a newfound freedom to use firearms,” he said.

Gang 36 one of the most feared in the nation – Nation | The Star Online

Free Malaysia Today

Set up task force to combat Indian gangs

Priscilla Prasena | July 11, 2013

An Indian based non-governmental organization wants Selangor deputy police chief A Thaiveegan to lead a police task force to eradicate problems created by Indian gangs.

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Indian Progressive Association (MIPAS) wants the police to form a special task force to handle issues pertaining to Indian gangsters.

“This task force should be headed by a high ranking Indian police officer, because an Indian officer would be more receptive and effective in tackling the matter. The person would be able to understand the culture and the background better,” MIPAS secretary general S Barathidasan said today.

This is the second NGO which is making the call.In September last year, the People’s Welfare and Rights Organisation (Power) president S Gobi Krishnan suggested that the government look into the Indian gangsterism issue, which he claimed was the cause of high crime rate in the country.

Gobi Krishnan also wanted a bipartisan effort from Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Rakyat to push for “zero gangsterism” agenda.

Baratidasan urged the government to get NGO participation in the task force and that MIPAS was willing to assist the police on the matter.


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