Former Cabinet Minister Zaid: Malaysia no different from Taliban rule





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Cracks in the mosaic

“Don’t be smug, Malaysia with skyscrapers and monorail, and wealthy trappings. Deep inside, no different from Taliban country.”
– Former Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim through his Twitter account @zaidibrahim

IF such a statement had come from one of the loud-mouthed politicians seeking his five minutes of fame, it could be dismissed or taken with a pinch of salt. When a former member of the cabinet provides such an insight in just over 100 characters, one has to sit up and reflect on the course of events leading to such analysis.

While it has been the policy of this columnist to abstain from touching on issues of race, religion and politics, Zaid’s opinion must be viewed from a perspective of an individual plying his trade in a multiracial, multi-religious and multi-cultural society.

What has our society come to?

What has gone wrong with a system that has withstood all the tests and tribulations? What happened to the feeling of “brotherhood”, camaraderie, amity and fellowship that we all treasured and nurtured?

Zealots (most of them self-appointed) seem to want to impose their will and blinkered views on fellow citizens with little regard for common sense and decency.

While this scribe can dismiss and ignore them as “they do not affect me”, there is always a timely reminder in one’s conscience that these unfair and sometimes outdated commands affect the entire population.

As much as one wants to dismiss Zaid’s views, it becomes increasingly difficult. So many questions have been asked but the ultimate one will be: Are our leaders willing to change their stands and lead a society of people who are willing to call ourselves Malaysians?

Can we as citizens act and conduct ourselves in such a manner that we can prove Zaid wrong? Herein rests the remedies and solutions to most of the ills that afflict our country.

R. Nadeswaran looks forward to the day when he is able to sit with friends at the table and share what’s in front of them without inhibitions. Comments:



Cracks in the mosaic


Zaid: Malaysia no different from Taliban rule

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 3 — Beneath its veneer of modernity, Malaysia is no different from a country governed by Taliban radicals, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said today in his latest tirade against the country’s religious authorities.

Triggered off by an editorial published in Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia today that lauded fast action by Islamic powers-that-be on alleged insults to Islam, the former Cabinet minister questioned whether the same indignation would have existed if it had been any other religion under attack.

“Don’t be smug, Malaysia with skyscrapers and monorail, and wealthy trappings. Deep inside, no different from Taliban country,” Zaid tweeted through his @zaidibrahim Twitter account today.

Zaid also said yesterday that the arrest of dog trainer Maznah Mohd Yusof over an Aidilfitri video featuring her dogs was a result of paranoia.

Weighing in on the ongoing action against Shi’ites in the country, Zaid also said that books he has read by Iranian scholars of the school are “far more profound” than what is taught here, which he pinned as the cause of the recent crackdown on followers of the school in Malaysia.

Last Thursday, Zaid posted a series of tweets lashing out against the authorities over what he perceived to be a trigger-happy reaction to issues concerning Muslims and Islam.

The former de facto law minister during the Abdullah administration said that Muslims doing anything outside the norm, like keeping dogs as pets or buying lottery tickets, are not tolerated.

“They are treated like criminals; remanded; become subject of speeches by top leaders. Muslims are protected species,” he tweeted.


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