The Return of BLACK 505: Bigger and Better!


All the #Blackout505 Rallies, and Others…



The Mother of all Black505 Rallies: Kelana Jaya!
120,000 attended.

Malaysia Chronicle

Wednesday, 10 July 2013 13:59

BLACK 505 to return BIGGER & BETTER: Better act fast – Johari warns govt

Written by Malaysia Chronicle

KUALA LUMPUR – PKR’s national Black 505 director Johari Abdul said the people’s movement will soon be making a return with a new “bigger and better” program than the previous series of rallies that have so far drawn at least half a million Malaysians to gather peacefully to demand the resignation of the Election Commission’s top panel.

“Black 505’s objective was to make sure all that the chairman, deputy chairman and all EC commissioners resign. That was the main reason why we formed Black 505 and we went round the country and until and unless they resign, we will not stop there,” Johari, who is also the MP for Sungei Petani, told Malaysia Chronicle.

“We are thinking big and so I think the government better act fast. Yes, thinking big and we are going around again. We will probably be bigger than the (previous series of) Black 505.”

Johari declined to give details of the ‘new’ Black 505 series but a second round of rallies may start in conjunction with the campaigning for the Kuala Besut by-election due to be balloted on July 24.

A more concerted campaign is expected to follow after the fasting month, which begins today.


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