Breaking News: Lynas fails to get injunction to gag NGOs


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Lynas fails to gag SMSL

Teoh El Sen | July 26, 2012

The judge orders the rare earth miner to pay RM5,000 in costs

KUALA LUMPUR: Australian rare earth miner Lynas has failed in its bid to stop the Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL) pressure group from continuing to publish information that it deems defamatory.

The High Court today dismissed its application for an injunction against SMSL and ordered it pay RM5,000 in costs.

Expert views

SMSL’s lawyer, Bastian Pius Vendargon, argued that the article was based on expert views and reports, as well as reports from witnesses whom the defendants would produce during the trial.

He submitted that the right to freedom of speech under Article 10 of the Federal Constitution would not easily permit the granting of injunctions to restrain that right.


Meanwhile, Bastian said the court’s decision today is a “victory for freedom of speech”, noting that the judge had rightly recognised the constitutional rights.

He said the SMSL will be applying for the defamation suit to be heard in the Kuantan High Court.

He also said that he would be filing another application for a court order to obtain certain documents that Lynas is refusing to release to his clients.

Reacting to the decision, a crowd of some 50 SMSL supporters cheered outside the court.

Said Tan: “This is a small victory for us and is an indication of a good start for the civil movement. When we have no ulterior motives but for the people’s interest, we should not be muzzled. When the trial starts, we will further demonstrate that whatever we’ve commented on Lynas are truly facts.”



Lynas fails to get injunction to gag NGOs
  • Aidila Razak
  • 3:14PM Jul 26, 2012

Rare earth company Lynas Corporation today failed in its bid to gag NGO Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL) from making public statements against it.



Court rejects Lynas suit against SMSLLatest News

KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court has rejected the injunction application by Lynas against SMSL Sdn Bhd and five others from publishing defamatory statement against it.



Lynas’ official website hacked, again
10:23AM Jul 26, 2012

The official website of Lynas Corp that is building  the controversial the rare earths Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (Lamp) in Gebeng, Kuantan, has been hacked again today.

NONEThe website was hit by a black screen with a Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia logo, apparently in protest at efforts for the company to proceed with its plans to begin operations after receiving a temporary operating license (TOL) from the government.

Later this morning the hacked site was rendered inaccessible.

The site was hacked last February, concurrently with the massive rally in Kuantan against the plant that locals fear may pose a radiation hazard.

Anti-Lynas group Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL) today await a court verdict on Lynas’s application for an injunction to silence criticism against the plant.

Lynas’ official website hacked, again


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