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Published on Aug 4, 2015

Dato’ Brother Vincent Corkery’s 70th jubilee as a Christian brother (Fratres Scholarum Christianarum) at St. Michael’s Insititution, Ipoh, Malaysia on the 3rd of August 2015.

05 Words of appreciation for Dato’ Brother Vincent Corkery by St Michael’s Institution Ipoh

  • JOINING the La Sallian Brothers was one of the best decisions made by SMK St Michael Ipoh Brother Director Datuk Brother Vincent J. Corkery. Brother Vincent, 85, said there were no regrets as he had enriching and challenging experiences throughout his life since setting foot in Malaya in 1948.Sep 2, 2014


May Day with some teachers who had influenced our lives in so many ways, thanks to Kit Lee! Picture by Wai Leng. — with Kit Lee, Chew Beng Leong, Timothy Chee and Peter Loke.



NST reports on the Old Michaelians dinner ONE MONTH LATER. Better late than never, right?

IPOH: Some 700 former students of St Michael’s Institution attended the school’s 81st annual dinner at the Red Crescent Hall here, recently.

Click on this link for photos and the short, full report:

Old Michaelian Association dinner 2014


SMI makes it into The Star’s list of haunted places!

The Star

Sunday November 24, 2013 MYT 12:01:57 PM

Haunted by the supernatural

SM St Michael.

St Michael’s Institution, Ipoh, Perak

SCHOOLS – another thriving abode for supernatural phantasms in Malaysia. Everyone who attended one of the missionary schools in the country will have a story to tell, all related to the Japanese Occupation.

St Michael’s Institution is believed to be a Japanese secret police headquarters, and obviously a torture centre, during the war.

The school building also reportedly has many tunnels – now sealed off – that were used by the Japanese soldiers and prisoners. Most of the sightings, however, purportedly occurred in the fourth floor chapel, where a headless Brother (one of the missionary founders of the school) in a black robe was seen “praying” in front of the monks’ quarters.

From Thomas Nathan

Dear Michaelians and friends
Want to know more about coffee, how to distinguish between the various coffee beans and ways of preparation and its health benefits?
To conclude another eventful year, come and join us for a lunch with a talk on Coffee  and more importantly, great Michaelian/ Lasallian  fellowship on Saturday 6th November 2013 at Mbuji  ground floor  of Tropicana Mall PJ from 11.30 am till 3pm.
Do contact Charles and I  for tickets at rm 35. Limited tickets on a first come basis.
Do help us publicise able this  event by forwarding this email to your friends !
Hope to see you again!
Michael lip
President 2013/2014

SMI Alumni Association Klang Valley


Dinner at KC Leong’s, Rapat Setia, Ipoh.
Saturday, 5 October 2013















  • 2 Oct 2013
  • Metro Perak

Joyous occasion

Former SMK St Michael Ipoh students celebrate the Ruby Jubilee of their former director in an annual dinner.

Loh, a former student at the school and three others each received certificates to celebrate their Ruby Jubilee from Brother Vincent. They are among 90 ex-students who attended the joyous occasion, with some of them receiving their certificates to celebrate their Golden and Silver Jubilee. Some former students who came back for the event were from as far as Switzerland, Australia and Singapore.

SMK St Michael Ipoh principal Loh Wei Seng (second from left), former school Brother Director Datuk Brother Vincent Corkery (third from left) and several former students from the Class of 73’ singing the school rally during the Old Michaelians Association annual dinner at the school on Saturday.

Joyous occasion

5 August 2013
Golden Anniversary Picture, 1963-2013 !
— with Yat Hee Chan, Beng Leong Quah, Simon Thong Wee Hing, Kenneth Kokhoong Woo, Kum Yuen Leong, Gordon Choo, Nick KC Leong and Rudy Fok.


View of SMI from the Riverfront Hotel

29 June 2013 001


From Lai Kok Hoong’s album



Ipohworld’s World

Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

July 1963 Swimmers of SMI


  • ika

    Jeffrey Thong sent the following email via Robert de Silva:

    Hi all,

    I cannot all of them but the following are the one I remembered.

    Back row from left to right. no1. Ng Whai Khim, no 3. Jeffrey Thong (that’s me), no. 4. Har Kee Hoe, no. 7. Professor Dr. Thong Yee Hing (my brother, also in Brisbane), no 8. Lee Soon Hoe (not certain), no 11, Tzeng Keng Yam.
    Seated from left to right. no. 1. Lim Cho Teow, no. 2. Lee Soon Keong, centre, Bro Paul, no 4. known him as Chiew,

    Front row from left to right: no. 3 is Lim Cho Kean, no. 4 is Lee Kee Fong

    Jeffrey Thong.

    Robert also wrote:

    Jeffery Thong ,that is definitely you at 13 . then there is Lim Hui Min, our year in Science, Ong Tek Sing?, Adrian Tsen?

    can anyone identify the others.
    Standing on the left ,second looks like Ang who worked with Pos Malaysia in Ipoh.

    IKA say. Thanks, we are definitely getting somewhere now. Keep up the good work everybody.

    • Ignatius Chiew

      Hi all

      I checked the school magazine 1963 Michaelian. The photo is not there, but under swimming photos I can identify some people. That year had 2 school swimming teams – Team A and Team B. Team A was unbeaten in 1963 and members were Lim Cho Tiau(that’s the spelling in the magazine), Lee Soon Keong, Teng Ah Chiew(Captain), Thong Yee Hing and Chong Chun Nee.

      Team B members were John Choong(Captain), Lim Ho Min(the spelling in the magazine is Ho) Toh Kee How, Ng Wai Kim, and Tsen Keng Yam. The first 2 are standing 4th and 5th. I am uncertain of the others.

      I have magazines of the years that I was in SMI and recently I scanned them into pdf format. These were given to Bro Vincent. Your archive is good for storing them. The copy rights for the magazines still belong to SMI. I suggest you approach Bro Vincent for that. The websites and blogs for SMI that I have come across most probably cannot host the collection, which run into hundreds of Mb – about a CD’s storage.


Francis S.P. Ng studied at St Michael’s Institution.



Tropical Horticulture & Gardening serve the needs of professionals as well as amateurs in tropical horticulture and gardening. The core of this book provides information on 1,000 species of tropical garden plants, ranging from ferns and herbs to shrubs and giant trees. Growing tips are provided, based mainly on my personal experience. However, differences in soil, climate and genes make it necessary for gardeners to experiment and adapt in every locality. This book promotes an experimental and adaptive rather than a rigid approach. A green thumb is no more that an understanding of plant behaviour acquired rough observation and experiment.

Francis S.P. Ng took up gardening in the 1950s in Kampong Simee, at the edge of Ipoh town in Malaysia. Kampong Simee was one of the new villages ringed by barbed wire, within which rural people were resettled during the Malayan Emergency. Each household was provided with a small plot of land. He grew bananas, tapioca, beans, lettuces, cabbages and other tropical food plants on his family plot. He studied at St Michael’s Institution, run by the La Salle Brothers, mostly from Ireland. The Brothers inspired him to win an Australian Colombo Plan scholarship to the University of Tasmania (1960-1964), where he graduated with honours in botany. The scholarship came with a bond to serve the government of newly independent Malaysia. Assigned to the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), he managed its arboretum, one of the largest in the tropics, which he expanded by adding 300 more species of trees. He was also assigned to work with Dr T.C. Whitmore, to explore the forests and to document the trees of the Malay Peninsula�a total of 2830 species. A British Colombo Plan scholarship enabled him to take his doctoral degree in Oxford University, Wolfson College (1968�1971). Back in Malaysia, he served on Kuala Lumpur�s first urban planting committee, and was in charge of growing the proposed (later dropped) Malaysian national botanic garden in Kuala Lumpur.

International Collaborative Partner of UTAR Global Research Network

Dr. Francis Ng
Consultant Botanist
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Oxford, England, 1968-1971.
B.Sc (Hons), University of Tasmania, Australia, 1960-1964.


    • Consultant
      1. Botanical Consultant to Bandar Utama City Centre Sdn Bhd 2000-present (Rainforest in the Mall and Rooftop flower garden ‘Secret Garden of 1 Utama’)
      2. Consultant to FRIM on historical development of forestry research in Malaysia, 2009
      3. Forestry Consultant to a Forest Management Corporation in Sabah, 2009 (Restoration of logged forests)
      4. Botanical and Landscape Consultant to a proposed tourist centre in Sabah, 2009 (Natural ecology and development of a fruit growing and exhibition centre)
      5. Botanical and Landscape Consultant to National Stud Farm, Ipoh, 2009 (improvement of landscape)
      6. Botanical Consultant to Sarawak Biodiversity Centre, 2002-present (Ethnobotanical garden and native plant knowledge documentation).
      7. Lead consultant for Planning and Development of a Natural History Museum in Malaysia, 2007 – 2008.
      8. Botanical consultant to FRIM for the Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak, 1999-2006.
      9. Botanical consultant to Forest Department, Brunei, for the Tree Flora of Brunei. 2000.
  • Director of Research Support Division :
    – Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Indonesia, 1 Aug 1994 – 31 Dec 1997
  • Chief, Forest Research, Education and Training Branch :
    – FAO of the United Nations, Rome, Italy, 13 Feb 1991 – 31 Jul 1994
  • Deputy Director General :
    – Forest Research Institute, Malaysia (FRIM), 1 Sep 1986 – 31 Dec 1990

Research Interests

  • Plants, landscapes, gardens and forests

Publications & Presentations

  • Author of books : Tropical Horticulture and Gardening; Clearwater Publications 2006. Manual of Forest Fruits, Seeds and Seedlings 2 vols; FRIM 1991-2. The Tropical Garden City – Its Creation and Maintenance; FRIM 1990

Awards & Honours

  • David Fairchild Award for botanical exploration 2009 (an international award established in the USA)
  • Fellow, Academy of Sciences Malaysia, elected 1998
  • FRIM Scientific Achievement Award, 1 Oct 1991
  • Honorary Life Member of Malaysian Nature Society, 1990
  • Malaysian Order of Chivalry K.M.N. (Kesatria Mangku Negara), 1982
  • Malaysian King’s Scout Award, 1958

Professional Activities

  • Consulting Editor:
    – Journal of Tropical Forest Science. 2005 to present.

Professional Membership

  • Member of Institute of Foresters Malaysia

Countries worked in

  • Asia: Malaysia (all states, including Sabah and Sarawak), Indonesia (Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali, Kemodo), Philippines, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China (mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong), South Korea, Japan, Iran, Australia, Samoa.
  • Africa: Burkina Faso, Kenya, Botswana
  • Americas: USA, Costa Rica


  • 15 May 2013
  • Metro Perak
  • Stories by CHERYL HEW

Eager beavers ready for walk

SMK St Michael students cannot wait for Ipoh International Starwalk 2013

From page 1 ALTHOUGH his leg is still recovering from an injury, SMK St Michael student Saiyed Muhd Amirul Saiyed Sulaiman is looking forward to participating in the I poh International Starwalk 2013.

Fifteen year- old Saiyed Muhd Amirul said he injured his leg at a District Schools Sports Council ( MSSD) event earlier this year.

“My leg is better now and I think I need to move it more to strengthen it.

“I will, however, be taking it easy and will not put too much pressure on it and just enjoy the walk with my friends,” he said.

He a dded that he initially wanted to join the competition category but did not do so due to the injury.

“I will definitely join the competition category next year and aim for a medal,” he said.

Form Three friends Jasvinder Singh, Balvinder Singh and R. Deevandran, 15, saw the walk as a chance to mix with students from other s chools.

“We want to participate for the experience and fun at mosphere.

“Besides making friends with new people, we can also use the o pport unity to release s o me stress from studying for our Penilaian Menengah Rendah ( PMR) exams,” Balvinder s ai d.

School principal Loh Wei Seng praised the walk as a healthy activity that all students s hould take part in.

“We hope to send more students to the walk t his year,” she said.


For more info, kindly contact Patrick Lai – 016-549 6013 or Debbie Lai – 016-301 8382.

Saturday 20 April 2013



Today the Lord has called upon Francis Lai to where he belongs to. He was a great husband,father and a friend. May his soul rest in peace.Funeral will be held on Monday morning 22/04/2013 at St Ignatius Church, 9am.For more info, kindly contact Patrick Lai – 016-549 6013 or Debbie Lai – 016-301 8382.
April 26, 2012 



The musical was staged from April 12 to 14.


19 April 2013| last updated at 09:08PM

Lion King raises RM110,000 for St Michael’s


IPOH: NINETY students from St Michael’s Institution (SMI) raised RM110,000 with a performance of the musical, The Lion King.

The students attired in colourful costumes mesmerised the crowd with an emotional yet comical musical, held at the school hall.

SMI principal Loh Wei Seng said the musical was the school’s 61st production.

“The funds will be used for general maintenance and repair work of the century-old school,” she said.


St Mike’s Bistro Restaurant

The owner, Harold Kong, is in the middle.



7 April 2013| last updated at 09:14PM

Restaurant inspired by school

Manager Siew Kok Leong said the owner, Harold Kong, was an alumni of SMI and wanted to remind visitors of his school and invoke the nostalgia of its yesteryear.

DELICIOUS: St Mike’s Bistro Restaurant. The bistro serves big portions that can be shared such as the half chicken in garlic barbecue or mushroom sauce and smoked duck pasta

IPOH: THE St Mike’s Bistro Restaurant in Jalan Sultan Idris  Shah here  is a tribute to the famous boys’ secondary school, St Michael’s Institution (SMI).

Apart from being named after the school, framed photographs of the school’s colonial building are also on the eatery walls.

“It definitely lends charm to the premises, which is also housed in a pre-war shop lot,” said Siew.

He pointed out however that the attraction still hinges on the eatery’s western food menu.

“Our customers need not worry about being served measly portions that are not value for money.

“Apart from being rich in flavour, individual meals are served in generous portions that are usually fit for sharing,” he said.

He said the signature main dishes include half chicken in garlic barbecue or mushroom sauce and smoked duck pasta.

“The pan seared butter fish, which is a recent addition to the menu, is also a gaining popularity,” said Siew.

For appetisers, there is the Kick S shrimps which is sauteed shrimp in a spicy Cajun herb sauce, served in a large cocktail glass.

Prices range from RM11.90 to RM45.90
Read more: Restaurant inspired by school – Northern – New Straits Times


A rugby tournament for the nation’s best school alumni rugby teams…



St Michael’s Institution (SMI) is presenting a concert called A Night of Double Joy from April 12 to 14, at 7.45pm.

Tickets are priced at RM20 and RM50. The hall has a sitting capacity of 500.

For details, call 05-254 0418.


27 March 2013| last updated at 08:24PM

Concert to raise funds for school maintenance

By Diana Yeoh

IPOH: St Michael’s Institution (SMI) is presenting a concert called A Night of Double Joy from April 12 to 14, at 7.45pm.

It will showcase music from The Lion King and Talentime 2013.

Ninety-six students will involved in the production to help raise funds for the school.

The school’s principal, Loh Wei Seng, said the concert will give students the opportunity to contribute and develop their talents in time and stage management, team work and social interaction.

“In addition, the school needs to raise funds for general maintenance and repairs to the laboratory’s ceiling,” she said.




Saturday March 16, 2013

Productivity, innovation key for plantation to stay ahead



Lee: ‘We cannot compare with Indonesia in terms of land size, so we have to improve on oil extraction rates and look into other ways of becoming more efficient.’

KUALA LUMPUR: Better productivity and innovation are key components in keeping the labour-intensive plantation industry competitive, said Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian, the chief executive officer of plantation giant Kuala Lumpur Kepong Bhd (KLK).

“Innovation is a step-by-step process which has to be carried out consistently,” Lee said at the Global Malaysia Series.

Take oil palm planting materials, for example. The product was a result of cumulative improvement for more than two decades, he said.

Lee pointed out that Malaysia had to up the competition in the plantation industry in various ways, as the country might lack certain advantages like land-bank and labour supply compared with neighbouring competitor Indonesia.

“We cannot compare with Indonesia in terms of land size, so we have to improve on oil extraction rates and look into other ways of becoming more efficient,” he said.

On the current palm oil price, Lee told reporters: “It is supported by the big discount of US$250 (RM780 per tonne) to soybean oil.”

Read the rest of the interview at:

Productivity, innovation key for plantation to stay ahead


From the Facebook Page of Andrew Lin 

(Andrew, I borrowed your photos and hope you will overlook this little act of ‘theft’! Buy you dinner when you return to Ipoh?)

THREE MICHAELIANS MEET AGAIN . . . . . after more than 46 years . . . . . in MELBOURNE

These four photos say it all – the joy and excitement reflected on our faces in our very first get-together since Gordon and I went our separate ways after completing our secondary education at St. Michael’s Institution, Ipoh, Malaysia in 1966. Fu Kui , however continued his Sixth Form education in SMI for the next two years. Hopefully, this maiden rendezvous will be followed by many more to come with other Michaelians residing in Melbourne.







GOH ENG HOE, Ex Michaelian, went home to be with the Lord on Sunday, 20 January 2012.

Goh Eng Hoe

There will be awake service on Monday night at 8pm and the funeral service on Tuesday 10pm.

The address for the funeral service:
PJ Modern Casket & Funeral Parlour Sdn Bhd
Section 51A, Jalan 229, Petaling Jaya, 46100, Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Ipoh Echo

| January 16, 2013

‘Michaelian Minister’ Presents Cheque

'Michaelian Minister' Dato Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadziah

‘Michaelian Minister’ Dato Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadziah

St Michael’s Institution recently welcomed back another one of its illustrious ‘old boys’. This time it was Malaysia’s Finance Minister II, Dato’ Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadziah, who left St Michael’s in 1971.

PIBG Chairman Michael Lee receives the cheque from Husni

PIBG Chairman Michael Lee receives the cheque from Husni

The visit by Husni, subsequently dubbed the Michaelian Minister, was themed “Homecoming” where he returned this time to present a cheque of RM200K which would go towards the construction of the school’s future development projects.


Husni’s return was welcomed with much fanfare. He was met on arrival by Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian, Chairman of SMI’s Board of Governors, Mr Michael Lee the PIBG Chairman, as well as its Principal Madam Loh Wei Seng, to the sound of the school’s vibrant Lion Dance Troupe and Military Band.

Husni ' touched by the elaborate greeting'

Husni ‘ touched by the elaborate greeting’


In his speech he said that he “always described himself as a Michaelian…that his four sons too attended school here…was surprised the school has a lady principal and would always remember Master Almeida for his great lessons”.

‘Michaelian Minister’ Presents Cheque



17 January 2013 | last updated at 11:39PM

Teacher gets emotional send-off

.Chandrigah A. Damodaram had been teaching at SK St Michael 1 for 25 years. Pic by Farhan Najib

IPOH: THE pupils and teachers of SK St Michael 1 bade an emotional farewell to Chandrigah A. Damodaram, who had taught at the school for 25 years, in a grand send-off, recently.

A special assembly at the school was attended by more than 1,000 pupils. Many of them showered Chandrigah with flower bouquets and gifts. There was also a performance of traditional nadaswaram music.

Holding back her tears, Chandrigah said she was overwhelmed by the grand farewell.

“I will remember this special day all my life,” she said.

Chandrigah, 58, worked as an English teacher in Ipoh for 36 years.

Read more: Teacher gets emotional send-off – Northern – New Straits Times



briensaw’s blog

st. michael’s institution ipoh alumni dinner with patrick teoh and other old, old friends!

April 20, 2011 by briensaw

“…the next time we meet and you tell me that you have been listening to my radio shows since you were a ‘kid’, I shall refrain from hitting you.” Wrote Patrick Teoh in the preface of his book, “Teohlogy: The Word According to Patrick Teoh”.

But I DID listen to Patrick ever since I was a kid in the seventies! I even remember the very young (and attractive) him doing a television commercial for Dorina Margarine Spread (“Straight from the fridge to your bread smoothly…”) when our then country’s only television channel was still broadcasting in black and white.

Read more…

Patrick Teoh – st. michael’s institution ipoh alumni dinner …st. michael’s institution ipoh alumni dinner with patrick teoh and other old, old friends! April 20, 2011 by briensa… – Cached


If you’re in the Class of 1974, click on the link!

  1. A blog where all (members of class ’74) are welcomed to submit pictures, interesting topics etc and post it on this blog for all to enjoy.




OMA-published, “Valiant and True” books are still available.  The special publication is a result of months of research, tedious planning and hardwork by a team of writers and columnists. It carries more than 100 pages of St Michael’s illustrious past and detailed write-ups on its former Brother Directors and their outstanding accomplishments. It also portrays St Michael’s during the war years, the challenges faced and how the school community managed the years ahead with determination and courage.

Rare photographs, colourful illustrations and old images of all things St Michael’s are some of the highlights you can see in the book. “Valiant & True” carries our vision and our inspirations. It is the way forward in our quest to make St Michael’s a port which continues to assist, to inspire and to educate.
Take the opportunity to get a copy of this wonderful book during the Michaelian Run aka Cross Country.
Venue: School Parlour, only RM25 each. With every purchase, a limited edition Michaelian Centennial bookmark will be given as free gift !! Hurry!! Only on this special day.

Posted by Peter Khiew at 1/10/2013 10:58:00 PM



Here is a good Facebook site to visit

  1. St. Michael’s Institution. 377 likes · 15 talking about this · 9,128 checkins.… – Cached

These are some of the interesting photos available there!

Photos of my friends at St. Michael’s Institution

Friends’ photos
All photos




Old Michaelians

Thong Wee Hing (Simon) and Thong Keon Hin (Jeffrey)


Chong Foh Kui and Thong Wee Hing (Simon)



Sunday, October 19, 2008

St. Michael’s Institution, Ipoh (Part I)

St. Michael's Institution, Ipoh
St. Michael’s Institution
Looking across the Padang Ipoh, situated along Jalan SP Seenivasagam (formerly Clayton Road), St. Michael’s Institution (SMI) was the place where Palohchai and littlecicak were educated. Littlecicak may only be in SMI for 5 years but for Palohchai, this had been the second home since Standard 1 until Form 6.
St. John Baptist de La Salle
St. John Baptist de La Salle
We are proud to tell that our alma mater (nourishing mother) is a member of the world wide Lasallian Brothers Catholic schools, a community initiated by a French education revolutionist named St. John Baptist de La Salle.

Brief history of St. Michael’s Institution.

The Michaelian Brothers
The Brothers
SMI was formed in 1912 when Reverend Father J.B., Coppin, the priest of St. Michael’s Church, convinced Brother Visitor James Byrne to start a boy school in Ipoh. Brother Byrne bought the school site for $6000 in Kampung Pisang.

Read more: there are other posts on SMI, Ipoh.

Ipohtown: Gothic Revival: St. Michael’s Institution, Ipoh


MICHAELIAN OLD BOY, TAN SRI LEE OI HIAN, is the guest speaker at the Perak Academy’s 10th Anniversary Perak Lecture series.

Tenth Anniversary Perak Lecture

| December 16, 2012

10th Anniversary Perak Lecture

Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian was the guest speaker at the Perak Academy’s 10th Anniversary Perak Lecture series held at the Kinta Riverfront Hotel recently. The talk  was a continuation of a seminar cum exhibition on investment opportunities in oil palm-based technologies held at the same venue earlier in the day. The 250-odd audience consisted of the crème de la crème of Ipoh society led by Datuk Dr Abdullah Fadzil Che Wan.

Being a prime mover in the palm oil industry, as expected, the talk by the CEO of KLK Berhad, revolved around the product, a subject close to his heart. The palm oil industry, according to Tan Sri Lee, contributes heavily to the Malaysian economy. “We’re currently one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of palm oil and its products, next only to our neighbour, Indonesia.” The trend, he insisted, is changing as South America is slowly catching up with the rest.

“Palm oil,” said Lee, “is a very volatile industry, as it faces many challenges and threats. The scarcity of land and labour, which the industry is heavily dependent upon, has affected its growth to a certain extent.”

He theorised that the rising cost of production, as a result of these threats, prompt industrial players in Malaysia to look to Indonesia for their expansion programmes. To counter the rising cost of production the country is looking into ways of enhancing yield through use of better planting materials, improving plantation management skills and mechanisation. “Unfortunately, the local universities are not churning out suitable graduates to replace the present lot of managers,” Lee lamented.

The claim by Western pundits that palm oil consumption is linked to clogged arteries leading to cardiovascular disease has been proven unfounded. Refined palm oil is rich in tocotrienols and tocopherols which contain high levels of Vitamin E. Tocotrienols reduce the cholesterol level in the body, as well as inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Touching on the usefulness of palm oil, Lee alluded to the numerous downstream products which have their origins in the plant. “Even the fronds and husk can be used for the production of biogas and biodiesel, among others.” This conclusion brought the talk to a close.

SH Ong

Tenth Anniversary Perak Lecture



The scout troop of St. Michael’s Institution is numbered 02 Kinta, which is combined from the former 24th Ipoh and 29th Ipoh Scout Troops. Every year, there are scouts who successfully achieve the prestigious King’s Scout Award Award (equivalent to the Eagle Scout Award).

St. Michael’s Institution – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The evergreen Timothy Chee…








The School Rally

All through our College a voice is resounding
Promptly respond to your duty’s sweet call!
Harken you all for the trumpet is sounding
Your Mater’s proclaiming her watchword to all

Forward my children dear!
Ever with heart sincere
Render with joy to your Mater her due
All that is vile reject; Heaven will e’er protect,
Sons of St. Michael’s valiant and true.


Uploaded by on Jun 14, 2011

St. Michael’s Institution Ipoh Perak Malaysia


This is the man who keeps us informed about SMI.

Peter is  a teacher in SMI, and also Head of Languages.

Click on either of the links below to get an update of what’s going on at SMI:

Ask for Mr Peter Khiew. A special publication, to be ready just for the Centennial Dinner, is one centennial item no Michaelian can afford to give it a miss.


Peter Khiew – RM50.00 7. Bobby Chew -RM40.00 8. Ramakrishnan – RM50.00 9. Lawrence Brindes – RM100.00 10. Jason Lee Choong Yin (USS5, 2004) – RM100.00 11. – Cached

Simon Thong, blogger (weehingthong) with Peter Khiew


St Michael’s Institution Alumni Association DINNER & TALK Saturday 24th November 2012

Dear All Michaelians and Friends
Please support this event organised by the SMI Alumni Association Klang Valley.
Please help email the publicity flyer below  to all your Michaelian & non Michaelian friends.
A sumptuous buffet dinner by Bayu Timur Restoran awaits you followed by a very interesting talk ‘STAY YOUNG, STAY HEALTHY’ by Dr Rajbans Singh .
Price RM 55 per pax on a first come basis.
All proceeds for the SMI Alumni Association ‘ MICHAELIANS GIVE BACK’  Fund for financially challenged students at SMI Ipoh.
For reservations , please contact  Francis hp 0123661223 Michael hp 0192225660 or Thomas hp 0123338654.


Straits Echo

Dato’ Brother Vincent Corkery, 55 Years in Ipoh

| November 1, 2012

Dato’ Brother Vincent Corkery has been serving the Ipoh community for five decades and appropriately has a following of well-wishers who recently held a lunch for him to mark his 55 years of service and his contribution to the Ipoh community as a LaSallian Brother.

The event was organised by Ipoh Socialite Sharmini Tiruchelvam in honour of Brother Vincent’s selfless service to the community in Ipoh. Sharmini also mentioned that Vincent’s birthday was around the end of October and it would be appropriate to organise a party for him.

Incidentally, Sharmini’s father, the late Dato’ Dr Michael E. Tiruchelvam was on the Board of Governors of SMI for three decades.

The event was well attended. Notable guests included Federal Court Judge, Datuk P.S. Gill; Sultan Idris Foundation Chairman, Tan Sri V. Jeyaratnam; Astro Deputy Chairman, Ralph Marshall, who is a Michaelian and Bishop Sebastian Francis, to name a few.

Also present was well-respected educationist Dato’ Seri N. Selvamany who presented an orange shawl to Vincent for his invaluable contribution to education.

Entertainment was provided by the choirs from the three parishes of Our Lady of Lourdes, OMPH and St Michael’s Church. One of the songs rendered for Vincent was When Irish eyes are smiling, while Sharmini chipped in to serenade Vincent with backing from the choir.

Undoubtedly, a warm and moving appreciation lunch for a respected member of the Ipoh community.



Ipoh Echo

St Michael’s Institution Centenary Celebration

| October 16, 2012

by James Gough

Cherishing the Past, Embracing the Future

The recently held St Michael’s Institution centenary celebration dinner held on September 29 saw the largest turnout ever in its 100-year history. The celebration dinner, held on the school field in the shadow of the school, attracted over 3000 of its former students from all over the world as well as locally, some of whom have not returned to Ipoh for over forty years.

The Michaelian Spirit-Alive and Well in Ipoh

…..attendance reached an all time high of more than 300 tables translating to over 3000 diners with some table bookings having been made as early as a year ago.

It was a ‘Who’s Who’ in Malaysia seated at the various tables as the list of old boys who have made it to the top of their fields gathered to salute their alma mater and pay respect to the La Salle Brothers, Dato’ Brother Vincent Corkery, Brother Visitor Brother Edmundo Fernandez and Brother Anthony Rogers, who have dedicated their lives to mentoring their charges and looking after the welfare of the school. Sitting with them were its Board of Governors Chairman, Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian and School Principal Madam Loh Wei Seng.

Being an old boys’ gathering, no invitations were sent to any VIPs. Nevertheless a prominent Old Boy, Malaysia’s Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar was in attendance. After greeting Brother Vincent he promptly told the media “today I am here as an old boy” saying he had wanted to attend the annual dinner many times and wasn’t going to miss this historical occasion.

To read more, click on
St Michael’s Institution Centenary Celebratiion



10 October 2012 | last updated at 11:47PM


IPOH: More than 3,000 former students attended the St Michael’s Institution (SMI)’s centennial dinner held at the school here recently.

.(From left) IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar, Timothy Chee, Thomas Choo, Hanson Lau, Jason Teh and Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian. Pix by Diana Yeoh.

(From left) Yip See See, S. Shamani, Esther Loh and Chan Shih Mei.(From left) Yip See See, S. Shamani, Esther Loh and Chan Shih Mei.
.(From left) Francis Lau, Mah Lee Ing, Patrick Cheah, Joyce Leong and Lee Callah.

The event was organised by the Old Michaelians’ Association.

Prominent former students spotted during the event included Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar and KL Kepong Bhd chief executive officer Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian.

Brother Visitor Bro Edmundo L. Fernandez said St Michael’s Institution started with only 37 pupils and three teachers, in 1912.

“Today, it is one of the largest schools in the country with remarkable reputation for academic excellence.”

Later, Datuk Brother Vincent Corkery presented certificates to former students who had left the school as far back as 50 years ago. By Diana Yeoh


The School Hall is still the same one but it now looks SO SMALL! I remember the earliest days of primary school, watching ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ for 20 cents, or Westerns for free, or ‘Gulliver’s Travels’. I remember taking part in the school talentime when I was in Form 5, and being laughed off the stage for our poor rendition of ‘I Understand’!

The basketball courts are basketball courts, and not used for tennis at all.

The place where we parked out bicycles has become a motorcycle park.

The car park stands where the Malay hut used to be…

See what has replaced the old, stinking latrine!

Girls’ Toilet on the left

Boys’ Toilet on the right


Something Old, Something New

Good old SMI has a lion-dance troupe! Great Stuff!

The drums that accompany the lion dance.

This is OLD…the badminton court where we had such fun!



Some of the 3000+ who attended

A great bunch of guys! 1967 Form 5.

They used to be in the Sixth Form!

Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian.

Mr and Mrs Ng Khoon Hong, oarents of ex-Michaelians Ng Hock Hai and Ng Hock Huah.

Thomas Nathan and another ex-Michaelian.

Dr Thomas Arul and another ex-Michaelian.

TODAY, Saturday 29 SEPTEMBER 2012 at SMI

(courtesy of Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian

This is where dinner will be held tonight!

Morning at SMI


The badminton courts are still there! I remember the hours of fun we had, especially in Form 1 and Form 2, playing badminton on Saturday mornings.

The wonderful Mr Timothy Chee!

Teachers on duty…

Prefects on duty…



A recent photo of Mr Oh Teik Toh.

A WISE discipline master was Mr Teik Toh. He was my Form Teacher when I was in Form 3. He did two important things that showed his wisdom. Firstly, when I wanted to give up my post as class librarian since my assistant was so capable, he refused. I had to learn responsibility, he explained. He was right. Secondly, after he had caned me for the first time, he looked at me and said, “Hardened already? No point using the cane on you again.” When I had a fight with a classmate, we both had to write an essay on ‘The advantages and disadvantages of fighting in school’. We were required to read it out to the class. That put a stop to my worst behaviour.. It also saw my emergence as a writer.



31 August 2012 | last updated at 11:12PM

Calling St Michael’s Institution alumni

KUALA LUMPUR: The St Michael’s Institution Alumni Association, Klang Valley, is holding its 10th Annual Fellowship Golf Tournament at the Meru Valley Golf Club, Ipoh, on Sept 28 in conjunction with the school’s centennial year.

Registration starts at 11.30am and tee-off is at 12.30pm. The mode of competition is based on system 36 (Stableford), individual championship or team event with two players per team. The champion will walk away with the Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik trophy.

Participation fees are RM150 per head for a Michaelian and RM180 per head for a non-Michaelian, inclusive of green fees and insurance, a light lunch and dinner, T-shirt, buggies and prizes. Participation fees and donations will go to the St Michael’s Institution Development Fund.

For details, contact  Leong Siew Seng at or 012-372 3326, Francis Chong at or 012-3661223,  Lim Keng Hoo at or 016-555 5767, and  Anthony Chin at or 012-500 1009.


SMI appeal for single school session

See entry after OLD PHOTOS



These are the only photos I have been able to find

School Football Team B

Form 5 Science 2 with the late Ooi Eu Chong

A recent photo of Mr Oh Teik Toh

Form 3 with Oh Teik Toh and Bro U Paul

Form 2 with the late Albert Teh

Form 1 with Thomas Choo

Camping in the grounds of The Adorable, Batu Ferringhi, Penang

The Magic flute, 1965



  • 25 May 2012
  • Metro Perak

One way is the way

Parents and teachers want only one session for school

The board of governors and Parent-teacher Association of SK St Michael in Ipoh are hoping for a single session. SILENCE may be golden but not for the board of governors and Parent-teacher Association of SK St Michael 1 and 2 in Ipoh.

Photos by SAIFUL BAHRI Limited space: Currently, both schools operate from one school building.

They are still waiting for approval from the Education Ministry to have a single session in the morning for the schools.

Currently, both schools operate from one school building and take turns to have the morning and afternoon session for the academic year.

One way is the way
The board of governors and Parent-teacher Association of SK St Michael in Ipoh are hoping for a single session.



24 May 2012 | Last updated at 08:29AM

Appeal for single school session

IPOH: The government has been urged to consider merging SK St Michael’s One and Two into a single session school.The call was made by the Parent-Teacher Associations of the two schools and concerned parents .At present, the two primary schools are operating from the same building in Jalan Bukit Gantang here with each alternating , every six months, the morning and afternoon sessions.The chairman of the PTA for the two schools, Joseph Michael Lee, said by merging the schools, it would be less stressful for the pupils as the afternoon session was not usually conducive due to the heat and parents would also get to spend more time with their children.

Read more: Appeal for single school session – General – New Straits Times


Uploaded by on Jun 14, 2011Ipoh St. Michael’s Institution to all the Michaelians of this school.



  1. St. Michael’s Institution (SMI) is a school in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. It is situated on Jalan S.P. Seenivasagam, formerly Clayton Road. Within the same premises are …

    More results from »

The Wikipedia article has quite a lot of information of the past…

St. Michael’s Institution (SMI) is a school in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. It is situated on Jalan S.P. Seenivasagam, formerly Clayton Road. Within the same premises are two primary schools, St. Michael’s I and II. The school has a long history full of events such as the annual drama play, which was first held more than sixty years ago and is still continuing.

St. Michael’s Institution is part of the La Sallian worldwide community of schools. The original building is now a designated heritage site in Malaysia. It received a five-star rating from the Education Ministry of Perak.


This is my high school. St. Michael’s Institution, Ipoh. The school was founded in 1912 by a group of Bros Brothers as they purchased a land in Kampung Pisang. – Cached


Search results

SMI Centennial FunFair May 3,2012 Author:Emily| Filed under:Events,Photos – Panasonic DMC-FZ150 … This fun fair was part of the school’s yearlong Centennial programmes … – Cached

SMI Centennial FunFairof course must have a clown!

Today, I am bringing you some photos that I took of the recent SMI Centennial FunFair. I couldn’t spend the entire morning at the school, so my shots are entirely random. This fun fair was part of the school’s yearlong Centennial programmes and was held simultaneously as the Talentime show. At the same time, three new ‘lions’ were presented to the Michaelian Wushu Club, after the “eye-dotting” ceremony.


You can go to Only In SMI on Facebook

  1. SMI’s 5star toilet in the news … Seriously, The Star. Sultan Azlan … banner.So tomorrow, let us as Michaelians old and new, unite and come to SMI’s Centennial Fun Fair – Cached
    More results from »


This is the best place to go to for the latest on SMI…

… the state for the Spell-It-Right competition organised by the NST and RHB … of the 70th Anniversary of the Formation of the British Battalion at St Michael’s Institution



The Star

Wednesday May 16, 2012

A first for school

Story and photo by IVAN LOH

SMK St Michael Ipoh principal Loh Wei Seng becomes the first female to head the school

SMK St Michael Ipoh principal Loh Wei Seng has made history by becoming the first female to head the 100-year-old school.

Loh, 57, joined a long line of important figures such as former Brother Directors, the late Brother Ultan Paul Rosario and Datuk Brother Vincent Corkery, when she took over as principal last year.

Making it sweeter for Loh is that while she used to study at St Michael’s during her Form Six days, her “return” coincided with the school’s centennial celebrations.

A first for school



SOME 1,600 secondary students gathered to celebrate St Michael’s Institution (SMI) 100th anniversary at its assembly grounds here recently.

Corkery (third from left), Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian (fourth from right), Loh Wei Seng (third from right)Corkery (third from left), Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian (fourth from right), Loh Wei Seng (third from right) and committee members launching the centennial logo.


… in the heart of Ipoh city with its iconic beige building, SMK St Michael has … their children to St Michael’s,” Khiew told The Star. … to make port call in Malaysia… – Cached

Starting out with only 37 students in a Malay-style bungalow at its current location on Jalan S.P. Seenivasagam, the school established by Rev Father J.B. Coppin in 1912 has expanded its enrolment to over 2,000 students today.

Milestone: Preparations are under way for St Michael’s centennial celebration.

Now, along with buildings like the Ipoh High Court, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, and the Birch Memorial clock tower, the school better known as St Michael’s Institution, is part of an educational Heritage Walk programme organised by the Perak Tourist Association.


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  1. Aloysius Arul says:

    What lovely pictures ,it has brought back some wonderful memories,would love to see some pictures of earlir year groups

  2. Kabbiir says:

    Is this another one of Khiew’s blog pages?

      • Kabbiir says:

        Nice meeting you Mr. Wee. I’m Michaelian class of 1972. Appears you been a true and true Michaelian and know (through your own experience) what you are talking about as opposed to your friend’s blog which I think is based on hearsay and external inputs. Was he an ex-Michaelian? Keep up the good work. I will be following your blog keenly and await updates about my beloved alma mater.

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    Hi, ken-chai – yes its me Kabber sans the tuan, I’ve retired now. Anyway after reading your post here I contacted Susie and passed her my number, email, address, etc. If you have any issues with Khiew contact the school principal or Bro. Ambrose Loke, Secretariat Of Education from the LaSalle Group of schools malaysia. Try not to use this forum to highlight these sort of things. From one Michaelian to another – you have to respect and thank Mr. Thong for giving us this space. Bye see you in Cyberjaya next week.

  6. Andrew Ken says:

    Ok Tn.Kabber, I have done just that and matters will be pursued through other channels. Thank you. By the way… had a great time in Cyberjaya and Banting. See you soon.

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