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Friday May 18, 2012

Dog lovers up in arms on proposal to ban six breeds


MANY dog owners have critisised the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) for its knee-jerk reaction in lumping six breeds under the restricted category.

Petaling Jaya resident and retired German police officer Jurgen Knobel, 60, who breeds and trains German Shepherds was irritated with the short-sightedness of the council that planned to ban the six breeds without consulting dog lovers and canine associations.

“For decades I have been breeding top-class German Shepherds and this canines are beautiful, intelligent and of good temperament. MPSJ’s proposed ban just shows that each time there is a case of dog mauling, the council would just lump certain breeds and tag them as aggressive and dangerous,” he said.



MPSJ may ban restricted dog breeds

MPSJ aims to tighten regulations before issuing licences for restricted dog breeds following the recent fatal attack on a jogger in Subang Jaya.


Forwarded by Scott Thong

Published on May 8, 2012 by

A pit bull named Lilly is being hailed a hero after she pulled her unconscious owner from the path of a freight train last week.


A BULL TERRIER PUP FOR 50 of the old Malayan dollar

When we were children, Dad bought a bull terrier for $5I. This was in the early 1960s. May 1961? I can’t remember the exact year but I do remember several things.

The dog was a pup and adorable. If followed you around, and never whined. It got bigger but was still very small. We were told of its reputation as a small but sturdy dog, fearless, and not to be allowed near other dogs, as it would surely attack them.

Dad didn’t keep it for more than several months. It was all white, and it was believed then that it would be color-blind. Dad said that that was why he sold it for $50, what he had paid for it.

I personally think that it was because it became such a pest. It bit the feet of everyone it came across! It chased after you and bit you! Kick it and it came back to bite even harder!!

That was not good for business. Dad was a tailor, and when the cute little puppy grew into a pesky bigger puppy that bit the shoes or feet or legs of customers, or gripped their trouser-leg, those customers were quite unimpressed, to put it mildly.

He needed customers, so the bull terrier had to go.

I was relieved.



Playful and clownish, the Bull Terrier is best described as a three year-old child in a dog suit. Given his muscular build, the Bull Terrier can appear unapproachable, but he is an exceedingly friendly dog, with a sweet and fun-loving disposition and popular in the obedience, agility and show rings. The Bull Terrier can be all white (markings on the head are permissible) or colored.

A Look Back
Bulldog-terrier crosses, of various sizes and colors, became popular as sporting dogs in the early 1800s. Around 1860, English dog dealer James Hinks developed a more refined version of these crosses, distinguished by its all white coat. These dogs soon established themselves as a new breed – the Bull Terrier. In Hinks’ day they were often referred to as White Cavaliers. In the early 1900s Bull Terriers were back crossed with brindle Staffordshires to produce a colored variety.


The reports that follow are about a miniature bull terrier cross. At first, it was wrongly identified as a pit bull by some reporters, and as a Staffordshire terrier by this paper, the New Straits Times.. This dog bit a jogger to death.


09 May 2012 | Last updated at 09:04AM

Dog kills elderly jogger

SAVAGE: Canine breaks loose from owner’s compound and goes for man’s neck
.Veterinary Services Department officers taking the later, American Staffordshire terrier away, which was earlier sedated.

SUBANG JAYA: TWO people, one armed with a stick and another with an umbrella, went to help a senior citizen who was being savagely attacked by a dog yesterday morning. Despite their efforts, the victim was killed on the spot.

This was the scene in Jalan SS19/5B yesterday morning, where Yip Sin Hua, 74, out for his morning jog, was attacked and killed by an American Staffordshire terrier that had broken loose from its owner’s compound.

“I hit the dog so many times on the head with a stick, but it just did not let go.

“Its jaws were firmly clamped on the man’s neck and he, too, could not push it away,” cried 86-year-old Lina Yong, a neighbour of the dog owner.

“Then, a motorcyclist stopped and he also hit the dog with an umbrella until it broke. Still, the dog did not budge.

“It only let go after the victim stopped struggling. I guess he had died by then.”


Here is the link to a report by a Chinese newspaper




Wednesday May 9, 2012

Bull terrier kills jogger


SUBANG JAYA: A man who just turned 74 a few days ago was killed by a bull terrier while jogging in his housing area.Yip Sun Wah died at the scene after the dog bit him on the neck and almost tore off his left ear in the 9.50am incident in Jalan SS19/5B, about 1km from Yip’s house here.The dog ran out of its owner’s house and attacked Yip for almost four minutes before returning home.A car salesman, who only wanted to be identified as Addy, 44, said he was on his way to meet a customer when he saw Yip being attacked by the dog.

Deadly bite: A family member mourning over Yip’s body in front of a house in SS19, Subang Jaya yesterday.

“Seven dog breeds, namely Akita, Neapolitan Mastiff, American Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Japanesa Tosa and American Pit Bull are predisposed to aggressive or dangerous behaviour,” he said.

The council is also enforcing a directive from the Selangor Veterinary Department to ban these “unmanageable or possibly dangerous” breeds.



Thursday May 10, 2012

Cross-bred bull terrier a restricted breed, says vet dept D-G

PETALING JAYA: The dog that attacked and killed 74-year-old Yip Sun Wah is a miniature bull terrier cross which is a restricted breed in Malaysia.

Restricted breeds were not suitable as household pets, said Veterinary Services Department (DVS) director-general Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Jamaluddin.

Such breeds, he added, were only meant for the use of military and enforcement agencies and not to be kept as pets.

He added that bull terriers were allowed to be kept as guard dogs providing they were given proper training and schooling.

“When an application is made to the local council for a licence for a restricted breed, the municipal agency will only issue the licence based on our recommendation,” said Dr Abdul Aziz. He said the DVS has published a guidebook to outline breed classification.

The guidelines can also be obtained at http://www.dvs.gov.my/web/guest/listband.

Dr Abdul Aziz also said restricted breeds were not supposed to be sold in pet shops.


The aftermath


Thursday May 10, 2012 MYT 2:45:00 PM

Owner of killer dog fined RM1,000

KUALA LUMPUR: The Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) has imposed a RM1,000 compound fine for negligence on the owner of a dog which attacked and killed a jogger in Subang Jaya on Tuesday.

MPSJ deputy corporate director Azfarizal Abdul Rashid said the owner was found to have been negligent in looking after the miniature bull terrier cross under the by-law pertaining to the licensing of dogs.

“Although the dog was licensed, the owner had allowed the animal to roam free outside his premises,” he said.

The dog attacked and killed Yip Sun Wah, 74, while he was jogging in SS19.

Azfarizal said the dog was seized by the Selangor Veterinary Department. – Bernama




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3 Responses to Bull Terriers

  1. Graffalo says:

    Do hope the dog is allowed a second chance and to be trained.

  2. weehingthong says:

    Comment by a Facebook friend
    Ken Lee I have bred a pitbull and gave away after 3 years after it almost killed my neighbor’s german shepherd. Don’t ever keep one its just too risky.

  3. kfchan says:

    99% incidents like these are the humans’ fault. The SS19 jogger was known throughout the neighbourhood, he liked to provoke and kacau all the dogs around there. Imagine everyday the dogs being provoked.. then one fine day, they got loosed. Is it the dog’s fault? No… The owner for not properly securing and training his dog with proper socialization. The jogger too… if you bully the dog everyday, what is so surprising if you got attacked?

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