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Friday, February 17, 2012

Houston Chronicle

For Malachy, slow and steady wins Westminster

Houston Chronicle News Services
Published 05:12 p.m., Thursday, February 16, 2012
  • Malachy, a pekingese, winner of the best in show title at the136th Annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show, eats a chicken and rice meal at Sardi's Wednesday, February 15, 2012  in New York. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle) Photo: Craig Ruttle / FR61802 AP
    Malachy, a pekingese, winner of the best in show title at the136th Annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show, eats a chicken and rice meal at Sardi’s Wednesday, February 15, 2012 in New York. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle) Photo: Craig Ruttle / FR61802 AP

After 115 best in show wins, what’s next for Malachy?

“He will chase squirrels,” David Fitzpatrick, his handler and co-owner, said. “He will be pampered.”

The 4-year-old Pekingese is retiring, to live with Fitzpatrick as his pet, after winning the biggest show of all, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York.

  1. slow and steady wins Westminster … form, to slow down for the Pekingese? Houston Chronicle News Services. By the numbers. 4. Malachy was the fourth Peke to win at Westminster.… – Cached
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Pekingese are very brave little dogs, courageous to the point of foolhardiness! They are sensitive, independent and extremely affectionate with their master, but are wary of strangers.

The Pekingese is very proud and full of self importance, known to be stubborn, and appearing aloof with strangers. He is loyal and protective of home and family, considered a very easy keeper, needing only minimal exercise.
Karen’s Pekingese Puppies                   

Pekingese Puppies, Florida, Peke Puppy … The Pekingese has an extravagant, long, straight-flowing coat that has profuse feathering and comes in …



From this, the Pekingese came. Another legend says that the breed resulted from the mating of a lion and a monkey, getting its nobleness and coat from the

Other names  Lion Dog, Chinese Spaniel, Pelchie Dog, Peking Palasthund
京巴 Nicknames Peke

The Pekingese breed is over 2000 years old and has hardly changed in all that time. One exception is that modern breeders and dog-show judges seem to prefer the long-haired type over the more-traditional spaniel-type coat.

Although the actual origins of the Pekingese are somewhat cloudy because it is so ancient, there are three charming legends surrounding the origins of the breed. – Cached

Peke legends. There are two origination stories for the Pekingese. The first is the most common, The Lion and the Marmoset: A lion and a marmoset fell in love.

Empress Dowager Cixi [t͡sʰɨɕi] (Chinese: 慈禧太后; pinyin: Cíxǐ Tàihòu; Wade–Giles: Tz’u-Hsi T’ai-hou) (29 November 1835 – 15 November 1908), of the Manchu Yehe Nara Clan, was a powerful and charismatic figure who became the de facto ruler of the Manchu Qing Dynasty in China for 47 years from 1861 to her death in 1908.

Her Imperial Majesty, Dowager Empress Tzu His, said

Let the Lion Dog be small; let it wear the swelling cape of dignity around its neck; let it display the billowing standard of pomp above its back.

Let its face be black; let its forefront be shaggy; let its forehead be straight and low.

Let its eyes be large and luminous; let its ears be set like the sails of war junk; let its nose be like that of the monkey god of the Hindus.

Let its forelegs be bent; so that it shall not desire to wander far, or leave the Imperial precincts.

Let its body be shaped like that of a hunting lion spying for its prey.

Let its feet be tufted with plentiful hair that its footfall may be soundless and for its standard of pomp let it rival the whick of the Tibetans’ yak, which is flourished to protect the imperial litter from flying insects.

Let it be lively that it may afford entertainment by its gambols; let it be timid that it may not involve itself in danger; let it be domestic in its habits that it may live in amity with the other beasts, fishes or birds that find protection in the Imperial Palace.

And for its color, let it be that of the lion – a golden sable, to be carried in the sleeve of a yellow robe; or the colour of a red bear, or a black and white bear, or striped like a dragon, so that there may be dogs appropriate to every costume in the Imperial wardrobe.

Let it venerate its ancestors and deposit offerings in the canine cemetery of the Forbidden City on each new moon.

Let it comport itself with dignity; let it learn to bite the foreign devils instantly.

Let it be dainty in its food so that it shall be known as an Imperial dog by its fastidiousness; sharks fins and curlew livers and the breasts of quails, on these may it be fed; and for drink give it the tea that is brewed from the spring buds of the shrub that groweth in the province of Hankow, or the milk of the antelopes that pasture in the Imperial parks.

Thus shall it preserve its integrity and self-respect; and for the day of sickness let it be anointed with the clarified fat of the legs of a sacred leopard, and give it to drink a throstle’s eggshell full of the juice of the custard apple in which has been dissolved three pinches of shredded rhinoceros horn, and apply it to piebald leeches.

So shall it remain – but if it dies, remember thou too art mortal.

  1. Empress Dowager Cixi 1 (29 November 1835 – 15 November 1908), of the Manchu Yehenara clan, was a powerful and charismatic woman who unofficially but effectively … – Cached



Like with other TOY DOGS, though, you’ve got to be careful. The chief cause of death is TRAUMA.

Trauma refers to a body wound or shock produced by sudden physical injury, as from violence or accident. It can also be described as a physical wound or injury, such as a fracture or blow.

When you carry it in your arms and it falls off, or someone steps on it, or kicks it under the table! TRAUMA!!!

A Toy dog traditionally refers to a very small dog or a grouping of small and very small breeds of dog. A toy dog may be of any of various dog types. Types of dogs referred to as toy dogs may include Spaniels,  Pinschers and Terriers that have been bred down in size.

The Ultimate Trauma Dog Breeds Online Reference Guide … Toy dogs : Intelligence: Dog health


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