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Najib’s Cabinet: New blood…

_______________________________________________ — China Press (中國報) about an hour ago  (布城25日訊)首相拿督斯里納吉今午宣佈委任內閣新閣員,馬華總會長拿督斯里廖中萊受委交通部長,馬華署理總會長拿督魏家祥和民政黨主席拿督馬袖強,雙雙受委首相署部長。 另3名受委副部長者都是馬華副總會長,即拿督蔡智勇(財政部副部長)、拿督李志亮(國際貿易及工業部副部長),以及拿汀巴都卡周美芬(婦女、家庭及社會發展部副部長)。 http://www.chinapress.com.my/node/538117 — IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A NEW CABINET, SOMETHING TO DO WITH TRANSFORMATION. IT IS SHAPING UP INTO A NAJIB-UMNO CABINET…. The non-UMNO ministers and assistant ministers … Continue reading

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