The facts about Tasmanian salmon



The only Ingredient in our salmon? Salmon

There are no growth hormones or antibiotics in the Tassie salmon you eat. Like humans, sometimes salmon need antibiotics. Our vets are the only ones who can prescribe antibiotics. Due to the strict withholding period prior to harvest, any antibiotic has completely faded from the fish.

Antibiotic use is audited and reported to government and veterinary medications are registered and monitored federally.

Salmon is not dyed or coloured

All salmon, whether they are wild or farmed, get their signature flesh colour from their diet, from the presence of an antioxidant called astaxanthin, which is vital for healthy muscle growth and egg production. Astaxanthin is safe for both salmon and humans; you can buy it from your pharmacy or health food store. Wild salmon get their astaxanthin from eating krill, farmed salmon get their astaxanthin as part of a nutritionally balanced diet.

Salmon is not part chicken

All animal feed in Australia is rigorously controlled by the federal government. Salmon is not fed unprocessed poultry products. Our feed includes poultry by- products that are ground down into a protein flour. Over the past 35 years, the industry has actively worked to increase the level of plant and vegetable contained in a balanced salmon diet and reduce wildfish inputs.

Trusted Feed Trusted Quality

Most animal feed, as well as a lot of human food, contains preservatives. These preservatives are approved by the Federal Government and are safe. Some salmon feed contains ethoxyquin. However, you would need to eat more than 4 kilos of salmon every day to reach the World Health Organisation daily limit for a preservative like ethoxyquin.

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