BordersLess Asia: Lee Kuan Yew’s BEST Advice on Living a Fulfilling Life (Careers, Relationships, Wealth & Health)



Nov 27, 2022 Feeling lost in life as we head into the New Year? Listen to this collection of memorable quotes, lessons, warnings & life advice (between the late 1990s – 2010) from the late Lee Kuan Yew regarding careers, life purpose, relationships, physical & mental health and bilingualism (primarily geared towards young people, especially Singaporeans).

He covers his thoughts on what he would do if he was a young person again – like starting a company, moving overseas to China (or another country), becoming fluent in another language, etc.

See Part 1 of this series here:    • Lee Kuan Yew’s WA…  
Timestamps: 0:00 – Intro (ft. Charlie Munger)
1:02 – On materialism, wealth, careers & self-acceptance (ft. Five Cs of Singapore)
6:00 – Do NOT speak SINGLISH – On bilingualism (especially English & Mandarin), learning a new language and moving overseas/abroad (to the US, China, Europe, Indonesia, etc.)
11:52 – On relationships & love
18:07 – Physical & mental health (importance of meditation)


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