China is not Malaysia’s friend but the Predator



1/On 7 April at 1809L, just after arriving at Luconia Shoals, #Malaysia Coast Guard ship KM Bistari passed within 150m of Malaysia #China Coast Guard 5402, which has been harassing Malaysia’s oil/gas activities there since it arrived 31 March (replacing CCG 5901).

2/The next day (8 April) after the close encounter with #China Coast Guard 5204, @MYCoastGuard ship KM Bistari traveled north to check on two Malaysian offshore service vessels and a rig operating near North Luconia Shoal, where CCG 5204 lurked from 3-5 April.

3/Meanwhile, #China Coast Guard ship 5204 has moved east to again harass Malaysia’s oil/gas operations at South Luconia Shoal. (@AsiaMTI reported on the same ship’s harassment of @OilGasMalaysia activities in November 2020:



April 8, 20234:10 PM GMT+8Last Updated 21 hours ago

Malaysia says it will protect its rights in South China Sea


KUALA LUMPUR, April 8 (Reuters) – Malaysia said on Saturday it was firmly committed to protecting its sovereign rights and interests in the South China Sea after China expressed concern about Malaysian energy projects in a part of the sea that China also claims.

Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said on Tuesday China was worried about activity by the state energy firm Petronas in a part of the South China Sea that Malaysia says is its territory.

Anwar said he was open to negotiations with China, drawing criticism from the opposition, which said Anwar was risking Malaysia’s sovereignty.

The foreign ministry said in a Saturday statement Anwar’s comment meant Malaysia would like all issues related to the South China Sea to be resolved in a peaceful manner and without compromising Malaysia’s position.

“The government of Malaysia is unequivocally and firmly committed to protecting Malaysia’s sovereignty, sovereign rights and interests in its maritime areas in the South China Sea,” the ministry said.

Petronas operates oil and gas fields within Malaysia’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and has in recent years had several encounters with Chinese vessels.


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