Genuine or Fake? Letter from MACC to the Chief Justice regarding Judge Nazlan


The entire letter and report from MACC to Chief Justice (CJ) Maimun has just been leaked. MACC clearly asked the CJ to take action against Nazlan for violating the Code of Ethics for Judges for various violations as detailed in their report.


Images of the letter, purportedly from MACC about alleged wrongdoing by Justice Nazlan Ghazali, have been widely shared days after the latest court decision against Najib Razak.

FMT Reporters – 02 Apr 2023, 9:27pm

PETALING JAYA: Days after a Federal Court decision against Najib Razak, images of a purported letter from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, about alleged wrongdoing by the trial judge, Nazlan Ghazali, have been making the rounds on social media.

Among those who posted the images was Najib’s daughter Nooryana. In an Instagram post, she simply said: “Berani kerana benar (Brave with the truth).”

FMT has reached out to MACC and its chief commissioner Azam Baki to confirm the authenticity of the letter.

The alleged letter, from Azam to Chief Justice Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat, was dated Feb 20. It stated that MACC’s investigations had found “issues of wrongdoing” by Nazlan that the chief justice “needs to consider”.

The letter said the alleged offences under the Judges’ Code of Ethics took place when Nazlan, then on the High Court, presided over Najib’s trial on charges of corruption involving funds belonging to SRC International.

It included “the facts of investigations conducted by the commission” as an attachment.

Last September, Azam said the investigation into Nazlan’s alleged breach of the Judges’ Code of Ethics had been completed, but further details could not be divulged.

In February, a seven-member Federal Court panel led by Tengku Maimun accused MACC of not following protocol in conducting its investigation into Nazlan.


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